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New 52 Wonder Woman #4 0

The GoodGreat story that pulls you along from scene to scene with spectacular writing by Brian Azzarello. The fist 3 issues of the new 52 Wonder Woman were terrific but now this team is going full steam ahead. The gritty violence between Diana and Strife when Strife tries to lay hands on Zola's unborn baby in the night club is very "sin city." The Heroics and Honor of Queen Hippolyta surrendering herself to the judgement of the vengeful goddess Hera and the Amazons ready to defend their queen to...

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Im in DEEP 0

I can not get enough of this book! It's not the superhero action of the Meta Legion (although that is the stage for the story) but the personnel drama going on in the lives of these rapidly developing and deepening characters. I'm really getting drawn in to the relationship between Helen and Sovereign, it seems so real. He has a past and this hero can be a bit of a dick to women (See Issue #1, with Hayley Harper) and Helen obviously has a gruesome past, but they meet together and beyond everyone...

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Stan the Man 0

I followed Stan Lee on Twitter for about 6 months 2 or 3 years ago, that’s when I formed my firm and self evident theory that Stan Lee is bat $h!t crazy. I have skimmed some Stan Lee/Jack Kirby, seen a few interviews and tv appearances by the brigadier and who can fail to be impressed by the imagination that gave us the bulk of the Marvel Universe.That being said this is the first story arc I have ever read that was written by Stan, and my impression is; Stan Lee writes comics for kids, that mig...

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Storytelling like this is Gone With the Wind 1

I doubt anybody really needs a review of a 27 year old comic, especially since its written by Alan Moore, the best writer in the industry, and the whole run is widely accepted as literary gold in comic book circles. However, I loved this book so much this was either going to be a blog post or a review and review one out.This 2 issue story arc starts with a horrific atrocity that transpired on a Louisiana plantation in the 1840’s. Without putting too much research into this (none in fact) I don’t...

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Comic Hero Cul De Sac 2

Supurbia is a refreshing and absorbing page turner, very well drawn by Russell Dauterman and with a multifaceted story by Grace Randolph. It promotes itself as a superhero reality show like Real Housewives (Which I am not a fan of) but actually gives off more or a prime time soap vibe like Desperate Housewives or Dallas. There is a reality aspect, to the behind closed doors relationships of the superheroes and their significant others, making it more human drama than sci-fi or fantasy. Make sure...

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Its for your own good 0

I like this concept, kids can be reckless and rash they think they are invincible. I was that way and its just part of growing up. I honestly don't think Spiderman is that funny and he is not that sexy or really not that action packed but as a 16 year old with a lot of power and a lot of powerful enemies he is like a loaded weapon with the potential to get a lot of people hurt. That's what makes this ultimate spider-man interesting. There is a little coming of age drama here and if Spiderman's g...

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