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Tribute to Women Creators

I wanted to make a list to showcase female creators in the business.  Women aren't given enough credit for their roles in the comic book industry, another heavily male dominated industry.  And too often are women deterred from becoming a part of this industry as either readers and/or creators.  More and more women are getting into this industry and they should be embraced and encouraged.  And I don't mean singled out in any particular way, cuz I know some people will try to turn that negative, but more advanced people will understand what I mean when I say that.  These are all writers, pencillers, inkers, colorists, editors, and more.  I'm really trying to find some black females, I know of several but their names of course did not come up...big surprise lol.  More names to come as always.


List items

  • I liked her work on wolverine and black widow. I was kinda sad to see her leave that book tho.

  • I luv her work on power girl. and they just revealed tha cover she's doing for overstreet with supergirl and batgirl and it is beautiful. I cant wait to see what she'll be working on next.

  • I like her birds of prey and am still working on picking up more of her wonder woman stuff.

  • She's done plenty of work on tha x-books and superman books over tha years, amongst many other titles.

  • She's known for several things including daredevil and longshot.

  • She's had her hands on several x-books as well as witchblade.

  • She's probably known best for her work on madame xanadu.

  • Meatcake is included in her credits as she did basically everything on tha book.

  • She has done work on runaways and robotech.

  • She has been known for Scary Godmother and her work on Sandman.