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everything having to do with the Marvel Family

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  • The wizard's champion, the Big Red Cheese, the World's Mightiest Mortal! Captain Marvel (sometimes called "Shazam", the word he speaks to transform), is really just a good kid who was always optimistic, and was chosen by the wizard to become the champion of the lightning and to protect us from the evils of man.

  • Billy's long lost twin sister, who was separated from him after their parents were killed, she too can call upon the wizard to become Mary Marvel, and is one of the kindest and most innocent heroines in the DCU.

  • A lame (crippled) paperboy who was a friend of Billy's, was injured in a fight between Captain Marvel and Captain Nazi. Captain marvel went to the wizard and donated part of his power to save Freddy and now when Freddy utters "Captain Marvel" he changes into Captain Marvel Jr. (or CM3, so that he doesn't change form when introducing himself).

  • An old, rotund man named Dudley, Uncle Marvel did not have any real superpowers but after finding the true identities of the Marvel Family, he attempted to con his way into the Marvel Family. The Marvels saw through Dudley's ruse, but since he was such a "lovable old fraud", they allowed Dudley to join the team as their manager.

  • Hoppy is a pink bunny rabbit who lives in the town of Funny Animalville, along with an assortment of other funny animal characters, and is a fan of Captain Marvel. One day he decides to emulate his hero and speaks the magic word "Shazam!" Surprisingly, the magic word transforms Hoppy into Captain Marvel Bunny!

  • The Wizard himself, once a champion with the powers of gods long forgotten, Shazam seeks to find a replacement to watch over the world and enlists Billy as Captain Marvel. As the Guardian of the Rock of Eternity, he is one with the Rock as it is a part of him. He channels the energies of the primal God-wave and the Greek Lords of Magic through the Rock of Eternity. As such, he is infused with the duty to keep the power and the magic of the earth realm in balance. As keeper of the Rock of Eternity, he also holds the dark forces at bay. However, due to being bound to the Rock of Eternity, Shazam's spirit can leave tit for short periods of time.

  • The Rock of Eternity was the lair of the wizard Shazam. Some time around 5,000 years ago, The Champion created the Rock of Eternity from two large rock formations — one from Heaven and one from Hell — to hold the "Three Faces of Evil", a dragon-like demon, captive.

  • The Champion chosen prior to Billy Batson, Mighty Teth-Adam serves as Egypt's champion for many centuries, but becomes corrupted by the charms of a mysterious woman, revealed to be Shazam's evil daughter Blaze in disguise. The bewitched Adam is convinced that he and his mistress should rule Egypt, so he kills the Pharaoh and appoints himself ruler. Shazam learns of this treachery and strips Adam of his powers, encasing them in a mystical scarab necklace.

  • an Egyptian woman named Adrianna Tomaz is a refugee who is enslaved and brought to Black Adam as a gift from Intergang along with $2,000,000 in gold. Upon freeing her and killing the emissaries who had brought her to him, Black Adam found her to be unafraid and highly vocal about how he could change his country for the better. After weeks of discussion, during which Adrianna changed the way Adam looked at the world and inspired him to commit kinder acts, Adam retrieved the magical amulet of Isis from the tomb of his wife and children, and asked Captain Marvel, now the Keeper of the Rock of Eternity, to confer its power on Adrianna Upon holding the amulet and speaking "I am Isis," Adrianna was transformed and instilled with the powers of the goddess

  • Amon has been repeatedly beaten and tortured by members of the criminal cult Intergang who are trying to brainwash him into joining the cult. He refuses to join them time and again and tries to run away, resulting in the beatings getting worse, as Intergang tries to make sure he will never walk again. He is discovered by the Question and Renee Montoya who alert Isis and Black Adam to his location. The super-powered couple arrive to free him, and Isis discovers that her powers over nature are not enough to heal his wounds as they are too deep, and that Amon will never walk again. Black Adam shares the powers of his gods with the boy, and Amon calls down the mystical lightning by saying his benefactor's name, "Black Adam". He gains the same powers as the rest of the Marvel Family.

  • Captain Marvel's arch-enemy is a short, bald (before Lex Luthor was, what a trend setter), self-described mad scientist who often plots to do away with Captain Marvel and his Marvel Family, but is often thwarted in his plans.

  • One of Captain Marvel's primary villains, Mister Mind was one of a race of millions of mind-controlling worms from the planet Venus, who had plans to invade and take over the Earth, which they claim to have once ruled around the Ice Age. Mind usually carries out his villainous plans through an organization called the Monster Society of Evil.

  • The super-strong Captain Nazi was genetically altered by his scientist father, and developed into the "perfect specimen" in order to fight for Adolf Hitler and the Axis Powers during World War II. In a battle between himself and Captain Marvel, Nazi muders Freddy's grandfather and cripples him in the process.

  • King Kull was the ruler of a race of protohumans known as the Submen, a brutish but technologically advanced race which ruled humanity until eventually overthrown in a revolt. Kull survived until the 20th century locked in a state of suspended animation. He awakened and repeatedly threatened the human-dominated modern world with his immense strength and bizarre technology.

  • Stanley "Stinky" Printwhistle, a crook who attempts to blow up a bridge, but is caught in the explosion and thrown off due to Captain Marvel. He is saved by Lucifer, who offers Printwhistle the chance to become a champion of evil and defeat Captain Marvel in exchange for his mortal soul. Printwhistle accepts, Lucifer summons up four historical villains, and Printwhistle is told to speak the magic word "IBAC". By doing so, the frail, grey-haired criminal transforms into Ibac, a brutal muscleman with a buzz cut

  • Half-Demon Daughter of Shazam, Blaze covets power and seeks to rule hell, she also beleives the powers of Shazam belong to her

  • Half-Demon Son of Shazam, He leads his forces againt those of Neron in a battle that raged throughout the Infernal Dominion, throwing Hell into choas the likes of which it has not known for Centuries.

  • Tawky Tawny started out as a normal tiger living in the jungles of India. When his mother was killed, he was raised by the son of a missionary. When the tiger had grown to full size, he was accused of killing someone. To prove his innocence, the village hermit gave the tiger a serum that not only gave him the ability to speak, but allowed him to stand upright like a human. Upon hearing about the city years later, Tawny decided to travel to North America and live there. He snuck onto a boat bound for Fawcett City. He tried to fit in, but, as a full-grown tiger, inadvertently caused a panic, which drew the attention of Captain Marvel. After the two talked, Captain Marvel realized that Tawny was a peaceful and reasonable person who did not mean to cause any trouble, and got him a job as a museum curator at the local museum.

  • AKA Sobek, He was first believed to be a bioengineered humanoid crocodile, created in Doctor Sivana's lab. Sobek is found in Dr. Sivana's residence, claiming to be a crocodile Sivana got from the Nile and experimented on before he escaped from his cage in Sivana's lab, and befriended by Osiris

  • Thunder is the super-powered alter-ego of a young girl from the planet Binderaan, circa 9,000 A.D. The power of Shazam is bestowed upon Thunder not by the wizard Shazam himself, but his successor Captain Marvel. By the time of Beck's life, Captain Marvel has become a bearded old man. As with her predecessor Captain Marvel, Jr., whenever Beck invokes the name "Captain Marvel", she is struck by magical lightning, bestowing upon her all the powers of the Marvel Family.

  • Fawcett City is the home of Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family. Despite existing in the modern world, with current technologies and events, Fawcett seems old fashioned, as if stuck in the 1940s or 1950s.

  • Kahndaq is the homeland of the antihero Black Adam, who served as the magically powered superhero of Egypt over 3600 years ago. Black Adam rededicates himself as the protector of Kahndaq. He instituted many Draconian laws, including public executions every Wednesday Kahndaq also becomes a signatory nation to the Freedom of Power Treaty, which excludes foreign metahumans from operating inside member countries' borders.

  • Whiz Comics was a monthly ongoing comic book anthology series, published by Fawcett Comics from 1940–1953, best known for introducing Captain Marvel. Fawcett ceased publishing Captain Marvel-related comics in 1953, due in part to a copyright infringement suit from DC Comics alleging that Captain Marvel was a copy of Superman. In 1972, DC licensed the Marvel Family characters and returned them to publication, acquiring all rights to the characters by 1991. DC has since integrated Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family into their DC Universe, and have attempted to revive the property several times with mixed success

  • In the late 1940's and early 1950's, Superman was being outsold by C.C. Beck's Captain Marvel line of comics - until DC sued Fawcett for plagiarism and won. Some 20 or so years later, DC obtained the rights to Captain Marvel and co. but by this time, Marvel had produced their own character called Captain Marvel! Hence, the only way this comic could hit the stands was if it was called Shazam! It was - and it ran for 35 issues.

  • Shazam: The New Beginning was a four-issue limited series published from April to July of 1987. It re-introduced the character of Captain Marvel into the continuity of the Post-Crisis DC Universe and brought back some of his classic adversaries, including Black Adam and Doctor Sivana. Due to a second Post-Crisis reboot in the title Power of Shazam, this series is no longer considered part of the canonical DC continuity.

  • The Power of Shazam! is a 1994 hardcover graphic novel, written and painted by Jerry Ordway for DC Comics. The 96-page story, depicting the revamped origins of former Fawcett Comics superhero Captain Marvel, was followed by an ongoing series, also titled The Power of Shazam!, which ran from 1995 to 1999.

  • Ordway's graphic novel was a success, winning the Comics Buyer's Guide Fan Award for Favorite Original Graphic Album of 1994, and led to the publication of an ongoing Power of Shazam! series. The series, which began publication in March 1995, reintroduced many of the characters from Fawcett Comics into current DC continuity, including Mary Bromfield/Mary Marvel, Freddy Freeman/Captain Marvel, Jr., Beautia Sivana, Mister Tawky Tawny, Bulletman, Minute-Man, Spy Smasher, Ibis and Taia, and even Hoppy the Marvel Bunny. Villains reincarnated in the series included Ibac, Mister Mind, Mister Atom, Aunt Minerva, and Blaze and Satanus from the Superman titles, who were retconned as the wizard Shazam's illegitimate children.

  • A new Captain Marvel prestige format 4-issue limited series from DC Comics, Shazam!: The Monster Society of Evil, written and illustrated by Jeff Smith (creator of Bone) began publication on February 7, 2007. Smith's Shazam! miniseries, in the works since 2003, is a more traditional take on the character, returning Captain Marvel to his roots with a story that updates the character's history for today's readers. It is set early on in the character's career however, as it is clearly not set in the modern day DCU.

  • In style and tone, Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam! is a followup to Jeff Smith's 2007 miniseries Shazam!: The Monster Society of Evil, as both draw upon the light, whimsical feel of the Captain Marvel comics of the Golden Age for inspiration. In Magic of Shazam!, Billy Batson is a young boy who must juggle his superheroic life as Captain Marvel with looking after his rambunctious little sister Mary Marvel.

  • The story recounts the first meeting between two DC superheroes, Superman and Captain Marvel. Contrary to the usual popular stereotype, that encounter proves most pleasant as they quickly become staunch allies whose individual differences complement each other well.

  • Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam is a 2010 short animated film, directed by Joaquim Dos Santos and written by Michael Jelenic, featuring George Newbern and Jerry O'Connell reprising their roles from Justice League Unlimited as Superman and Captain Marvel who team-up to do battle with the powerful Black Adam.

  • During Infinite Crisis, an event designed to significantly alter the status of the DC Universe, the wizard Shazam was destroyed by the Spectre who had declared a war on magic, and the Rock of Eternity destroyed, causing Captain Marvel Jr. and Mary Marvel to lose their powers a year later. Captain Marvel is transformed into Marvel, a white-robed being who assumes Shazam's old post as caretaker of the Rock of Eternity, although he can only leave for up to 24 hours at a time. Marvel drafts the now-powerless Freddy Freeman to undergo a quest to prove himself worthy of replacing Captain Marvel.

  • A dark organization known as the Council of Merlin are backing their own candidate for the Trials of Shazam, a Creole sorceress named Sabina. If she wins the trials, then the power of Shazam will be lost to the Marvel Family and she will control it. The competition culminated in a large battle, with Freddy, Marvel, and the Justice League battling Sabina and an army of demons summoned by the sorcerer Merlin.

  • Freddy is later called to Billy and Mary's home, where he is seemingly poisoned by Mary, who had made a deal with Blaze, who wanted Freddy's powers, in exchange for restoring Mary and Billy's. However, it is then revealed to be a set-up. Freddy gets up and fights Blaze. With a little help from Billy and Mary, defeats her and sends her back to hell. Later, Freddy promises Billy and Mary that he will find a way to restore their powers. Shortly after the incident with Blaze, Freddy travels to Philadelphia, where he finds Osiris in the process of killing a group of gunmen. The two Marvels battle, with Osiris telling Freddy that he has to continue killing people in order to free his sister Isis from her stone prison. Freddy eventually convinces Osiris that his sister would not approve of the bloodshed that he has caused and offers to help him find another way to save her, but Osiris instead betrays Freddy, using his abilities to summon a mystical bolt of lightning that reverts him back to his human form. Freddy immediately attempts to transform back into Shazam, but is horrified to discover that he no longer possesses his abilities. Osiris then departs, leaving a distraught Freddy to be frustrated over his loss.

  • Both Captain Marvel and Black Adam join the JSA roster for a short period, until Billy leaves due to his relationship with Stargirl, and Black Adam leaves due to issues within his own country

  • Courtney Whitmore, stepdaughter of Pat Dugan, finds the original Star-Spangled Kid's gear in her stepfather's belongings and dons the costume in order to annoy him as partial revenge for marrying her mother. Courtney briefly dates another JSA member, Captain Marvel, who in his true identity of Billy Batson is the same age as her.[3] However, Captain Marvel was, by all appearances to those not knowing Billy's secret, an adult, and the relationship between Marvel and Stargirl drew the attention of JSA members Jakeem Thunder and Jay Garrick, the original Flash. After being confronted by Garrick over the issue, Marvel chooses to leave the JSA - and Courtney - instead of telling the team his secret. Marvel reappears in the JSA and revealed he can't give out his true identity due to the wisdom of Solomon blocking him.

  • In Superman #276, Superman found himself at odds with "Captain Thunder", a superhero displaced from another Earth and another time. Thunder had been tricked by his archenemies in the Monster League of Evil into doing evil by a magic spell, and Thunder therefore was made to do battle with Superman.

  • Flashpoint's world changed everything. Six children, each possessing one of the SHAZAM abilities, must say the word in unison to become Captain Thunder.

  • The first Super-hero from comics to the big screen, Captain Marvel starred in a 12 chapter serial in 1941

  • Although I'm not sure if he's been seen in the comics, Billy's had a big role in the show

  • When the company began producing comic books in autumn 1939, Beck was assigned to draw a character created by writer Bill Parker called Captain Marvel. His early Captain Marvel stories set the style for the series, favoring a cartoony versus realistic rendering of character and setting, which also came to be reflected in the whimsical scripting.

  • Binder entered comics in 1939 on the heels of his artist brother, Jack. The following year, magazine publisher Fawcett Publications began its Fawcett Comics line, and Binder started writing the exploits of such characters as Captain Venture, Golden Arrow, Bulletman and El Carim. After a year, editor Ed Herron had Binder tackle Fawcett's most prominent character, the superhero Captain Marvel. He soon wrote for the spin-off features starring Captain Marvel, Jr. and Mary Marvel, the latter of whom he co-created

  • William "Bill" H. Parker, Jr. was an American comic book writer and editor. He is best known for creating Fawcett Comics' most popular character, Captain Marvel, in 1940, along with artist C. C. Beck.

  • One of the six S!H!A!Z!A!M! kids, lives with them in the New 52. He was bestowed with the Wisdom of Solomon in Flashpoint

  • One of the six S!H!A!Z!A!M! kids, lives with them in the New 52. She was gifted with the Speed of Achilles in Flashpoint

  • One of the six S!H!A!Z!A!M! kids, lives with them in the New 52. He was given the Strength of Hercules in Flashpoint