Up and comers

Newish characters who are starting to become favorites.

List items

  • Love this girl. Has been cool since her first appearance.

  • I thought he was stupid at first but the more I see him the more I like him. He kind of reminds me of Peter Parker if he were bitten by a radioactive god.

  • She grew on me

  • PLEASE let him get out of the z-dimension soon! <3

  • Best new mutant in 10 years hands down.

  • Not new new but new to the marvel universe, and a character who actually feels fresh in a time when marvel desperately needs freshness.

  • He will never be Richard Rider, but he's a pretty cool kid.

  • He's just a cool guy. I'd act like him if I got his powers.

  • The most adorable <3

  • Bunker is cool and funny, and most of the all the first gay super hero with a personality defined as more then reminded everyone he's gay every other page.

  • Kind of my dream girl...

  • Crazy attractive and really interesting. A.I.'s have always interested me.

  • I like his power set and attitude a lot. I really hope marvel doesn't waste his potential by condemning him to the brotherhood or something.

  • I didn't like the idea of a Doombot as an avenger, but he is really funny and kind of adorable.

  • Extremely interesting and cute/cool looking.