I can't handle how bad Venom(2016-) is

Mike Costa's Venom run might be one of the biggest comic book tragedies in modern years and actually no one is talking about it. The venom suit is just back to being some stupid evil monster. The new host of the suit has one of the more cliche and edgy backstories and personalities that its actually pretty embarrassing for the writer to be credited with the creation of Lee Price. The suit left Flash Thompson because it got blown off and ran away and then latched onto Lee because it needed a host.... they literally just did a very good comic all about Flash and Suit and the Black Suit was now able to exist and talk without a host and even went out on missions across f**king outer space without Flash and was able to come back no problem, you're telling me now that the suit getting knocked off in the middle of New York is too much for this thing to find its way home? Then we get to Eddie Brock.... My actual god it is like Marvel is understaffed and doesn't have an editor checking in and is unaware at what is going on in this book... Eddie Brock shows up and isn't Toxin anymore without an explanation, and he wants the suit back... not just that but they made it a big point to have Brock go on to say how he had wanted the suit back for a long time...

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Okay... so its one thing is the new writer is just garbage and decides to ignore all of the huge character developments the suit has gone threw the previous volume and in guardians of the galaxy... but now bringing in Eddie Brock in this way its like the writer wants to take it a step further with how many stories he can disrespect by ignoring all of Eddie Brock's history since he got cancer in ASM, all of his time as Anti-Venom, all of his time as Toxin, and all of his story in the Carnage book....

Seriously ANYONE at Marvel who has the world "editor" in your job title find the writer of this garbage and at least start pretending to DO YOUR JOB.

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Don't get me wrong I love Eddie and seeing him with the Black suit now is pretty cool and issue 150 and 151 were way better then the crappy story we were getting with Lee, but its just really sour to think about it. Eddie Brock back is awesome, but now Flash is just back to being an alcoholic and the past like 5 or so amazing years of work and character development is gone. The Mania story line never even got to an end. There is a a whole cast and franchise build around Flash as Venom and now its all gone even the old suit is gone... the suit is back to talking like a child to when it was an actual character when it was with Flash.

If they really needed to have Brock as Venom again they should have done some kinda story where the suit split again like it did when it created Mania. Just make up some BS like the suit slip into two basically cloning itself because it's bond with Eddie was equally strong to it's bond with Flash. Maybe not be the most amazing idea but it sure is better then "The suit got scared and ran away.... and then couldn't find flash so it jumped on some random lowlife.... when the suit doesn't need a host anymore.... and was able to track down flash across space...." Even an alternate reality version of the suit... or a time displaced one... anything else could have worked better then the story we got.

But hell maybe that IS the solution to things now. Maybe Brock will have a conflict with Flash and it'll lead to the "pure" part of the suit escaping the part of the suit that loves Brock and we can just have Venom and Agent Venom. they could also just have flash get Toxin... but that would be pretty lame as hell since the whole reason this bothers me is because of how much work went into the bond between Flash and the black suit unlike any other previous host.

The only thing that could make the Venom book worse is if Lee ever comes back. They should just let Scorpion kill the guy in a single panel and be done with it.


Top 10 things for Young Justice Season 3

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Though it's still a bit unbelievable Young Justice Season 3 will actually be coming out at some point in the future. All of that netflix marathoning actually paid off! :D

So here are my top ten hopes for Young Justice Season 3.

10. The Hive

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Personally I always loved how in the Teen Titans cartoon they have the hive as kind of a counter to the younger heroes. I would really enjoying seeing Young Justice have a team of younger super villains to rival the squad. All of the villains from the Teen titans cartoons are just characters DC doesn't care about so it be nice to see them again.

9. Supergirl

Kara is always left out of these kinda things so I wont hold my breath but I would love to see her included with the younger heroes... for once.

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8. Batgirls

We had Barbra in season 2, and we got multiple robins so now I wanna see multiple Batgirls. Cassie and Stephanie Please!

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7. Super Friends

They had a lot of characters in season 2 who we know from the comics/cartoons go on to become heroes but never got there in the show. I'd love to see a lot of those characters come back and be the full on heroes we know they will be. Static, Apache Chief, Samurai, El Dorado, Wendy and Marvin, Hawkfire, Arrowette, etc.

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6. The Kids!

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We got no idea how many years have past between Season 2 and 3 but I would seriously love to see some Superboy and Robin(Wayne) in this show. I think Damian for sure is one of those characters I normally associate with Young Justice.

5. The Shazam Kids

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I really loved Billy in the show and I think he was 16? By the time the show ended. I would love it if they brought in more of the Shazam cast like Mary Marvel and the Captain Thunder kids.

4. Green Lanterns

There are two Green Lanterns who were part of the Titans/Teen Titans. Kyle Raynor and Jade. I'd really love to see either of them in the show cause Green Lanterns are awesome.

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3. The missing Titans

I really loved the original team they had for young justice but what I really want to see is the rest of the Teen Titans from the original team and the New Teen Titans team(Teen Titans Go cast). They're just the characters I think most people think of now when they think "young DC heroes." Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, Tempest, and Donna Troy. There are so many great characters I'd love to see in the show but I think at least the core members of the Titans should make it into the show.

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2. Return of Wally West

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If there is one thing we take away from DC's New 52 its that there is no substitute for the fastest man alive. I'd love to see some kind of time travel pseudo Final Crisis story line focused around Wally's Return.

1. The Outlaws

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If there is one thing I loved from DC in the past five years it's for sure the Outlaws. They choose to leave Starfire out of the cast for some reason in season 2, and they also showed a memorial to Jason Todd. With Arsenal not really being a good fit for the team I think they set things up perfectly with him going out on his own to have the Outlaws show up in season 3 having come together in the time between seasons.


Batgirl Cover Canceled

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The fact this cover was canceled because idiots thought it promoted violence towards women is a shame. Let me be clear; not feminist, but idiots who think they are helping women by turning them into victims every chance they get.

The Joker is a horrible monster of a person a cover with him on it SHOULD be unpleasant that is the entire point. The cover is dark just from the simple image you can understand that what Joker is doing is bad, so how is showing something bad promoting it? I guess “out of sight out of mind” is the logic these people use for their decision making. They would have had to present this in a positive light for them to be promoting it. If anyone is raped or killed in fiction is that promoting rape and killing? No of course not it takes a huge failure of logic to make that leap.

This cover paid homage to one of the best and most renowned stories ever “The Killing Joke” which was a HUGE part of Barbra’s history and was crucial to her character and to her becoming a better hero and moving past the role of side kick. It’s a shame people who are claiming “this is suppose to be a book for new readers” want to rob new readers of one of the MOST quintessential Batgirl stories there is by just pretending it doesn’t exist.

Some times you need to show the horror to teach people empathy because some things are too evil for some people to really imagine. If you can’t handle that then just don’t read it and do the world a favor by shutting up until you’re mature enough to handle uncomfortable subjects. Pretending sexual assault doesn’t exist actually just goes to future victimize and isolate sexual assault victims. Learn to look past your own self righteous ignorance people.

It’s also really unfair to the artist, writer of “The Killing Joke”, and even DC Comics as a whole trying to twist something that really showed the evil and vileness of sexual assault and created a personal conviction against it for 1000s of fans of Barbra who loved the character, into something that allegedly promotes violence towards woman. As if referencing/showing something awful is endorsing it.

There is no actual argument here that proves the people who got this covered pulled right. Violence towards women/domestic/sexual abuse is a real issue in the world, so you are suggesting we pretend it doesn't happen ever and just make sure no one is aware of anything bad happening? Great way to deal with a problem just pretend it doesn't exist and protest anything that reminds you of it.

This cover is referencing the story The Killing Joke which was is honestly without contest the most important story for Barbra's character. What did It lead to? Her becoming a better hero and it helped her evolve past the role of side kick and become her own hero. What did the people who actually read the story walk away with? Long time fans who actually had real feelings for the character felt real empathy for Barbra and a sincere disgust/conviction against sexual crimes more so then a person would feel by default. Comic books make more political/social stances then all the movies and tv shows combined each year, so great job taking something that dealt with a subject most would rather just ignore or pretend didn't exist, and instead tackled it head on and really put it out there for people to see and raised awareness of something truly awful and twisting it into the exact opposite trying to claim it promotes violence towards women.