Cryokinetic Techniques

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Emilia Sinclair has mastered almost every known Cryokinetic technique and even invented a few of her own. (Do note that not all techniques can be covered so only relevant ones will be mentioned)

The Basics

  • Ice Weapon Manifestation

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Almost every cryokinetic worth their salt knows how to use their cryokinetic powers to conjure a weapon made out of the cold, usually its a solid piece of ice but in other situations (depending on the user) it can be more exotic such as a incorporeal gaseous form.

Regardless, the ability to manifest ice weapons is both used for offensive and defensive purposes and due to its nature a cryokinetic user has the ability to manifest these weapons almost anywhere in a instant as well as manipulate the strength of said weapons.

Emilia Sinclair has mastered this technique but due to its almost low tier status as a technique she rarely uses them unless necessary or if it is beneficial at the time.

  • Ice Shard Projection

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Another common cryokinetic technique but one that never really loses its charm as the go to move for almost every cryokinetic user.

As one would assume, the ability describes itself as it is basically razor sharp shards of ice that manifest either directly from the users body or done by the more complicated yet practical outer projection method

(The outer projection method being able to manifest and manipulate ice shards with in the users immediate vicinity rather than body, advanced users are even capable of projecting them across incredible distances as far as the eye can see)

There are many different factors in using the ISP technique, mostly its dependent on the users power and skill level. Low level users at most could cut through normal human flesh but get stopped by more durable materials like steel while high level users can cut through Class 100 Bricks like a hot knife through butter.

Emilia Sinclair falls in the latter category, she has the guilty pleasure as having this as one of her most used techniques due to its practicality. Thousands of hours of real combat situations has proven this ability to be invaluable due to her limitless ability to generate and command cold with out tiring.

As such Emilia Sinclair can project and manipulate ice shards in a near omnipresent manner such as in a 360 degree kill circle or internally inside of an enemies body, she can manifest/fire countless shards all from different angles simultaneously such as one shard hitting an opponents eye while the other incapacitates each knee and elbow followed by a dozen more projecting by the sides of the opponents ears and above the opponents head.

Typically her ice shards are in the shred Class 100 Bricks like wet toilet paper league but she only uses that level of power on opponents that need it. One final little snippet of interesting information is that unlike some cryokinetic users who shoot small shards, Emilia Sinclair can and has on many occasions manipulated the size of her ice shards to incredible sizes in addition to projecting them at amazing speeds!

  • Ice Constructs

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If the projection of ice shards were universally known as a cryokinetic technique then ice constructs are even more so well known almost as a staple ability that every cryokinteic user has to some extent.

Low level users typically can form ice structures similar in shape to other humans or vehicles such as cars while high level users can perfectly recreate the entire lay out of a facility and if they have the power even mass construct massive arts of architecture such as giant ice cities.

This is arguably Emilia Sinclair's most used technique and almost essential to her combat style, with the ability to manifest what ever architectural design she desires she has been able to cut off enemies from reaching her or separating super powered teams in order to divide and conquer them. However unlike most users that can perform the art of ice constructs, Emilia is capable of levitating her constructs and keep them in the air as long as she desires.

  • Ice Armor

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Finally we come across a more advanced technique that is usually only performed by cryokinetic users with some decent control or skill over their powers.

Ice armor is capable of increasing both the strength and durability of the Cryokinetic user, defenses can range from street level to casual class hundred protection. (Emilia's falls in the latter)

Emilia does not often use this ability because it's actually essential to her, she only pulls out ice armor as one of her aces to put an enemy off guard.

Not only is she capable of creating ice armor on herself but on others too.

Emilia's Exotic Moves

Ice Blizzard

Purpose: Suppression,Support,Cover,Locking down an area to stop people from entering or fleeing.

Description: A whirling tornado of ice manifests in the battlefield, typically its position in a manner that makes sure that Dove and her opponents are in the 'eye', the Ice Blizzard is capable of causing strong interference with its powerful winds and ice to the point it can jam radio transmission and reel jets off course with ease.

The Ice blizzard is quite valuable in locking down areas this way as its powerful winds can either push a foe back in or push interlopers back out while simultaneously supporting Dove with a 360 angle coverage capable of launching cryokinetic constructs or attacks to either support an ally or kill a foe.

Ice Trinity

Purpose: Unique custom made Cryokinetic fighting style,attrition,versatility

Description: The Ice Trinity is a unique martial arts that Emilia Sinclair created for Cryokinetic combat against super powered beings and other Cryokinetic peers that might choose to fight her. Its concept is based upon the condensation cycle and states of matter

"The Trinity of Ice fighting"

Ice Trinity has three stages, Solid,Liquid and Gas. All three are used in rapid conjunction to support the other.

  • "Gas will phase your strength"

By removing a significant amount of cold from a targeted area, Dove is capable of super heating an area because Cold and Hot work both ways (The other can not exist with out its counterpart similar to Night/Day for if one can take away the night then surely only the day will remain) thus by removing the cold from her own constructs is the mutant capable of producing pressurized gas from wherever the cold was removed.

The property of gas in the Ice Trinity fighting style is to make those with superior strength irrelevant, for with out exotic abilities air simply can not be grasped or hurt by mere physical blows. One whom is powerful may be able to 'push' the air back but no matter all their strength it becomes irrelevant if they can't harm it, thus Dove uses this property to circumvent any strength disadvantages she has.

If a foe sends a blow at her, Dove is capable of striking back by use pressurized gas/air to either deflect their blow or push/lift their physical form out of the way. Through effective attrition she can keep the enemy at bay by using said technique to continue redirecting an opponents movements away from her and even harming them through hydrostatic shock should they lack sufficient durability.

  • "Solid ice will test your endurance"

By generating and manipulating the cold, Dove uses gas to counter an enemies strength by circumventing it away and giving it something it can't hurt by hitting but with solid ice it is different. Once against the Mutant relies on attrition for effectiveness, numerous solid ice constructs of size and density are used in conjunction with the pressurized gas for while air is keeping the enemy at bay it will be the solids striking the enemy to make sure they don't come back.

Sharpness or Bluntness are both used in Dove's ice constructs but one thing is a fact and it is that Dove uses a combination of versatile shapes and over whelming power to take down the enemy in question, whether it be large building chunks or hundreds of tiny ice shards aiming at the vulnerable areas of a foe (Such as eyes/nostrils/ears/arm pits/ankles)

  • Cold water will drown your speed

By removing a moderate amount of cold or generating a moderate amount of cold in a targeted area, Dove is capable of turning solid ice into water or gas into water.

This is the final piece to Dove's unique fighting style,

"One technique can not hold its own and can be overwhelmed or circumvented, two can be divided and separated or adapted to but three?...three...holds the whole concept together"

Using the state of matter known as liquid allows Dove the capability to reduce a foes traction and grip of the environment, liquid water holds the opponents own moments against them and is the composite benefits of both Gas/Solid at the same time having the disadvantages of the other.

Thus it is used wisely by Dove, an opponent who is not affected by solid nor gas due to superior speed will face the overwhelming tidal waves of water. Their feet will be unable to get a footing as the water sways back and forth in its attempts to keep the enemy focusing on surviving rather than drowning for every movement they try will be met with the liquids own counter movements to stop them.

Frost Shield

Purpose: Defense,Support,Perception,Buff

Description: Dove projects outwards a dense layer of ice particles on herself or a selected target, these ice particles act as a form of shielding. They constantly swirl around the target like a school of shoal fish thus providing full coverage on the being or object in question, Frost Shield's have variable strengths depending upon Dove's focus and physical health.

On the worst situations they are only sufficient to provide excellent protection against small arms and mild yield explosives while on the best occasions they are easily capable of withstanding attacks that can annihilate entire cities, usually Dove's frost shields require her focus and thus only when she is alert or attentive are they active which means an opponent that is skilled in stealth has the potential of ending Dove before she could get her defense up but once it is up it then becomes very difficult to get rid of.

Frost Shield provides excellent protection against both physical and energetic attacks, physical attack such as bullets or missiles would be frozen and shattered into harmless snowflakes (regardless of the velocity) once it comes across the radius of the Frost Shield while energy attacks such as plasma or another equivalent are moderately more effective yet still defended against as the intense heat is mitigated by the equivalent of reactive armor the releases an aura of cold to intercept the heat.

Not only does Frost Shield offer Dove a powerful and versatile defense that can regenerate rapidly it also provides Dove a form of enhanced perception, with Frost Shield active the mutant could sense every particle like one would feel sensations on the skin and by manipulating the particles to expand outwards and bump into the surroundings she is capable of doing the cryokinetic version of reading in Braille. Every texture of a surrounding has a shape or temperature, once these virtually invisible and tiny particles bump into something they send a sensation back to Dove whom would be able to illustrate herself an image of what it was that these particles bumped into, this advanced skill has allowed Dove to find hidden enemies and even know specific facts such as the weight and combat position of a foe followed by even what type of weapons they may be carrying.


Purpose: AOE,Suppression,Debuff

Description: The air in the battlefield begins to cool down significantly, the air soon becomes so cold that any being that relies on respiration and does not have a defense to the intense temperature drop will find their muscles having a difficult time getting oxygen and eventually they will asphyxiate.

Freezer-Burn not only asphyxiates opponents but also casts a debuff on them which begins to perform cryogenic weakening on a beings durability or defenses.

Comet Storm

Purpose: AOE,Offense,Support

Description: A powerful attack meant to devastate armies or groups of super powered beings, large ice comets begin to manifest in the lower Mesosphere of Earth. Their mass is 15,000 tons in solid ice followed by being 50 meters in diameter, when the ice comets manifest they await their command to be launched down towards Earth at a speed of 42,900 mph making each comet just as deadly if not more than the Chelyabinsk meteor because unlike it the cryokinetic mutant can solidify the strength of these ice comets to the point they don't prematurely break apart until they strike the designated target.

Typically when Emilia Sinclair uses Comet Storm the attack is timed rather than counted, she would launch hundreds of ice comets usually for several minutes before stopping. This often is capable of ending or finishing any fight at the cost of incredible collateral damage so its purpose is only used when real offensive power is needed and even the most powerful heroes or villains would be hard pressed to stop so many projectiles from reaching a target the mutant has selected.


Purpose: Massive Attrition,Cloak,Support

Description: The battlefield area is manipulated into having an environment that is both covered in ice and flat, naked eye visibility is reduced almost to zero by a massive field of fog which manifests from the dry ice on the ground.

Then an immortal army of ice arises from the ground and begin their relentless attack on the opponent In question, nothing other than the destruction of the battle location (Or targeting Emilia) is capable of impeding the devastating technique of attrition. No matter how fast the opponent runs or how many are slayed, the immortal army will keep manifesting close by the opponent like an omnipresent force as they spawn in greater numbers for every one that is destroyed, even if the opponent manages to kill every single ice immortal present (at once) the plain of ice will return the immortal army of WHITE DEATH into the battlefield.

The immortal army consists of Emilia Sinclair's second most powerful types of summonable sentient ice beings as their strength,speed,durability and regeneration dwarf those of her Sigma soldiers to a significant extent, the immortal army has strength and durability on par with Class 100 bricks but also the speed and reaction of super sonic speedsters. The immortal army fighters also possess near instantaneous regeneration and if their physical form is not completely destroyed they will regenerate in a near instant and continue their attacks with out pause as they drown the opponent in overwhelming attrition.


Purpose: Invincibility,Expansion

Description: Dove is capable of creating exact 'Avatar's' of her own personal self yet unlike Dove's Ice Golems which are granted a limited amount of their own Cryokinetic power, these Icevatar's have access to Dove's limitless cryogenic powers and since you can't share something with out limit they are essentially each as powerful as she is.

With Icevatars the mutant Dove Sinclair is capable of expanding the range of her powers into greater areas at an additional bonus of never having to risk her true physical form. Essentially as long as an Icevatar is in field and she is not, Dove is invincible for she can use her cryokinetic powers from a range where her opponents can't stop the true source.

Icevatars are not only capable of using Dove's full power but also have one of the strongest regeneration factors of Dove's golems (Capable of regenerating from a single snowflake) yet this great power also has a great weakness, each Icevatar is personally controlled by Dove so she can only have a limited amount of Icevaters at once due to the focus needed in managing each one. For Dove to create an army of Icevatars would be similar to a single person attempting to manage a house plant, at most a dozen could be manage with great focus but any more than that and the quality of her combat prowess and tactics drop significantly.

Ice Blizzard Supreme

Purpose: Suppression,Support,Cover,Locking down an area to stop people from entering or fleeing.

Description: The description of Ice Blizzard remains the same but while the regular Ice Blizzard's can cover entire cities, the Ice Blizzard Supreme is the equivalent of a Class Five ice hurricane which can consume entire states. However casting Ice Blizzard supreme requires intense focus for Dove and thus its a time consuming skill to utilize unless she accesses her Daemon form.

Comet Storm Supreme

Purpose: AOE,Offense,Support

Description: A massively more powerful and improved version of Comet Storm, only used under the most desire of situations due to it making the originally Comet Storm attack look pathetic in comparison.

The improvement is a significant increase in size as well as speed, instead of each comet being a mere 50 meters in diameter they are now 200 meters in diameter while weighing 60,000 tons in ice and traveling at mach 110,which should a single one strike the earth or even detonate in the atmosphere would release 9,259,251 tons of TNT in KE equivalent.


Purpose: Ultimate Attack, AOE

Description: A very,very,very powerful attack, Dove's eyes project outwards a very bright Cyan light which signals the usage of Absolution. Absolution is a more advanced form of Dove's Ice Trinity fighting style, once targets are selected and Absolution is activated all the targets will be flash frozen instantaneously to Absolute Zero and this in most cases essentially transmutates her enemies into literal ice due to cryokinetic molecular manipulation, once the targets are turned into ice she will instantaneously removed all the cold which would in effect turn them into water which would then evaporate into gas.

Once Absolution is used there is literally no trace of the opponent left for they become transmutated into the very air they were breathing earlier.


Purpose: Enhanced Strength,Enhanced Durability,Enhanced Speed,Tanking

Description: A massive ice Kaiju form that's roughly four hundred feet in height and several meters in width, Dove uses Tundra as a much needed physical amp when against multiple super powered foes or against REALLY powerful individuals.

By manipulating the strength of her ice Dove makes Tundra more durable,

By adding size and weight Dove makes Tundra's blow/strikes stronger,

By manipulating drafts of cold air Dove makes Tundra move quicker,

By generating more ice Dove grants Tundra a healing factor so as long as Dove is not killed or harmed,

By manifesting Tundra's claws and granting each claw a thin field of Absolute Zero she gives Tundra a potent weapon to cut through those with immense durability,

By manipulating Ice Blizzard's to drag down opponents Dove makes Tundra even faster for now her opponents are slower then they were before.

By skilled cryokinetic usage Tundra negates teleportation and phasing by forcing atoms to remain still or slow down significantly and thus negate said tactics from being effective against Tundra.

Once humanoid shaped Tundra is in place Dove will be at the center of its chest and serve as the heart, Dove will serve as Tundra's pilot and as long as the heart remains the beast construct of an ice giant will remain in play.


Purpose: Ensnarement,Suppression,Support

Description: Another form of Ice Trinity made into an advanced technique,


Competent Cryokinesis usage, is there such a thing?

Interview between @charm_caster and Dove Sinclair

Caster: It's recording, go ahead Dove

Dove: Okay, okay so here we go. I was minding my own business at this local shop in NYC after completing a contract for a bunch of shady figures

Caster: Go oooon, *Nods her head eagerly*

Dove: I'm checking out with this gallon of organic milk when these flashy bounty hunters blow up the main entrance as they get into this cliche team pose, then they start mumbling something about how I'm coming with them dead or alive

Caster: Isn't that from robocop?

Dove: Well there was this robocop looking motherf***** he seemed to be the leader of the group

Caster: Group, how many were there?

Dove: Five in total, I felt kind of bad for the store owner who was having a fit about supers always blowing up sh*t on his street so I told to calm down and that I'll cover the expenses caused since it was my fault they were there in the first place

Caster: You're so sweet


Caster: *nervous laugh*

Dove: Back on topic, so this is how it went down

Dove's POV

"You could have waited until I got outside instead of blowing up the entrance" Dove replied back in a low voice but it was filled with brazenness as she placed her gallon of milk on a counter top.

"Hah, I'll knock her out before she can even blink!" a teen dressed in yellow spandex mixed with red markings stated as he eagerly moved back and forth in a blur to show off his enhanced speed,

They never learn do they? Dove sighed as she frosted the ground in a thin layer of ice instantly to retort against his threat, at the same time the speedster began sprinting towards her but with out traction he quickly spiraled out of control and smashed himself into a stack of DVD's

"Take her down all at once" A cyborg stated as he began firing his pistol in conjunction with a Pryokinetic's and Electrokinetic's attack, their ranged attacks of lightning,metal and fire all projected at once towards Dove but quickly became mitigated by a frost aura which operated like Dove's personal shield and it nullified the heat based attacks while the bullets shattered into snowflakes.

"Bye" Dove replied back as the air molecules around her attackers frames froze in a instant, there her three opponents remained trapped in a physical imprisonment of ice as their brain and body were put into a deep slumber from the freeze "Huh that was easy" she commented as she turned her back and felt a powerful blow strike her

"Gah!" she muttered out while stumbling forward and gave a quick 180 degree turn as her hands manifested ice claws of sorts

"Alright, who hit me?"

But no one was there, the three men were frozen and the speedster was still recovering from his crash that happened not to long ago. Dove raised her frost shield again just in time for the invisible woman who struck Dove earlier to have her arm frozen mid swing into a ice cast "I hate surreptitious fighters" the nineteen year old commented as she incapacitated the bounty hunter with two quick ice shards towards the knee caps and one would be correct to assume that scene as a grizzly and noisy scene.

"Don't worry guys I'll-" the speedster froze mid sentence as Dove's cryokinetic powers entrapped him in a icey shell whilst she walked towards the store owner "Do you accept checks?"

The store owner raised a brow "Before I answer you that, why don't you tell me why you didn't just freeze them while they were posing?", Dove pulled out the lollipop from her mouth and gave a short pause as well as smirk before replying "because, where's the challenge in that?"

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Cvbu Emilia Sinclair

No Caption Provided

The future version of Dove Sinclair, her cryokinetic combat has been mastered to such finesse that she could rival entire teams of super powered beings and defeat them all with minor effort.

Her personality had also gone through a change after various events that have yet to happen in the Cvnu, Emilia Sinclair is leagues more powerful and capable in fighting compared to her past counterpart.


Uru Sword

Nth Dress/Boots

Hell Gems (Time Gem,Power Gem)

Ice Gem

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Story of a complex relationship

No Caption Provided

Day (1) Awkward meeting at McDonalds

When a mutant girl meets one unique girl

Day (2-3?) Something stirring?

Dove talks about something she feels, the awkward mutant indeed is hiding something she knows to be true

Day (4) A battle of speed

Dove and Hope end up fighting a speedster!

(Day 5-15)

At Sigma HQ, Hope and Dove spend several days together acquiring information about the new Modern Earth before Dove surprises her friend with applications to the Academy.

Day (20-25)

After enrolling to the Academy, Dove spends a day with Hope before leaving and fighting Jackal at Expendaville but something horrible happens to Dove after she stalemates with the Maverick warrior.

She returns to the Academy scarred and as a changed person, Hope being the only one that knows what happened to her.

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Favorite RP posts (Totally Canon)

@hope_ said:

*Puts a hand over her mouth, wide eyed.* Oh no. That's not a very nice thing to say of someone. (hope has the sexual knowledge and experience of a small rock. Yay 50s).

*Pulls out lolli from her mouth and whispers a cold breath into Hope's ear* It's the good girls that they want most *places lollipop back in mouth*

@hope_ said:

But..I...I'm not a...I don't...


@team_sigma said:

No it was a unhealthy relationship, also when I said partners it wasn't in the gay way more the working together way.

@charm_caster said:

You weren't like that when I used to feel you up.


@a-pack-of-bandits said:

Waltz: Shut up

@charm_caster said:

*Teleports his pants off*

Put some pants on first.

@ryukage said:

girls do like to have fun

@charm_caster said:

Isn't that the truth! *does a little dance*

@a-pack-of-bandits said:

*Naked to the waist down"

Waltz: A real man aint afraid to show.


@team_sigma said:

My Uncle got attacked because of him,

@a-friend said:

That old naked man that lives underground and kidnaps people with no trace? Thought it was a myth.

@team_sigma said:



@a-pack-of-bandits said:

Waltz: We don't need powers to kick your asses.

@team_sigma said:

But you do need a plan

@a-pack-of-bandits said:

Waltz: eh, I guess that's true.


@maverick_6 said:


Can't take the easy way out, can you?

@team_sigma said:

The only way to go through hell is to experience it.

@ryukage said:

I like that.

I'm gonna quote that at some point.

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Sigma Team's Director

No Caption Provided

True name unknown, goes by the name of Dove Sinclair and is the supposed spawn of a metahuman and daemonette that procreated nineteen years ago. Dove Sinclair is consistently soft spoken yet other wise seems to lack honest empathy for most individuals she comes across, her only motive in life seems to be meeting her mother and acquiring untold wealth.

Dove can described mostly as a Kuudere to most people she comes in contact with but can lose her patience on the rare occasion, even rarely is her Dandere side that's only revealed when a very special someone comes into mind.


  • Omega level mutant class Cryokinesis/Frigiokinesis user

Dove's father was and is still a Beta Class Cryokinesis user and passed his X-Gene down to his daughter, normally it would be unlikely for any mutant to reach Omega level potential but this power was only made possible by the demon blood passed down by her mother which allowed Dove Sinclair to surpass her father in manipulating the cold as well as many other of her Cryokinetic peers.

Dove has seemingly no limits to her ability in not only manipulating the cold but also generating it and she also possesses knowledge on an arsenal of highly advanced ice based techniques which allow her to fight nearly anyone on equal terms due to the sheer versatility and incredible raw power.

  • Alpha Class Telepath

A added bonus to her ice based powers is her telepathic power that is unique to her since Dove's father is not a telepath, once again the demon blood provided by Dove's mother has given her very advanced telepathic powers but they are limited in comparison to her ice based one.

  • Enhanced Physical Attributes

Mutant genes and demon blood have given Dove incredible physical attributes that while not as impressive as most super humans out there would still make her several times the physical superior of a peak human, most importantly however are reaction time and endurance which can allow her to withstand injuries that would normally kill humans as well as react to others that possess enhanced speed to a certain extent.

  • Demon Blood Immunities

Due to demon blood in her body, Dove is ironically yet supernaturally blessed with various immunites such as that would effect her body had she not have it. This offers her protection from biological attacks and manipulations such as virus infections or genetic manipulation, it also protects her body from possession through intangible beings.


Sigma Team Equipment [DOCUMENT]

Onyx Armor

No Caption Provided

The material that the onyx armor Sigma soldiers wear consists of 75% Vibranium and a 25% composite of other light weight metals such as titanium or aluminum, this offers the Sigma soldiers a high resistance to both kinetic and heat based attacks yet like all things it has a weakness.

Onyx Armor has areas that are not protected by the amalgam of metal (Such as the gloves or armpits) which is due to allow tactical flexibility and not risk bogging down soldiers dexterity, the area not armored by metal is covered by a unique blend of super genetically modified spider silk that on a ounce per ounce basis makes it a thousand times stronger than steel.

The visor on Onyx armor is made out of a unique polycarbonate glass far more advanced then anything most paramilitaries use, the visor in addition to being resistant to heavy arms fire also provides a tactical HUD that is linked to the CPU on the helmet which provides moderate aim assist to Sigma Soldiers as well as motion sensors.

In total the armor weights 85 lbs and its default color is midnight black.

Sigma Fire Arms

Sigma Battle Rifle
Sigma Battle Rifle

  • Sigma BR

The Sigma BR is a Mid to Long range firearm for Sigma soldiers, it has a maximum effective range of 1,000 meters and typically fires a triple shot volley of explosive tipped rounds powerful enough to pierce through a foot of steel with casual ease.

Sigma AR
Sigma AR

  • Sigma AR

The Sigma AR is a Close to Mid range firearm for Sigma soldiers, it has a maximum effective range of 700 meters and has a fire rate of 3,000 rounds per minute. It has a magazine size of 1,000 bullets which are only capable of fitting in due to the exotic hammer space technology used in the weapons construction but most importantly is its fire power is on par with the Sigma BR.

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Sigma Team

Sigma Team is a team of individual and unique mutants formed by a powerful yet manipulative super mutant known as Atlas,

Desmond Wolf

No Caption Provided

Desmond Wolf is a powerful twenty three year old mutant that has been using his mutant powers since he was a child, born in the year nineteen ninety Fort Miami,Florida but raised in New York days after being born.

The Wolf family moved into the Bronx in the year nineteen ninety-one, Desmonds parents were both mutants just like him Mom was capable of Gas Manipulation,Gas Generation and Transmutation while Dad was capable of Vapor Manipulation,Smoke Generation and Smoke Manipulation. Desmond began to use his powers at the age of five under the guide of his mutant parents in secrecy and at the same time he befriended an ugly rock like mutant kid known as Kurt Niles

Dove Sinclair Blackwood

No Caption Provided

Dove Sinclair Blackwood is the descendant of a sub-species of human race known as the Mai who were mystically blessed by a feline god of sort, unlike the standard modern day mutants Dove has two sets of gifts the first coming from her cat like ancestors followed by her second mutations that come from being a human and not in all related to her Mai traits.

Dove was born in Gothic City in the year nineteen eighty seven, her parents were leaders of the remaining Mai civilization after the great yet secret Civil War began in September second, nineteen thirty nine. The Blackwood family led half of the Mai civilization while the other half was lead by a family known as the Redfields bu the end of World War two all the Mai's aligned to the Redfield family had been killed leaving twenty five percent of their total population left alive.

At the age of ten years Dove followed by her Mother and Father were kidnapped by a Gothic City Mafia and attempted to extort their company into paying a trillion dollars after they obliged Dove's mother was thrown into a wood chipper feet first and her father was burned alive, moments before they were going to kill Dove with a gun execution style she was saved by Mai special forces who swiftly eliminated the Mafia group known as the "Kings"

Kurt Niles

No Caption Provided

Kurt Niles was born in nineteen eight-five Bronx,New York. Kurt Niles is long time best friends of Desmond Wolf but unlike Wolf's parents they were not mutants

Rose Bay Mark



Rose Bay Mark was a meta human heroine born in nineteen sixty, she was quite a famous super hero in the eighties until she was kidnapped by an agency of the U.S government and experimented upon.