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My Favorite Anime Charater List

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2. Vegeta

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4. Future Gohan

I like him better than the regular Gohan at times. He do not lack his sense of training nor do he get weak during peace.

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5. Cooler

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6. Frieza

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8. Gene Starwind

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9. Ryoko Hakubi

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10. Little Washu

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11. Alucard

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12. Aisha Clanclan

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13. Twilight Suzuka

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14. Guyver 3

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15. Teknoman

When I first saw him I thought of Ironman with Guyver. He is actually a ripoff from another anime. I forgot the name of it. I will have to search for it later down the road.

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16. Kenshiro

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17. Raoh

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18. Yujiro Hanma

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19. Baki Hanma

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20. Ronin Warriors

I put this picture here because I like all five of them and not just one. I might put more from this anime. When I first saw this I was in awe in this cartoon. They remind me sort like samurai power rangers and a little of mortal Kombat. Please do not mention Saban samurai power rangers. It is awful and I pity today is kids that watched that show.

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21. Spike Spiegel

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22. Motoko Kusanagi

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23. Kenshin

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24. Pikkon

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25. Vegito

The pictures in this section is how it would have went if I could put the pictures that I wanted in spite of from the site. Nothing against the site it just I like to put pictures that I think will fit better or may never have been seen before on this site.

List items

  • The best villain in Naruto and ought have stay the main villain. I heard the writer did not know how to defeat him so made Kaguya so she can be defeated. I do not know if that is the truth. It do seem rather at the moment notice that she came out of nowhere. He is best ninja beside Hashirama. He might as well be Vegeta. Man he is awesome.

  • I forgot why I like him but I will remember later.

  • I like him because he is seriously funny and always after Sukura. Though she never acknowledge him he still never gave up to the end. His taijutsu is awesome especially when he get drunk on accident or intend to.

  • Is the bother of Sesshomaru and is the main protagonist of InuYasha. He is a half human and a half demon. He is quite the knuckle head and silly at times. I like him because he is willing to try and protect his friends.

  • Kinda like Itachi and Byakuya. He is smart and intelligent. But he have no human emotion and is a full demon. He is very tactical and understanding how to use his powers. He kept trying to steal InuYasha sword.

  • She is crazy and nuts. But a good character. Do not get on her bad side. And stay far away from her as much as possible.

  • I like this charater because he is goofy.

  • Sometime this character creep me out. But so mysterious.

  • Tobirama. The brother of the First Hokage. Confirm that guy above that is consider a god in a shinobi world. I think Tobirama is the eldest one between the two. Tobirama the creator of the Flying Thunder God and Edo Tensaei. Though Edo Tensei can back to hunt him and cause a lot of problems for the ninja world. He owned Minato by saying like father like son. Which it should never been true. He is very smart and intelligent. He is very powerful in his own right. He can be very intimidating and very demanding. He also can be rude sometimes. He have always had the best interest for the village. Even to go so far as to be his brother adviser. He hated Madara and never trust him, and rightly so.

  • I know what the picture look like but do not let the picture fool you. His personality is like Goku. All the way Goku. He is the strongest Hokage thus far and the most powerful one. No other ninja in Naruto comes close except for Madara and Tobirama his brother. Minato might have a chance but it is slim to none. The next generation always surpass the previous generation is a lie and misleading. Because it do not say the next generation surpasses the previous generation in a way or some ways. He is consider a god in a shinobi world. He live up to his hype and then some.

  • There is no one in Naruto is funnier than Might gut even Hashirama with Goku like personality. Every time they show him in the anime or manga he always have you laughing. But when things get serious he is not to be taken lightly at all and is very dangerous if he opened up all of his gates. He have the best taijutsu and is the best taijutsu in Naruto. No one come close to his taijutsu not even Rock Lee or his rival Kakashi. He opened up all of his gates and almost died if it was not for Naruto, but it cost him his legs.

  • The second main villain in Bleach. Like him because of how smart he was and how hard it was to bring him down. Now that he is immortal I wonder if we will see him again.

  • A rival to Ichigo Kuroaki. Just like Goku and Vegeta or Naruto and Sasuke to name a few. He is a pretty cool character and interest at time.

  • Like him because he was a character I wanted to know about him. Though it is sad that he died.

  • A character from Naruto that I really like more than Naruto and Sasuke and my honest opinion ought have rank up there with Naruto and Sasuke. He ought have never been killed and still should be alive like the rest of them. In fact, If Naruto can give Kakashi eye back then why they not have him to bring back Neji?

  • A bleach character I like when he fought Ichigo.

  • The second main protagonist of Naruto. Like him because he always help Naruto to better himself. The problem is is that he got jealous of him afterward because how strong Naruto have gotten. So some sense was put back into him at the end Naruto. His story is also tragic.

  • The main protagonist of Naruto. I like him because the beginning Naruto. But he have came along way through hard work. impressive. He have been through a lot and gone through a lot. Despite that, Naruto has perseverance through it all and never complain about it. He never gives up always believing there is a way.

  • One piece character that can measure anything and can cut it in a distant.

  • Such a powerful man for his age. No wonder they made him leader. His Bankai is off the charts. It is sad that he died.

  • He probably can out eat Goku and vegeta. His appetite I have never seen anyone can match it. He is a great fighter when he going out to hunt for food. And when he fighting his enemies.

  • I like him because he was a combination of all the main and support characters but in his own right. He have seen better days and worse days. But he was a force to be reckon with. He outsmarted Trunks and Vegeta. Toyed with the Z warrior with his cell jr kids he made. It took all of them help Gohan just to defeat him.

  • Where should I start? Oh I know where. You know how the villains always have to explain their plans on world domination or how they going to destroy the earth for the heroes to come up with a plan of their own to defeat it? Not this guy. He just does it. With no explanation, no warning, no nothing. He is unpredictable. He outright destroyed planets like it was nothing in the anime without a second thought. He fought Goku Super Saiyan three form to a stand still and still was not fatigue nor damage. It took the spirit bomb to defeat Kid Buu because he was pure evil.

  • Brother of Roah, Jaki and Kaioh. Toki is a kindhearted character in Fist Of The North Star. He tried to avoid fighting if he can and only fight when needed to be. He always trying to help people and heal them if he can.

  • The eldest brother of Raoh, Toki, and Jaki. He was the last villain in Fist Of The North Star. He was stronger and more powerful than Roah and Kenshiro at one point. It took Kenshiro quite some time just to defeat him.

  • Watch Fairytale.

  • Lupin The Third is very funny and intelligent. He is a master thief that gets into a lot of trouble, sometimes his own fault. He also died on numberance occasion. Him and his crew always have you laughing but they all stick togther.

  • Most already know why he is on this list. He almost became an official Uchiha. He use the Sharingan better than most who had the Sharingan except for the ones who can use it better than him.

  • The Friend of Kenshiro in Fist Of The North Star. He is like a ninja or wolf. It could be both. It so sad that he died and did not have him in more in Fist Of The North Star.

  • I like her from Fullmetal Alchemist.

  • For an elder man he show is powerful at the time when Goku was kid. He blew up a moon (though it was wish back.) He is more of a pervert than Jiraiya is. But he do have a good heart when it comes to saving the earth or universe.

  • If it was not for his heart condition he would have killed Gaara along time ago. He was awesome against naruto, Rock Lee and Gaara. Another character I wish they would have not killed off.

  • The guy find a book that can put people to death. And immediately start playing god. Who die and made him god? Laughing out loud.

  • The things he did is genius. Though I question some them.

  • The most creepiest Guy in Naruto. At one point I thought he was the main villain in Naruto. But in the end he switch back to the good side though it made seem.

  • Always like him ever since he was introduce in Dragon ball. Ever thing he did was awesome except for beating up Gohan.

  • Because she is cute and help a lot in Cowboy Bebop.

  • Because he is another Super Saiyan and is the son of Vegeta. He is cool with his sword. He came on the scene and killed Frieza and his father King Cold.

  • Where to start. For those who know this charater better than I do you might want to ask them in spite of me. It is hard for me to explain.

  • The main protagonist in Ghost In The Shell. I like her because of what she can do.

  • One of the main protagonist if not the main protagonist in Cowboy Bebop. He is a bounty Hunter that fight like Bruce Lee. Enough said. His character have that cool factor. Which is why I like him and sometimes he is kinda laid back.

  • Baki is the son of Yujiro Hanma. Yes that guy above I spoke about. He is not like his father nor is he near his father at all in power. He always trying to catch his father for killing his mother and avenge her. Which he never do and never will if things do not change. He simply cannot beat his father at all in my opinion.

  • Is the villain in the Baki The Grappler. When you see this character you will ask yourself why do all these other characters keep challenging this guy? This guy punch the ground to stop an earthquake just so it wont interrupt his fight with his son. He also took normal lighting like it was nothing. There is no other character like him in the anime nor manga. He is a demon that a prophecy foretold about if you read the manga and go past the anime. This guy can make some street levels character go on themselves. This guy killed his wife just because she tried to saved her son. You will have to watch it to see it for yourself.

  • Is one of the main villains in Fist of The North Star that was supposed to be a hero in spite of it he became a conqueror. He was always challenging Kenshiro and I really like it. He is the reason why Kenshiro became so strong. Roah was ruthless and merciless at times. He is one of the brothers. Kaioh, Toki, Jaki, and Roah are all brothers. Roah killed his master because his master chose Kenshiro to be his successor and not Raoh himself. Roah did things his way without regrets.

  • The main protagonist of Fist Of The North Star. I really like this character because he always try and defend the defenseless. He is so fast it is hard to see him move. He can throw a thousand punch in a second. By that time you are already dead, which is his catchphrase. His main focus of attacks is pressure points. Which would would allow him to kill his opponents with one stike if he hits their pressure point correctly. He travels the earth which is a barren wasteland looking for his love, defending the defendless, and to defeat his brother Roah and to get revenge for his fallen matser. Fist of The North Star is a Great anime.

  • Agito Makishima is the owner of the Guyver three unit. He has a lust for power and consider himself to be Zeus. He is the better user on the Guyver units. If it was not for him Sho Fukamachi might not been alive for to long. He is also a student at the same school Sho Fukamachi goes to. I like him because he is very cool and yet cannot be trusted. As it stand right now. Agito Makishima and Sho Fukamachi are fighting each other in their Guyver units Gigantic mode in the manga the last time I check.

  • She is an assassin who can move like a ninja and fight like a ninja and a samurai. She kills people with a wood sword. Confirm, you read that correctly. She kills people with a wood sword. That is one of the reason why I like her. She use the wood sword so it wont be detected by metal detectors. And the other reason why I like her is because of her honor code. Gene Starwind is the only one she fail to kill, and have since then join him on The Outlaw Star. Though her target was not Gene Starwind but his friend Fred Lou. She never let anyone get in the way of killing her target even if they interfered. Gene Starwind is the only one that was successful against her in preventing her to kill her target before sun set. Check out The Outlaw Star if you have not seen it. It is worth the watch.

  • A very funny character. Which is why I like her. When she is serious she is very strong and powerful. Do not take her lightly. Though she is those things do not let her appearance fool you. For she can change into a four legged creature animal. I forgot what the name was called it been while since I seen the anime.

  • This character is in this list for many reason. Most of you already know why for some of them. The reason why I like him is because of his road to redemption and to restore his humanity. I will not say all of them because it is a lot to list in here.

  • I like her because she is smart, though sometimes her inventions backfire. She created Ryoko. Although I do not know if that part is true. And if it is I have miss that part. She is a fun character.

  • I like her because she is a funny character and serious at time. She is always around Tenchi no mater where he is at unless he said other wise. She is a space pirate whom eventually fall in love with Tenchi.

  • Is one of the main protagonist in The Outlaw Star anime. I like him because he is funny and a laid back character. Him and friend Fred Luo should have died by Twilight Suzuka but they did not. It is a very funny episode. Check it out if you get the chance to see it. It is the one episode when they first meet Twilight Suzuka and before she join Gene Starwind and The Outlaw Star. The Outlaw Star is a name of a spaceship by the way.

  • Like this character when I first saw it. To transform into the Guyver one unit. His story of triumphs and failures really touch on his human character. His struggle with the Guyver unit one to control it. As it killed his father when it went into defense mode after Sho Fukamachi fell unconscious and The Guyver Unit cannot distinguish between friend or enemy or Human or Zoaform. Part of the blame is because Chronos turn his father into a Zoanoid and the other part of the blame could be because of it is creators. Sho Fukamachi uses the Guyver unit one to uncover where it was made and whom made it. Dating all the way back when human was first made and created by an alien race. Sho fukamachi have two more mode in Guyver unit. Call Gigantic Guyver and Gigantic Guvyer Exceed. He is kinda like Ultraman (the one that fight giant monsters creatures like Godzilla) in a way and like Ironman. The anime is really good. And the manga go further than the anime. Still it is unfinished though. I hope artist come back and finish the manga and bring back the anime to finish the whole thing.

  • He is one of the best villains in anime. He was ruthless and selfish and he did not care for his men. How much so he did not care for his men? Well. He destroyed Bardock the father of Goku along with his army men fighting out side his spaceship and Planet Vegeta and the rest of the Saiyan race. All because he feared the Legendary Super Saiyan prophecy. He would outright kill anyone if they got in his way and he did not get what he wanted. His fight scene with Goku is one of the best if not the best in anime. It rank way up there. Porbably top five or ten in anime.

  • I like him because he is stronger and smarter than Frieza. Plus he do not rely on his father if things do not go his way. He do not cry if things do not go his way. He is a better fighter than Frieza.

  • Gohan. I like him when he was kid. Then he got weak as he got older because of his mother and his studies. I thought it would have made him stronger. It did not. Then he had his full potential unlock and he was back to what I like about him except for the Great Saiyanman.

  • This Guy always pushing Goku to his limit and beyond. When he came on the scene I never liked villains as much until Vegeta came along in Dragon Ball. He was ruthless even unto his servant Nappa. Killing him without remorse at all. But then he met Goku and something start to change in him. It was not fast or over night change. But he did. Then he went back a little just to be equal or a little stronger than Goku because he was rivals with Goku. Then he redeem himself again and now they are best friends. There is still a little competition between them and might always be. It sad to see him play second fiddle to Goku. I want him to be the main protagonist and be earth savoir for once. If Gohan can do it then Vegeta certainly can.

  • He played double agent and have one of the most saddest story ever. He sacrifice a lot for his little brother while he was sick. I used to hate him because I thought he was a villain until the truth about him was revealed. Which just reveal you do not judge a book by it cover. I don't know why people keep calling him anti-hero when he was a double agent all long for the village and never went rogue. He is a cool character.

  • Another One Piece character I like him because I thought he was like Might Guy from Naruto. Though he is not like him at all it is very hard not to compare them to each other. He Really do fall for women and it is very funny. I also like that he can cook.

  • One of the protagonist in One Piece. I like him because he fight with three swords. Which is hard to do. He have a very interest story.

  • The main protagonist in One Piece. He is almost more goofy and funny than Goku from Dragon ball. It is hard to take him serious unless he is fighting. He is not that smart at all. But he is enjoyable to watch and interest character to learn from. Most of the stuff they do in One Piece is funny any way. Just Like Goku, Ichigo and Naruto he never gives up.

  • This character is in this list because he simply do not care as long as you give him a good battle. He is always looking for a good battle. He really enjoy them. He is funny sometimes.

  • I like him because of his fight with Ichigo. Ever since then I wanted to get to know him more. He is like Itahi in a way and is probably why they put them two against each other in the battle forums.

  • I know he is black or brown which ever you prefer. He is an awesome character. He is always trying to rap and the words do not come out right sometimes but you get the gist of it. I like him because he is friends with his tail beats and he help Naruto out with his. He can fight with eight swords at one time. It is very hard and and very impressive.

  • To me the most saddest story in Naruto. He died alone and never had anyone beside friends but no one to love. He did not leave a little Jiraiya behind. Though he was a pervert he always did the right thing. His end can probably bring you to tears.

  • The protagonist in Bleach. What is not to like about this character beside the obvious. He really care for his friends and try hard at what he does. Even if it kill him he will not give up.

  • The main protagonist of Dragon Ball. When I first saw him. He was goofy looking and funny he still is though. I like him very much because he care so much for others including his enemies rather than to put himself first. He rather have peace then to have to destroyed someone. See this is when he fought The Ginyu Force and Frizea. After all Frieza have done to his Saiyan race and he still gave him a chance after chance. He just wanted Frizea to repent. You can rest asure Goku will always try. Goku will always try no matter what even if it seem hopeless.

  • Minato Namikaze. When he came on the scene he was my favorite Hokage and still is. I hate they only made him support character and not the benchmark he ought to have been. Instead they made him a benchmark support character only focus on his speed and three of his jutsu. He was so smart and then they made him dumb as Naruto when they Edo Tensei him back. There was so much more there to Minato character.

  • I like him from Yu Yu Hakusho.

  • The anime version of Batman. He is smart and intelligent. I really like this character and the anime show Darker Than Black.

  • The strongest fusion character in Dragon ball (Scratch that. They recon that to both fusion being equal). He is funny and goofy at times. He is not to be taken likely because he is goofy. He defeated Buuhan with ease and could have killed him if he wanted to but if he did it would have resulted in his loves to die. Because they were absorbed by Buu and some them cannot be wish back to life.

  • Though he is not canon. I like him ever since I saw him.

  • I know it is not canon, but I like his Super 17 transformation in GT. That is one of things I want canon in Dragon ball from GT. Just make him good and that is all.

  • He remind me of Alucard.

  • The coolest Samurai Brother on the planet. Can you dig it? I can dig it baby, laughing out loud. He is a cool character and fun to watch.