Non-Human Clandestine Races

ComicVine has a comprehensive list of Alien races and this got me thinking... what about a list of non-human races or groups who live on Earth? For example the Inhumans, the Atlanteans and of course Mutants. So I got to researching and created the list/concept of Clandestine races myself. I contemplated calling the concept Hidden Races at first but a lot of these groups aren't hidden at all - Mutants being the obvious one. Obviously these are only the ones I know so it would be awesome if fellow Viners started adding to this list and tagging it to comics as well so the list can really be comprehensive. Plus a lot of these groups and races haven't got wiki pages so there's a lot of work to be done and points to be gained!


“Aliens Concept” Project

Whilst randomly browsing through ComicVine (as I do on most days), I came across the Aliens Concept page. This is an informative page describing the role aliens have played in comics as well as listing alien races from major publishers. However there was no list of Marvel aliens! Of course being a Marvel fan (Marvelite?) I couldn’t let this injustice be! So I embarked on a project to research as many alien races and their major characters across the Marvel Universe as I could (be bothered to).

Comic book aliens
Comic book aliens

It took a few weeks but I’ve added a list of Marvel alien races, a major character from each race where I’ve found one, as well as links to the alien races and characters where available. I’ve also created both team and character pages for many of the races and key characters (listed below). Additionally I’ve also come across numerous pages that were created as “characters” but should have been “teams”. I’ve recreated these correctly and listed the incorrect ones as DUPEs. I’ll post these on the Dupe forum shortly.

As I’m mainly reading Silver Age stuff at the moment, most of the new pages I’ve created and listed on the Aliens Concept page are from Tales of Suspense, Silver Surfer v1, Tales To Astonish and Captain Marvel v1. Undoubtedly there are many lesser know alien races, especially from the Modern Age, that I’ll have missed.

Now it’s up to fellow Viners to add aliens (Marvel, DC or otherwise) to this page so we can make it really comprehensive. Also the two lists below are of recently created pages and they’re just waiting to give you wiki points so get cracking!

List of newly created alien races (team pages):

List of newly created aliens (character pages):

I’ve also found a number of other aliens but couldn’t find out what they or their race were called. Anyone know who the alien race are in the back up story in Silver Surfer #6?