Tribute to the African-American Creators

I wanted to make a list to showcase my fellow African-American creators in the business.  Some people might not really understand the true and necessary reason for this but I felt this list should exist because too often the accomplishments of my African-American brothers and sisters are forgotten or downplayed.  And way too often are positive images of African-Americans left out and viewed as anomalies.  These are all writers, pencillers, inkers, colorists, editors, and more.  I don't know if anyone else has, but I felt I should.  If somebody has a problem with this, which I'm sure someone will lol, OH WELL JACK! It's kinda limited right now.  More names always to come.

List items

  • Fresh off a nice run on Supergirl, he has been working on Zatanna. Met him at C2E2, great dude.

  • He's got quite an extensive list of credits to his name. I've known him for his work on Civil War, Wolverine, and Superman/Batman. Met him at C2E2, great guy.

  • Another guy with a very solid list of credits to his name. He wrote the majority of Black Panther's '98 series.

  • He has had his hand in several ventures. His comic credits include many issues of Black Panther amongst many other titles.

  • His work on spreading awareness of the treatment and stereotypes used for Black characters was a great inspiration. He's worked on Damage Control, Fantastic Four, and Justice League of America. Created Milestone Comics which made several popular characters. A great talent lost too soon. R.I.P.

  • Credits include Sandman and The Question.

  • One of Top Cow's hot talents, he's worked on Artifacts and Darkness.

  • Has drawn several Bat-books including Batgirl and Robin.