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Obsessions 0

"Attraction" takes a bit of a break from the main storyline as Batman deals with Magpie's return, only the villain is now obsessed with him, and is planning to have him all to himself. This episode has a very creepy and dark atmosphere as we see Magpie's further descent into insanity, as well as becoming a more dangerous and formidable villain as she kidnaps Katana and places her in a trap. Grey Delisle does a great job as her once again, managing to sound seductive, subservient, and vicious al...

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Well worth the "sacrifice" of your 22-minutes 0

After last week's quality lull in "Control", we get back to the main plot once more in "Sacrifice". This time, Anarky pits our heroes and the League of Assassins against each other in order to obtain a chemical that will produce him some mindless monsters. However, his convoluted plan will put them, and later Gotham, at risk.I'll admit, part of me is tired of the constant threat of the League of Assassins. Sure, they're the biggest threat so far, but part of me was missing some of the more psyc...

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