Cosmic Marvel

These are the cosmic things I think should always have their own books when they aren't dead to keep the cosmic stage set.

List items

  • I thought the second half of the Thanos ongoing was really good.

  • Richard Rider is the best.

  • Ronan is a great character who should get more personal attention.

  • Kl'rt is one of the best marvel characters ever, though him being crowned the new skull emperor makes him having a solo book complicated.

  • Kind of THE space super hero if you ask me. The Surfer always needs a book.

  • All of his series have been great, so I don't get why they keep canceling them.

  • He should have his own book again. He doesn't need to be a supporting character he's a star.

  • I think having the guardians out there in the mix of things is really important to setting up and pull of cosmic events the right way.

  • Such a cool character.

  • I want to see the Green Scar return to space and have a more cosmic role.

  • I don't care if it's Mar-Vell, Genis-Vell, or Phyla-Vell I think there should always been a REAL(Someone related to Mar-Vell) Captain Marvel out in space.(I don't count Carol)

  • I feel like Gladiator used to be all over comics back in the 90s. I kind of miss it.

  • The coolest new cosmic character with as much potential as Richard Rider if you ask me.

  • Even if Hulk doesn't rejoin them the Warbound and the remaining Sakaarans need to get together and get off earth and start being relevant and awesome again.