Deus & Asura vs Thor & Goku

Round 1

Battle take place out in space.

All are full power.

Goku can only go Super Sayian 1 and ascended SSJ1 during the Cell saga And SSJ2.

Thor, the one I'm using is the one in the picture. I think Thor Reborn.

Asura can use Asura Destructor

all are Blood lust.

Mortals are off.

Who wins.

Round 2

Battle take place on the Kai's planet.

All are Full Power.

The Same For Goku in round one.

Same for Thor as well.

Mortals are off for Deus & Asura, both are blood lust and No Asura destructor.

Goku & Thor Mortals are on.

Who wins.

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Just in Case Somebody does know Deus.

Edit. I edit the Op.


WitchBlade Vs The Guyver

The Battle take place inside of a dungeon beneath a corporate building.

Mortals are off.

Blood lust are on.

Each fighter is only in there first mode.

Full power

Win by KO

I will post pictures later, but for right now I will give you these videos


Do We Need CGI In Movies Or Less

I been looking at movies for a while now, and I notice there are a lot more cgi in movies then we need them. I mean cgi make movies look more cool and all and makes you want to go see the movie. But when you see them they turn out to be not so good or garbage. The stories be horrible and makes no sense. I barley go to the movie theater to see movies. I rather sit at home and wait for them to come out on DVD's or t.v. then to go to the movies. I notice I been doing this a whole lot. When I see the movie I been waiting for, "I ask myself do they really need that at all". And some are so obvious that they really don't need them at all. It makes me glad that I don't waste my money on them, but the question remain the same, Do we really need them?

What you taken on this? I'm asking you all now.


V-Vendetta Movie Version VS Karl Ruprecht Kroenen Movie Version

This is a battle between both Movie version of the characters.

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: Both are blood lust

No Morals

Random encounter

No prep

Standard Gear

Start 50 feet away

Battle takes place in a Cemetery

Fight to the death

Who wins


: No Blood Lust

No Morals

Both know each other names ( and that is all)

One Hour of Prep

Start 10 feet away

Both being chase by dogs

The dogs start 30 feet away

Changing Location: Battle take place in a Junkyard now

They have the Gear seen in the Picture

But they can use other weapons in the junkyard if they construct it.

They can not leave the area

Win by tying up the person and escaping before the dogs catch them.

Who wins

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