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True Name: Tessanya Diamandis-Lundgren Viktoria Faith

Public Name: Tessa MacIntosh

Age: 22

Date of Birth: January 29

Nationality: Sweden United States of America

Birthplace: Boca Raton, Florida

Height: 5'8

Weight: 110

Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde

Eye Color: Aquamarine

Occupation: Fashion Model, Film Actress

Alignment:MUSE modeling agency, Ancestra Studios


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Tessanya Diamandis-Lundgren lived an enchanted life as the blue blood daughter of Princess Dia Diamandis & Swedish Fashion/Media Mogul, Viktor Lundgren. Strutting high fashion runways at the age of 12 as a MUSE model, Tessanya wouldn't retire the entertainment life until the age of 16 focusing on education. She fell into obscurity until she was woven into a college campus killing spree, as one of the 13 victims. Fast forward to 2018 and a woman that looks terrifyingly similar to Tessa emerges on the silver screen as a cyberpunk mercenary in the Sundance film, Miné. Billed as Viktoria Faíth under the production of Ancestra Studios. Who is Viktoria Faith and why does she hold an uncanny resemblance to the late Swedish Heir?

Powers & Abilities

Elven Sorcery

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Tessa Macintosh is the daughter of a High Elf and inherited innate spiritual ability towards sorcery. Her late mother taught her the Elven language of Vanir, the Old Language of their races magical channel. Naturally beautiful with radiant strawberry blonde hair, glowing skin and a soothing voice, Tessa has used spells and charms to enchant stronger willed men and women, usually psionic-based mutants. Through her elven sorcery she channels the raw energy of the cosmic stars, using the element for protection and aid: energy projection, healing and force.

Fighting Ability

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The Diamandis Princess reached the zenith of the Kamikage martial arts at a young age. The Kamikage martial arts is an encompassing hand to hand, grappling, weapon arts, stealth and evasion.


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Tessa uncovered an ancient codex in the language of Vanir teaching the Old Language of Drakeir. The folk language of Northern Dragons. Three months later she encountered one, avoiding a deadly battle though the serpent dialect she learned previously from the aged codex. The dragon grew to become a companion, a true friend, they treated one another as equals. She learned his True Name was Graydein of Old Balrdeir.

Chabernaud Tudor

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Viktoria Faith resides in a Tudor Mansion located in Los Angeles. A 13, 138 sq. ft. property owned by her producer and manager Oslo Chabernaud. The property is heavily monitored by hired security and trained help staff. Faith's presence there has created a rumor mill ranging from a handler house to a ritual space for a devil worshipping cult. This omnious reputation has existed since Oslo purchased the property, appearing on numbers of celebrity blind items on the tabloid site Crazy Days and Nights. Unconfirmed reports have been made of hellish, animalistic screams coming from the property.


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