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  • S05E11 - I swear if there's another curse this season I'm flying to Maine to undo it myself.

    S01 - S02 - S03 - S04 : Done

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  • S01 : Done -- If I had a lawyer like that, I'd try to get in trouble every day :D Not convinced on the red suit tho, the simple black one felt so normal, red reminded me of the movies (which, let's all recall, isn't a good thing). With the black suit, if things get tight he can just take off the "mask" and walk home, that'd be weird in red and black Batman-armor. I'm not big on the DD comics, read bits and pieces, some Shadowland, some New Avengers stuff and he was Wolvie's lawyer too but it felt right. Loved the dual finding-your-identity stories of DD and Fisk. I probably hate Vanessa more than any other character for some reason. I don't feel there's an immediate need for Matt to be part of the Defenders, season 2 or 3 would make sense. Elektra, the Hand, Bullseye, Punisher passing by, maybe the Hood to take over Fisk, knowing more about Stick, a little Morales kid to complement the quick mention by Foggy? And most of the secondary characters were interesting: Karen and Claire were rich personalities.

  • Done. More would be welcome.

  • S01E01 - Ok... My expectations might have been to high. The show is good enough with normal Kara, I could grow on that setting. I also like seeing Jeremy Jordan again, his role brings clich√© but nice dynamics. But the times Supergirl or a villain or that SHIELD-like agency show up, it felt like a youtube parody. Your sister lies to you your whole life and you just forgive her in such a short time? I hope it gets better.