Character who make more sense than Riri Williams

Riri Williams came out of no where and I don't understand why when there are already people who made sense for the role and story they wanted to do that aren't completely out of no where.

List items

  • -Engineering Genius.

    -Was introduced two years before they killed off Rhodey.

    -Is Rhodey's niece

    -Remotely hacked and piloted the Iron Patriot Armor

    -Was part of Secret Wars: Armor Wars

    -She is black and female but unlike Riri that doesn't feel like the entire purpose of her creation.

    Idk how the hell they didn't make this girl Ironheart and just invent a character just like her, who is more annoying and lacking any real connection to the Iron Man family.

  • -Super genius, One of the smartest character in the Marvel Universe

    -Daughter of Ho Yinsen the CREATOR of Iron Man

    -Is one of the best written lesbian character in the Marvel Universe who isn't defined entirely by her sexually

    -Is Asian but doesnt feel like she was created to be token, and there is a serious lack of Asian heroes

    Honestly I don't think anyone could deserve to carry on the Iron Man legacy more then Toni.

  • -Smarter then Tony Stark

    -Brother of Tony Stark

    Honestly if Arno isn't the Iron Man of the year 2020 I'm going to be kinda pissed off lol.

  • -Super Genius

    -Daughter of Rumiko Fujikawa

    -Was in Secret Wars: Armor Wars

    -She is Asian and there is a lack of Asian heroes if they are trying to diverse their cast.

    She was the main characrer of Secret Wars: Armor Wars and they said that every book would have a meaning on the main Marvel Universe, but so far we haven't seen a 616 version of Kiri. She is the daughter of Rumiko Fujikawa which is a cool connection and throw back to the Star Fujikawa days. Also from what we know of Rumiko Fujikawa and considering how smart Kiri Oshiro is she could possibly be the daughter of Tony Stark or maybe even his rival Tiberius Stone. Both would possibilities would be pretty compelling.