Spent the week catching up on REd Hood and the Outlaws, Nightwing, AND Batgirl from start to current xD WHAT'S NEXT???

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Better than before... but still bad. 1

I find this to be a challenge to actually read. The plot is as uninteresting as the characters, and I feel no sympathy or hope for anything happening. I love Catwoman as a character and I hope for her to have a good series at some point but right now... not so much. The art however is a redeemable quality of this comic sometimes, but other than that this series is very difficult to endure. I can't wait for the new creative team to take over on issue 35 to see the new direction it will be taking ...

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Anywhere! ANYONE! 0

Wow! This issue continues from the encounter with Clayface in Batman, and boy does it grab the attention! Right off the bat (no pun intended) /i'm thinking, "Wait, WHAT??? That's not right!" But Batman quickly figures everything out. This issue was great! Compelling! I've loved EVERYTHING this series has to offer since Scarecrow's big appearance, and this start into Clayface's story didn't disappoint in the slightest! The only bad thing that I can think of about this issue is that it ended! Def...

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Things're making a bit more sense!... 0

A lot of the confusion that the first issue left us hanging on is cleared up. The meeting and interaction between the two Batmen, and the two Supermen are both pretty awesome and made me chuckle quietly to myself as the Batmen both countered each other the exact same way, and One Superman pretty much dominated the other just as he should've. Also the differences in the world are somewhat mind boggling. The fate that has beheld Arkham Asylum due to the updated ways of holding villains is staggeri...

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"Your mind is gone!" 0

Last we saw of Cletus Kasady he was completely lobotomized by scarlet spider and escorted to a prison by venom. But he's now escaped again! With Cletus completely brain dead, Carnage is in complete control and on a rampage! Throughout the issue, I loved how there were mentions of "I heard that Carnage thing could wipe out a city in half that time!" It was a cool way to get me hyped for what was to come. The art was pretty good, and the writing was awesome. It didn't progress too quickly and I ne...

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Thing's are heating up! 1

Just like the last two issues, this one was the first I had to read out of my weekly bundle, and just like the last two issues, it didn't disappoint. I look forward to this series every time I see it.The cover may allude to something a bit more slutty, but behind the cover lies only a great story, with AMAZING art and some badass action scenes. I've come to love the whole thing where she analyzes the situation before actually doing it, kinda like the Sherlock Holmes movies. With the cover for t...

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Oh snap! 0

There's a lot going on in this comic! We've got Shazam dealing with the ashes of Black Adam, we have Pandora letting Superman try with the box, we have the Justice League of America making it's move on the Justice League without actually wanting to, and we have "The Outsider" with his own plans for the all of them! previous to this issue, I have only read the first two issues of JLA and have missed the last three of Justice League, but reading this issue has kinda inspired me to catch back up! ...

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