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My Favorite Leaders of Marvel Comics

Thanks to jhazzroucher for inspiring this list.

And as alway this will ALWAYS be a work in progress.

List items

  • He is leardership personified. Able to adapt to any situation, and more importantly INSPIRE any and all around him to achieve what many percieve as impossible.

  • Many might be suprised by her being so high on the list, but I feel that she was a VERY underrated leader. While maybe not as tacticaly proficient as others on this list, she showed intelligence and a calm cool headedness that few others on here possess, especially lately.

  • Been the leader for almost the entire X-men series, through thick and thin Cyke has been there to see them through. Although I'm not to fond of him as of late.

  • Mostly due to Avengers: Undersiege and Avengers Forever, did I start to see her as a competent and underrated leader.

  • Despite his reckless attitude and short-temper, Hawkeye has still proven to be a capable leader.

  • Current "Headmaster" of Avengers Academy, and it can't be easy to deal with teenagers, especially super-powered ones to boot.

  • T'challa leads an entire nation, and has, more than once, made tough but necessary decision that have put him at oods with his friends and team mates.

  • Due to my somewhat high hopes of Uncanny Avengers, I have decided to tentatively add Havok to the list of leaders.