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Cavewoman Timeline

This is NOT an unabridged work, there are about half a dozen one shots I have to work into here, but this is pretty much the order they were published in and the best order to read them in.

Its hard to put together a anthology on Cavewoman the Amryl website is a ABSOLUTE cluster #^%$ this is just based on the books I have found and read a lot of the dates are just based off the date cover art was signed if I couldn't locate a publication date. Some wikis and fan blogs helped but if there is anyone out there with corrections, facts, or other information PLEASE leave a comment. And Budd if you happen to happen upon this..... it would be an honor sir.

List items

  • In the beginning there was The Original Series issues 1-6 by Budd Root, this is how it all began, it started Dec '93 and finished up June '95.

    ****Cavewoman Reloaded is like the collectors edition directors cut on these books, it came out from '05 to '08 and has additional pages and art. A MUST HAVE FOR CAVE FANS****

  • Rain was an 8 issue story arc by Budd that was the follow up to the original series. Came out from '96 thru '97

  • A oneshot crossover with Explorers that came in '97 around the end of the Rain story arc. The story takes place after the events in The Original Series and before Rain.

  • 4 issue story that came out after or near the end of the Rain, the story takes place in between issues of the original series and before Rain from Oct '97 to Jun '98. It was produced by Brad Walton & Jim Schumaker while Budd was doing Rain. Its a good story but Meriem's face is drawn TOTALLY wrong.

  • Okay, a Jungle Tale is a basically a story told entirely with pictures, there is no dialog or lettering save maybe a few sound effects. Budd first did it in Rain #3 to keep on his production schedule. This one was reprinted in Cavewoman The Mature Version, with some additional art and extras. Its a light read came out January 1998

  • Early 2001

  • A 12 issue story arc spread out for almost a decade, from Aug 2001 thru Dec 2009. This series was written and drawn by Budd (with a little Devon Massey) so its a major anchor point for the whole title. Actually has about 4 Story Arc's running through it #0 Marshvilles river voyage to the Pangaea Sea, #1-3 & 5 Cavewoman is transported to NYC, #4 & 6-9 Cavewoman vs the King of the Vampires (Guest staring Dracula) and #10 & 11 Cavewoman continues through the Underworld. Also # is not really a conclusion to the arc so... still waiting for #12.

  • July thru Nov of 2002, Pangaean Sea had already started and this two issue story comes out by Devon Massey.

  • Came out Feb '03, I cant find a copy but being a Jungle Tale, I have to assume from Budds description its a picture story.

  • May '05 right in the midst of Pangaena Sea, kind of atypical of Jungle Tale cause there is actually a good deal of lettering and dialog, but its only 12 pages long.

  • Early '09, Events in Red Menace and The Hunt lead up to Snow story line.

  • Oct '10 Events in this one-shot are mentioned later in the Snow story arc.

  • Nov 2010 thru Feb 2011 this story leads into the 'Snow' story. This starts the next big story line after Pangaena Sea, its the hunting and gathering phase before a big volcano ash cloud induced storm.

  • A nipple hardeningly cold story than came out April thru October 2011.

  • 2 issue story that lead out of 'Snow' and into 'Mutation' February 2012 to March 2012

  • April and May 2012, 2 issue story of the Cavewoman.

  • The new hotness, 3 issue story that came out Aug '12 till Jan 2013.