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Reader's Note: For the purposes of RPing, bio is limited until further notice as it is under construction due to new adaptations and the author's creative impulses.

Real Name: Katsuro Hanzo Yamamoto (allegedly) //DETH-Device SHROUD class Version 12.7}

Aliases: Tenjin, T, The Mist Walker, Genshokage (Living Shadow), The Suicide King, Swordsman of the Final Cut, Black Lotus Disciple, Storm Waker, Neck Chopper Hanzo, Servant of the Spectral/Slaughtering Sword, Gosensatsu Katsuro (roughly: 5000 murders Katsuro), Human Hayabusa, Devil of the South, Lord of the Ebon Lotus, The Death Poet, The Impeccable Annihilator, Tenjin/Katsuro the Mighty, Ethereal Assassin, The Superior Specimen, The Peerless One, Death Device, Dynamic Destroyer, Lightning Tyrant, The Unyielding Warrior, The Virtuoso of Violence/Venom/Vengeance, Grim Ghost, Red Eyed Fiend, Master of the Black Petals, The Blood Painter, Hollywood/Headhunter/Harajuku Hanzo, The Black Tiger, The Marvelous Massacrer, The Sensational/Savage/Superb/Simulation Shinobi, Katsuro of the Forbidden Fist, The Fatal Phantom, Katsuro the Deathless, The Shadow Shogun, Daimyo of the Dark, The Kyoto Killing Machine, Cyber-Striker, He Who Dances With Death, Pinnacle Predator, The Widower, Solemn Soldier, The Bullet Dodger, The Shadow Commando, Project: Death March, Walking Weapon, Eastern Enigma, Tokyo Tycoon/Terminator, Martial Metatron, Almighty Assassin, The Hierophant, Serpent's Son, Algorithm of Assassination, The Blade Breaker, The Digital Doom/Decimator, Ruthless Resurrectionist/Revenant, Fists of the Long Death, Godkiller Katsuro, The Wicked/Wandering Wraith, Renegade Reaper, The Corpse Merchant, He Who Walks Between Worlds, Envoy of the Endless Night, Onyx Illusion, The Monolithic Myth, The Void Caller, the Ninpo Nightmare, Shadow-strider, The Ferryman, Warlord of the Warp, the Cyberware Slayer, the Matsumoto Monster, Beast of Bangkok, Spawn of the Shadow Realm/Sunless Realms, The Neuralnaut, the Sinister Simulation/Singularity, the Dark Metacortex, Red Rain, the Umbraphage/The Shadow-Eater, the Standalone Cyborg, the Midnight Mercenary, Echo of Ruination, Keeper of the Black Network, the Malay Maneater, the Beijing Bloodbath, Katsuro the Fell Handed, The Ebon Executioner, Headsman of the Sable Sun, Swordsman of a Hundred Titles

Height: 6'4" ft

Weight: 240 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Red (glowing)

Body Type: Athletic (Mesomorphic)/ Incredibly Muscular

Identifiable Traits: Pale Skin, Pronounced Canines, Red Eyes, Cybernetic Augementations

Date of Birth: April 20th, 1975 (allegedly)

Place of Birth: Kyoto, Japan (allegedly)

Education: No Formal Education

Species: Genetically Modified Mutant (Feral Gene Recessive) / Cyborg

Ethnic Background: Japanese/German-American (allegedly)

Languages Spoken: Fluently- English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Burmese. Able to translate Latin, Ancient Greek and Coptic

Occupation: Mercenary/ Assassin/ Ninja

Affiliations: The Highest Bidder, House of Spiders; Grandmaster, various Assassin's Guilds (loosely), the Yakuza (loosely)

Primary Specialization: Swordsmanship/ Assassination

Other Skills: Unarmed Combat, Poisoning, Espionage, Firearms, Demolitions and Security Operations

Base of Operations: The House of Spiders

Ideology: Eastern Mysticism/ "The Way"

Defining Concepts: Honor, Revenge, Martial

The Origins of the Death Poet-

Steeped in myth, there have been countless tales of the man known as Katsuro Yamamoto, yet there has been little evidence to support anything of substance. The primary source in which his history is recorded is derived from his longtime colleague and rival, Akira Overdrive. On that note, it is still mere speculation. Multiple monastic and mystic sects claim to know his origins, all conflicting with one another.

The first subject of debate is his birth, some claim his mother was named Ren Yamamoto, an ordinary Kyoto civilian and his father was an American born noble of the German Schwarzberg-Rudolstadt dynasty. How they met, let alone sired a son, is never mentioned in any of the canons. Some say Katsuro's illegitimacy prompted the mother to either give him up for adoption or his father, having a wife and family forcibly stole him away. Yet, there is a major discrepancy in this rather sorrowful origin, as no hospital has been able to provide a birth certificate. In the case of not registering his name, either through home birth or seizure of such certificate by illegal means, the woman known as Ren Yamamoto, who was found murdered in her family home, died several months before his suggested birth. An interesting note provided by Akira has been then meaning of the name Ren translated roughly in English as "the love of the lotus". Further, Yamamoto translates as "base of the mountain". Akira proposed that the name Ren and its meaning suggests a connection to the Black Lotus flower; a highlight of Tenjin's Ninpo derived abilities and "the base of the mountain" alludes to Mt. Kobushi, the summit in which the House of Spiders claims home.

Several tests were administered to Tenjin in his youth during the super-soldier Death March program, undergoing hypnosis to derive past experiences, only to have stated for hours "Nothing but blackness, a horrible oppressive void."

Abrahamic based monastic and gnostic traditions often claim the Fatal Phantom is demonic, a product of the infernal whilst UFOlogists state he is an otherworldly experimentation released on Planet Earth. Fringe mystic groups have claimed he is actually a time traveler, hence no record of his origins will exist for a thousand years. The most outlandish claim was made several years ago, by an unknown monk hailing from Tibet claiming Tenjin himself is, in fact, Genghis Khan.

On the subject of his birth, Akira never pressed but he confirms his suspicions that Katsuro is completely unnatural. An ever-present opinion is the Digital Doom is a malformation inside the cosmic simulation, a "virus" forged by the Shadow Realm demiplane itself. For what purpose is yet one of the hundreds of mysteries although a mystical sect known as the Long Death Cult theorizes it may be nothing more than to introduce chaos and destruction to the Great Program.

Katsuro's childhood prompts multiple theories, yet the most compelling and one of the few claims with historical evidence is he was held captive in Malaysia. Prior to his mutative manifestations, as a teenager, he was a renowned pit fighter called "the Malay Man-Eater". Said to have competed in over five hundred illegal bouts throughout Southeast Asia, it is perhaps here that he developed a technical mastery of the region's various kickboxing styles. His title of the Man-Eater, however, is a matter of debate. Whether a reference for his tiger-like viciousness or inferring cannibalistic tendencies is unknown. The former is more likely true, as Katsuro has never been photographed or otherwise witnessed consuming food or sleeping whatsoever.

more to come...

Tenjin's Mutant Gifts-

Shadow Realm Connection- Tenjin's primary mutant ability is a powerful connection to the Shadow Realm, a mirror-verse of the material plane existing parallel with the latter. Although listed as Mutant abilities, it has been proposed he is, in fact, a "virus" uploaded to the CVnU universe by the Shadow Realm itself. In the great Cosmic simulation, the struggle of the reality and maintaining the illusions within has allowed the Shadow Realm to infect this universe with a being whose sole purpose is dealing death. However, this is all speculation.

  • Bilocation: This ability enables the Prince of Spiders to summon replications of himself into this plane from the Shadow Realm. In a sense, numerous duplications of his physical self exist elsewhere and a telepathic link which transcends the planes through access in deep psyche alerts them to appear in his vicinity. Also known as a Soul Self, these replications are made from astral matter although maintain standard human physiology, however, possessing the skills of the original Tenjin though lack his cybernetic and ninja based powers. Essentially, he calls these Soul Selves into combat scenarios and through the telepathic link between them all, acting as a hive mind, they attack in strategic and deadly unison. The upper limits of his summoning potential are approximately ten individuals, however, Hanzo only utilizes the minimum in order to execute his plan of attack. These Soul Selves are also known as Shadow Clones, for their dreary, ghostly demeanor and shadowy composition.

  • Quasi-Bilocation: Tenjin may summon another limb(s) or partial body(ies) with his body as its singularity from the Shadow Realm for surprise attacks and added defense.

  • Teleportation/Shadowmelding: Tenjin is able to exchange physical positions with a summoned Shadow Clone instantaneously or transport himself through the Shadow Realm and back into this realm in another location via a summoned Shadow Portal (Listed Below). He is also able to meld into shadows by effectively partially transferring his physical self into the Shadow Realm but otherwise maintaining his physical presence in this dimension.

  • Shadow Portals: Tenjin can open small rifts in the material plane to transport himself or objects through the Shadow realm and back through these portals.

  • Resurrection: Perhaps his most mysterious ability is his trademark, deathlessness. Tenjin seems to be unable to permanently die, even if he happens to have his body completely destroyed, he will manifest beneath the soil of his ancestors during the next full moon. It is believed his consciousness exists in totality inside the Shadow Realm, that his physical form is but a manifestation.

Tenjin's Biotic Enhancements and Abilities-

  • Kinetic Pistons: Propulsion Pistons in various locations of the back, shoulders, thighs, elbows and heels- Controlled liquid-oxygen detonation allows him to leap several meters into the air, increase the velocity of his strikes to subsonic speed in short bursts and launch himself in multiple directions at near sonic speeds for evasive purposes in short bursts.
  • Physical Augmentations:
    • Strength- Upper limit 5 tonnes.
    • Stamina- Several times higher than the average human.

    • Superhuman Agility and Reflexes.

    • Superhuman Speed- 200 mph short burst, 100 miles per hour continuous exertion

  • Cyber-assisted Sensory Modifications and Enhancements: perceptions of electromagnetic fields; x-ray, ultraviolet and infrared, magnification vision up to 20/3, an increase of field of vision up to 340 degrees, auditory amplification, and nullification, sonic perception allows to hear very high and/or low frequencies without harm, total body bioelectrical sensory upgrade
  • Uninhibited Joint Rotation- The mechanized joints in Tenjin's limbs are able to rotate 360 degrees and the equivalent of superhuman contortionism
  • Adaptive Linguistics- An integrated AI system that compiles speech patterns, facial gestures, context, body language and recycled semiotics to dissect and process languages foreign languages through observation and auditory focus further translating them and storing said information enabling Tenjin, over time, to learn a new language fractionally quicker.
  • Integrated Hacking, Override and Malware Components- Via a series of cybernetic devices located in his forearm, is able to interject himself to security systems, computers, and urban architecture grids and manipulate them to his own means via a micro-quantum interface.

Tenjin's Ninpo Derivations-

  • The Black Trigram: Tenjin is capable of delivering an energy enhanced strike with any of the black trigram eight points which correspond to the sets of fists (including fingers), elbows, knees and feet, representing the eight trigrams of the Bagua. This strike causes the striking region to produce a black vapor and if the attack lands unleashing a force of kinetic energy derived from Tenjin's ki. This life energy is distorted to the extent of having anti-ki properties that produce effects that can be summed up to essentially instant necrosis of the immediate muscle region that the strike came into contact with. The muscle or bone, no matter its size, will begin to rot, producing gangrene-like effects such as poisoning the bloodstream, immobilization of the muscle and rapid decomposition, intense pain and swelling and ultimately death if gone untreated as the rot spreads throughout the body. Because the attack utilizes mystical energy, Tenjin's strikes have been known to bypass even the strongest armors and astounding densities if not protected by otherworldly means
  • Thaumaturgy: Katsuro's very presence brings about supernatural phenomena, such as temperatures growing colder in his vicinity, flames to dim or brighten, strange noises, flowers wilting etc.
  • Inhuman Termination Potential: As far as classifications are concerned, Tenjin is considered a upper-echelon Street-Leveler to lowel-level Mid-tier in regards to powers and abilties however, due to the combination of skills, abilities and performance he has been known to compete against much more powerful foes in one on one combat and come out victorious as his overall portfolio enables him to land fatal blows to even creatures of incredible durability.

Tenjin's Martial Prowess-

"Trying to describe Tenjin's fighting style is like trying to describe the motion of the waves in the seas; on the surface, one minute there is a stillness and the next there are tides that swallow ships...and beneath them, all, is an abyss. This abyss is unknown, barely researched and vast beyond your understanding. It is all beautiful to witness but overwhelming and fearsome to be trapped inside it. He is a savant- the most wonderous killer to ever exist."- Mr. Hare, Field Notes during the Cyberware Trials.

Under construction....

Essentially, Tenjin possesses a spectrum of fighting styles based in principle around his nigh peerless Ninjutsu skills and is the equivalent of a Grandmaster in this art. His swordsmanship is legendary.

Tenjin's Arsenal-

  • Kitsune: A hyperrealistic machine in the shape of a large fox, four feet tall at the withers, based on the Kitsune of Japanese mythology and the Western Hellhound. Able to traverse the Shadow Realm, the mechanized beast seems to displace itself through traditional shadows and shadow portals and moves at speeds of approximately sixty miles per hour. Featuring kinetic pistons, the Kitsune can replicate the abnormally quick dodges, strafes and burst movements of its commander likewise connected via telepathic implant its movements can be autonomous or coordinated with Tenjin and Hayabusa. Its fangs and claws are vibranium edged, allowing it to rend its victims with vicious precision. Its ghostly appearance is only enhanced with napalm emitting jets located behind the shoulders, causing a streak and trail of adhesive flames to pour behind it in its wake on demand. Kitsune is composed of a carbon nanotube structure, further plated with titanium in crucial zones.
    • Alternate Mode- Kitsune undergoes a reorganization and transformation as its "Fox" scheme converts into that of a stationary futuristic turret. Functioning as a rail gun, the magnetic projectiles launched are based on traditional mortar rounds, yet the speed in which the rail gun fires is approximately 3.7 miles per second, unleashing enormous kinetic potential equal to a 120 mm tank round. Yet, a rate of fire greatly increased with a speed of 10 rounds per minute.
    • Alternate Mode II- A secondary feature, based on Akira Overdrive's "Rushing Devil" motorbike, allows Tenjin to travel upon Kitsune at nigh-supersonic speeds. Equipped with anti-gravity technology, the motorbike version can scale vertical and inverted surfaces or traverse upside down, lengthwise along buildings and other surfaces such as water without falter. Notably withstanding frictions and heat while in motion through a kinetic barrier emitter.
  • Hayabusa: When undeployed, it resembles a mechanical backpack extension. Deployed: Ejecting from his armor, a state of the art hyper-realistic drone in the appearance of a large falcon with a four-foot wingspan takes flight. Its speed is moderate, never in excess of sixty miles per hour, unless, like Tenjin himself, kinetic pistons are activated granted it impressive subsonic speeds. Its "eyes" are an extension of Katsuro's heightened and inhuman senses and maintain the same benefits he himself possesses as mentioned above. The "feathers" feature vibranium edges, allowing it to pass by and attack a foe, cutting through nearly all materials with its wings.
    • Alternate Mode- Hayabusa, like Kitsune above, can re-scheme itself into a semi-automatic long-range precision rifle, firing 50 caliber rounds.
    • Alternate Mode II- A secondary feature, Hayabusa can re-scheme itself into that of a semi-automatic 12 gauge combat shotgun firing a custom flechette ammunition compounded with incendiary magnesium pellets; releasing a spray of fire, molten metal and razor-like disks.
  • Modular Vibranium Armor: Utilized against a variety of metahuman targets. Appearing to be a futuristic shinobi garb, he is protected by plated armor with intricate layers of black Vibranium over a carbon nanotube body glove. The complexity of his armor is astounding, as subtle small layers of Vibranium lock over the soles of his feet and the palms of his hands, while nanotubes defend joints and points on the body which need dexterity and a wide range of movement. Due to the Vibranium on his soles, he walks without making a sound and can leap from fatal heights without fear of death. Often times, he will utilize his palms and his soles as shields against enemy weaponry and coupled with his incredible reflexes, inhuman speed, and unfathomable agility, he is incredibly difficult to wound severely. The armor features built-in flat space holsters across the body to house various weapons and devices as he requires. Like his previous armor, a thin layer of photon absorbing film covers the exoskeleton allowing him to fade into shadows at mental command, while also protecting him from enemy night vision. Another strange element of the armor is the use of super coolants and non-conductive coils to moderate the external temperature of his armor to mirror that of the ambient temperatures in his surroundings, effectively making him undetectable with thermal imaging outside of extreme temperatures. This may also be regulated to insulate himself from extreme temperatures for a short period of time. Concerning Flat Space technology, a breathing apparatus can be manifested resulting in several hours of oxygen.
  • Tengoku no Rukei: "Heaven's Exile"- Antimetal (Vibranium Variant) Katana/Toxin Scabbard equipped
  • Nageki no Akuma: "Lamenting Devil"- Katana modeled luminescent Plasma sword. Summoned from a Shadow Portal.
  • Toxin Scabbard: The inside of the scabbard produces a thick petroleum-based mucus laced with enormous amounts of powerful synthetic hemotoxins and psychedelic alkaloids, known as the Nectar of Gundari. The hemotoxins severely disrupt the coagulation system of the target whilst encouraging gross blood loss, essentially causing the afflicted to become a hemophiliac; promoting increased bleeding without coagulation. Further, the Nectar contains large amounts of mescaline, a hallucinogen that induces a psychedelic state causing alteration of visual perceptions, altered thinking, and spatial processes and other phenomena.

  • Stonefish model Vambrace Blades: Three six-inch retractable titanium blades that sprout from ports in the armor which contain grooves that dispense cardioleputin, which is a powerful toxin which attacks the cardiovascular system derived from species of Stonefish, hence its name. x2

  • Akira Overdrive's Power Capsules: A powerful euphoric yet highly addictive metagene enhancer, granting forty-five minutes of heightened adrenaline, neural augmentation which greatly improving reaction time, thought processing and time perception and three-fold physical ability increase. The side effects, beyond potential physical addiction, are nigh fatal exhaustion levels from withdrawal. x5
  • Explosive Shuriken: Ceramic throwing stars with an impact triggered binary explosive which produces the force equivalent to a M67 grenade. x 20

  • Cyberware Developed GILGAMESH class Hand Cannon- A large futuristic pistol, inspired by biomechanical aesthetics, equipped with adaptive recoil control. As an energy weapon firing powerful plasma bolts, it is turbine assisted for increased rate of fire and powered by a 6 shot dispensable Energy Cell. Upon impact a secondary electromagnetic pulse is activated, making the plasma bolt, aside from producing a collision equivalent to a M67 grenade, the round is capable of destabilizing electronics and weapons and armor systems reliant on such technology.
  • Bandolier w/ Energy Cells- A kevlar strap mounted with series of holsters draped across the torso to provide convenient access to Energy Cells that empower the aforementioned Hand Cannon and other weaponry.
  • Digitalized Weapon System Manifestation- A hyper-futuristic flat space technology coupled with modularized component manifestation, Tenjin is able to summon a rifle through such technology that can be accessorized through a digital stream based on battle circumstances in real-time.
    • Rifle- a Plasma bolt firing carbine, featuring a secondary Energy Cell slot for 30 rounds of fire.
    • ACOG/ Telescopic/Red Dot Scopes
    • Large Capacity Energy Cell Drum- allows for 100 rounds of fire
    • Folding/ Telescopic/absent Stock profiles
    • Barrel Extensions
    • Vibranium Bayonet
    • Under-mounted 60 mm Grenade Launcher
  • Hardlight Shield Drones- Dispersed through Shadow Portals, strange metallic orbs hover through an unknown anti-gravity technology and emit a 8 foot by 8 foot hardlight shield. When all four are combined they are capable for forming a mid-sized bubble shield around Tenjin or, act independently. x4
  • Modular Vambrace Mounted Projectile Dispenser: A pair of flat space holsters mounted on the inside forearms of his vambraces which dispense and ejects weaponry into his hand. He can mentally inventory and sort and exchange weaponry on the fly due to Shadow Realm Pocket Dimension Invention System.

    • Throwing Knives- the bayonet-style blade is constructed from high-strength low alloy steel and is perfectly balanced accordingly to Tenjin's strict classifications. The blade is coated with Batrachotoxin, harvested from poison dart frogs. It is an extremely powerful neurotoxin which can result in paralysis rather quickly while also being a cardiotoxin, affecting the heart causing heart palpitations, fluttering and can lead to cardiac arrest x 16

    • Shuriken- Constructed of high-strength low alloy steel. Coated with a photon absorbing film causing them to be almost invisible to the naked eye, nearly impossible to see when being thrown. The incredibly sharp sides are coated with Batrachotoxin. x20

    • Throwing Spikes- Constructed of high-strength low alloy steel. The armor-piercing point is coated with Batrachotoxin. x6

    • Impact/Time-Delayed Smoke Bombs- Spheres 1 inch in diameter that releases a white phosphorus cloud which can be detonated on impact with a surface or detonated by a pre-programmed timer. x10

    • Impact/Time-Delayed Incendiary Bombs- Spheres 1 inch in diameter that utilizes phosphorus, benzene, water and additional ingredients that produce an adhesive flame that can be detonated on impact with a surface or detonated by a pre-programmed timer. x10

    • Impact/Time-Delayed Concussion Bombs- Spheres 1 inch in diameter using a binary charge to produce a small shockwave (overpressure) which can be detonated on impact with a surface or implant detonated by a pre-programmed timer. x6

    • Impact/Time-Delayed Acid Bombs- Spheres 1 inch in diameter lined with a Teflon inner coating which isolates a powerful superacid of unknown composition however its contents are acidic enough to dissolve most metals on contact and incredibly corrosive to organic matter. This explosive produces little concussive force but splits open to dispense the superacid onto the material or through the air, which can be detonated on impact with a surface or detonated by a pre-programmed timer. x 10

    • Impact/Time-Delayed Cryo-chemical Bombs- Spheres 1 inch in diameter that releases an unknown substance, presumably a liquid that instantaneously freezes on contact when the atmosphere is present thus resulting in transforming into incredibly dense layers of ice, which can be detonated on impact with a surface or implant detonated by a pre-programmed timer. x6

    • Impact/Time-Delayed Toxin Bombs- Spheres 1 inch in diameter when detonated release a green mist containing myotoxins, neurotoxins and hemotoxins laced with titanium dioxide which can be detonated on impact with a surface or detonated by a pre-programmed timer. x12

    • Self-Adhering Thermobaric Mines- Utilizing synthetic setae also known as "Gecko Tape" to latch on to almost any surface, smooth, rough, vertical or upside down. Small three inch in diameter mines are launched in units much like the caltrops above. Thermobaric weapons use the surrounding oxygen and produce a high-temperature flame front and long duration and powerful blast wave. Because of the proximity to one mine and the other, the detonation of a single mine will cause the series of mines to explode in unison. Each unit comprises twenty mines. x6

    • Modified Kusari-gama- Upon activation, a titanium scythe is dispensed, its blade approximately one foot in length and covered textured with small, nearly microscopic pores. These pores secrete a synthetic compound mirroring the neurotoxin of the Blue Ringed Octopus which causes not only muscle weakness and numbness but target the diaphragm to cause cessation of breathing but as well as targeting the nervous system of the victim. These scythes are connected to retractable and extendable titanium chains with a total range of thirty feet. x2

    • Tether Grenade- A hyper-futuristic grenade that unleashes quasi-Void arcs that ensnare in tendrils of hardlight, these tendrils cause no damage and merely contest the strength of his foe and grapple them in place, any person caught in the tethers 10-foot diameter radius with superhuman strength exceeding 5 tons can escape without much effort.
    • Homing Grenade- A fragmentation grenade whose structure is in fact numerous nanobots, when ignited releasing a standard explosion equvielnt to an M-67 grenade but the shards feature micro-propulsion technology and soar after humanoid heat signatures with a range of 10 extra feet from the standard blast radius.