Hulk Movie was cool

Much better than the last one.  I liked it.  Norton rocked as Banner.

However, I was a little disconcerted that they mixed the comic Banner with the TV show Banner.

In the comic, Bruce Banners Gamma Bomb research was (for him) a way to study raditaion and to help protect people from it (the military just wanted the bomb).

In the TV show he used the gamma exposure lab in an attempt to access the hidden potential for strength all humans have.

TV Show Lab + Comic reason - I would have liked a more original cause (but not as original as the last movie)

Also, this move had to have the most cameo's of any movie I have seen recently:

1. Stan Lee
2. Lou Ferigno (Hulk from the TV Show)
3. The Purple Pants (Early-mid Comics)
4. Bill Bixby (David Banner from the TV Show)
5. Mr. Magee, referenced as a college reporter (Was reporter from the TV Show)

I think there might have been others, but I did not start looking until about half way through the show - I'm going to go see it again just to find out.

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