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What are you doing with my cat? 2

The Good-Red Lanterns! They're so cool. This is a great concept. I've always felt that the best part about the recent GL comics was how three dimensional the villains are in it. You can really understand their motivations, and in many ways they're better than the heroes.-I'm glad they found a new motivation for Atrocitus.-More depth is given to Atrocitus's past, which is great.-Good story. I liked his monologue.-The Dex-Starr intro was great.The Bad- I felt like the art was so-so.-Atrocitus and ...

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Hydrology 6

The Good-The characters seem pretty compelling.-Kate seems to be a pretty realistic character.-It was nice to see her interaction with Bruce at the end, and see that he respected her even though she kind of just took the name.-It was pretty pleasantly surprising to see nudity (with perfectly positioned objects so you couldn't see anything) in a way that completely makes sense in the story for once.-THe art was pretty good.The Bad- As a new reader, I found this issue incredibly confusing.The Verd...

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