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Not vengeful enough yet 0

TDK reviews - Acts of VengeanceReviews. I haven't reviewed in while but I have decided to get back to it. I have no idea if there is anyone left on the website who even reads reviews anymore, but I will do it for myself. I will be doing a series of reviews as I am going through more important comic books which I am reading through my spare time. Acts of Vengeance is the first one to go. Acts of Vengeance is a classic Marvel crossover which I have been meaning to go through for quite a while and...

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Was I supposed to care for this? 0

Spinning out of Final Crisis and Teen Titans came the Terror Titans. A book which no one asked for and I think no one really liked. The premise of this mini-series is supposed to be simple but it is a bit too complicated for my liking. It is a book that follows the path of a team of Teen Titans villains, newcomers to the business, who are led by the new Clock King who is trying to make a name for himself. While trying to make a new for himself he is trying to overthrow the Dark Side Club and cl...

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Is King slipping? 0

Since the start of the DC Rebirth campaign the book I have been most excited about is Batman by Tom King and David Finch. King can still be called a rookie to the comic book world but so far every single one of his stories has been well crafted and critically acclaimed. His and Seeley's Grayson run was previously the best DC Comics book and his current Marvel work, Vision's ongoing is probably the best superhero book out there. Given all of these amazing things I can say about King I was highly...

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Action movie of the year! 0

Super Heavy is coming to it's conclusion and as you may have thought it is packed with heavy action, twists and great artwork by Capullo. This is probably the second most controversial arc of Snyder's run on Batman because it has many consequences, both from this story and the previous one - Endgame. It's the last issue of Snyder and Capullo working together and even though I didn't think I would say it, I will miss this creative team mainly for the great interior artwork of Greg. Now, I'll sto...

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Trust no one 5

Tim Seeley and Tom King continue their work on Grayson by taking us deeper and deeper into the spy world with every issue. Things have changed a lot since Helena Bertinelli became the director of Spyder because it seems like we are now seeing Dick becoming more and more a spy. And as you might expect from a spy-centered book and story, there's a lot of twists and turns and moments when you cannot simply know if you can trust a certain character. Sometimes that is annoying because you want to kn...

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Monster or an innocent child? 6

The issue's story unveils more and more the true nature of Emmy and what she is destined to become. Most of the issue is centered around her and her friend Bernice trying to run away from the county's citizens who are going after Emmy because she is finally starting to become the witch she is supposed to be. We might know the truth about Emmy and the witch that died years ago, but there's still a mystery going around the whole town and Emmy's future. None of the character, or we - the readers, ...

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Is Jim a good Batman? 4

It's been two months now since Jim Gordon became Batman and he has been rocking the mantle in a few other DC books as well. He's getting more experience with every issue and is becoming more and more Batman, at least for him and his supporting cast. Things are moving on pretty quickly and now he's even getting his very own arch nemesis, for now, in the face of Mr. Bloom, who we still haven't seen. And as always, there's lots and lots of action for a book in which stars Gordon Batman.Now as I've...

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Imperfect God 4

The event continus and the story and the world of Doom unfolds itself more and more with each issue. This time around we have an examination of the dynamic between Doctor Strange and Doom. As always the creative team doesn't disappoint and crafts a beautiful story both in terms of verbal action and artistic one as well. The story contained in this issue is truly important as it is an essential character defining issue in which we learn more about Strange and how he perceives Doom and his idea.I...

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"Up is down and black is white" 4

So, it's been a few issues now since Jim Gordon became Batman. He's had his share of appearances in a few books and in all of them there's been a lot of action going on. But this and the main Batman book have been his main books in which he shall star or at least co-star in this one. Manapul and Buccellato have turned this book to the old schoold Detective Comics in which the GCPD, and more importantly Harvey Bullock, Renee Montoya and others are the stars of the show.Brian Buccellato and Franc...

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''Black Canary'' 2

Dinah Lance a.k.a Black Canary is one of the characters that after the reboot has suffered a lot. Her character seems completely erased and she is no more the one and true Black Canary that I simply adore from the pre-Flashpoint universe. However, I couldn't stop myself from reading this simply because I was interested in the direction it was going to take. So, we all know that Dinah Lance isn't the same as the pre-Flashpoint one. Her character has actually taken a turn in behavior in the New 5...

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Teen Drama NON-STOP! 0

I have been jumping on and off this title a lot throughout time but I have said that I should read it until Uncanny X-Men #600 comes out, where and when Bendis will end his run on one of the classic Marvel teams. His run has been a hit and miss from me, mainly here, in All-New X-Men. Now I will stop talking about the series as a whole and will continue on with the issue itself.Now I would like to start off with the problematic spots of the issue. As much as it is inevitable, there is too much t...

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Never again 3

So far I have been really into these Futures End tie-ins. They have all been really engaging and were a really really emtoional ride for me. I really love almost all of them but this one, after finishing it, is in a special place in my mind and heart. I really love that writer Ray Fawkes is showing to us that even after 5 years Batman still isn't over Damian's death and that he is still mad at the Heretic, and when another creature that might be him appears he goes nuts and seeks revenge ones a...

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Does something happen here?Nope 2

After the X-Men met a new mutant they all got transported to some other places immeadiately, some went to the Savage Land and others in Latveria but you would think that they would encounter Doctor Doom and dinosaurs, nope they are in the Ultimate universe. They still encountered dinosaurs but also Wolverine's son and rather than Doom himself, Doombots. But out of all of these interactions the most interesting nad important one was the Jean Grey one, she met Miles Morales and they had an interi...

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Smartest in the Room?I think not 0

Things have been unveiling themselves lately and it all seems to be part of Hush's master plan. Every single villain that has appeared and every single police officer seems to be under Hush's orders and he is doing this whole big thing to Gotham. And as every issue, we get spotlight on different Bat related characters that have something to do with everything that is happening, and this time it's Stephanie Brown.It has been a while since we last saw Stephanie because the last few issues all wer...

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Mercy 0

Last issue was one of the biggest climaxes probably ever in comic books. Jonathan Hickman made the world's brightest minds of Marvel to kill off an entire planet in order to save ours. And if this is not enough for you to observe in this issue as an aftermath then you are lucky, Hickman finally delivers us the epic confrontation between two kings who have hated each other for a long time that want to kill each other. It's Namor vs. Black Panther.Last issue was pretty dramatic and the aftermath ...

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Deafened but not defeated 0

There's been a lot of waiting for this issue and when it's finally out.....well,you can get pretty confused. A few issues behind Clint got deaf and this issue is all about that. There's almost no dialogue and when the characters try to talk with each other,well,Clint just doesn't hear them. It can be pretty confusing to understand what exactly they are trying to say and what they are doing but as long as you keep attention to their facial expressions and body language everything will be just ab...

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There is only one Sin in this book - John Lucas 2

Deadpool's been a book that has been getting my attention from time to time but nothing more than that. It has had a couple of stories that intrigued me but most of the times it has been just a book filled super dumb comedy or at least in my opinion. I've always loved Wade's humor but it seems like most writers don't write him as the nice-moronic-jokester-mercenary he is but just as an idiot who can be serious on some special occassions and even then it is nothing that serious.This time the sto...

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Rrrridle me this 0

The conclusion to Zero Year is here and as many of you know I haven't been a fan of this story arc from the beginning of it but for the last few issues things have been heating up. I mean things looked like there actually was some threat not just big talks from Snyder and in the end I really started liking his Eddie Nigma a.k.a the Riddler. He had that vibe that made him into a good villain who at the same time doesn't shine and pretend to be that big as many of the others like Two-Face,Penguin...

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Secrets,hacking and thieves 0

Peter David's All-New X-Factor has been the most interesting and compelling new title from Marvel NOW! that is comind out and even though I have missed the critically acclaimed and such a great run from all I know,his older X-Factor run,now I am trying to look at the new one who is trying to live up to the legend.The issue is starting a new arc or continuing the last one,I don't really know actually but it seems like there is actually still no arc to actually read up on.The issue itself has rea...

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Up,up and away or maybe not 5

Skyman is the new series from Dark Horse that got me interested.In the preview the book seemed alright,Fialkov was the writer of the book which is one of the things that got me hooked about it.Fialkov has actually never impressed me with anything he's written but it is always kind of fun to read it.It may not be good but it is some entertainment and you lose that free time that bores you to death but this book got some charm that seemed like it would be something more from mere entertainment bu...

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The Right Thing to Do 6

John Layman brings to us the epic conclusion to the Wrath storyline which so far has been just amazing and I have loved each bit of it.The big showdown between Batman and Wrath comes to us and it looks amazing.There is action,twists and lots of great artwork here.Jason Fabok seems to be getting Gotham and it's characters so good that he is stealing the show from Layman who currently is writting the best Batman series out there.It's not an easy job but he manages to do it.His style is so cinemat...

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Dr. Manhattan or God? 4

When the New 52 started this was one of those books that got me really excited.It wasn't because of Krul or Williams II but because of Captain Atom.He is a character that I have always been interested in after I saw him in Justice League Unlimited and this series was one of the must buys.I read it when it came out but decided to reread the whole series and do reviews for both volumes to share my thoughts.J.T.Krul has always been a mixed bag for me.Some of his work is really good and I enjoy it ...

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This is another issue from the Villains Month and I can easily say that this is probably one of the most disappointing issues so far for me.I thought Soule was a good writer but in this issue it doesn't seem like it.The whole issue seems to have no exact point and it is just Black Hand wandering around.While it is interesting to see how his powers actually work it seems like he is just another guy that can't die permanently and writers don't know what exactly to do with him rather than raising ...

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H.A.R.D Corps 2.0 0

Bloodshot is the only title I have been following from Valiant and the only one that I have tried and enjoyed a lot.I had to read Harbinger as well in the past months because of Harbinger Wars but the whole idea just wasn't in my style.But now with Harada being part of this book and being the actual villain I will have to settle down and just take things normally.Christos Gage is a really good writer whose work I have enjoyed a lot and I thought that this is a gread addition to the creative tea...

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The Demon 0

This is the third week of the Villains Month and almost not a single title has managed to impress me enough to the point where I can say that I love everything in the issue.This issue seemed pretty interesting after what is currently happening with the characters that are surrounding Ra's and it is even writen by Peter Tomasi which is another plus.So I asked myself,can Tomasi make the perfect Villains Month issue?And the answer still isn't yes but this issue so far is the only one that is close...

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Clark Kent and the Superman we know is Dead! 0

Injustice Gods Among Us is the only digital comic I am actually following but I am not enjoying it enough but this issue was the only one that I was really looking forward to because after last issue's cliffhanger I couldn't hold myself at all.I was looking forward it but I still managed to forget that it is tuesday and it is coming out but when I reminded myself I got anxious right away.The series' best weapon are the surprises and this issue has the best surprise ever for me that I will not r...

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Not the Harley I know 8

So this Villains Month issue is like every other Villains Month issue so far.It focuses on recent events concerning the characters they are about,like what they are doing after the Cryme Syndicate of America took over or what they were doing before that and witnessed it happening and their past and what is driving them to be the villains they are today.And this issue is delivered to us by a great writer that I love and have a lot of respect to him but he just messed up this issue really bad.The...

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You Love the Cold 4

So this is one of the Villains Month issues that I was really looking forward of and after reading it I can say that I wasn't disappointed at all.I was excited for it even more when I learned that Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti will be writting it.The issue focuses on the current status of Mr. Freeze and on his past.What drives and what makes him to be the man he is today.His origin is changed and so far in the New 52 I have mixed feeling about it.I mean I have always loved Freeze and he is on...

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New Darkness 7

This is probably the Villains Month issue that I was most excited about.I really wanted to see what else the writers have to offer us and especially Greg Pak who so far in the New 52 has done a great job with the Batman/Superman book which actually includes Darkseid and Kaiyo who actually appears in this issue also.So this issue mainly follows Darkseid's parth.From a nobody to a God of Evil.It's basically his origin story after which we get what Darkseid does.I think that the origing story of D...

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The Green Kingdom 10

So the issue follows up the recent activities of Poison Ivy as well as her origin story that is brought to us via flashbacks.The story manages to expand itself enough for us readers to understand everything about her and care for the issue itself.The flashbacks of her origin story were really well done in my opinion.It looks great and along with the artwork of Javier Pina things are looking brilliant.I really like her flashback even though that almost every single origin story of a villain this...

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We're not afraid to Die 0

Infinity has been building itself up from so long and Hickman has put a lot of efforts to make a good memorable event.And in this issue things seem to be really going on.I wasn's a big fan of the prologues so far and the whole build up even though I wanted to like the event because of the Thanos involvement.So far he doesn't seem to appear that much even though his part of this event is probably the biggest of them all and the one that I care the most.The Inhumans part of the issue was probably...

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We didn't need this! 0

Since the New 52 I had high hopes for the Joker but Snyder simply wrote him as nothing good and something I didn't like.But with this Villains Month issue I was really interested in the direction of the story and the issue.This is one of the issues I am looking most forward to because it's about the Joker,that's everything I want and need.The story is more wacky than usual.It's about hot the Joker took a gorilla from the zoo and raised it like his own son because he had a terrible childhood.Tha...

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Serious Deadpool......I'M IN 0

Duggan and Posehn's Deadpool run for me was similiar to Way's ruN,there were almost no serious moments in which you can just enjoy the story for being a good story rather than being like a cheap comedy movie that you just laugh at because of the dumb jokes.And when I heard that this storyline would be more serious and will have Shalvey as the artist I was all in.Deadpool has been through some changes I saw that I don't know about but that wasn't a problem because Duggan and Posehn repeat some t...

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Hope 0

Since Justin Jordan jumped on this book this has became my favorite Lantern book out there.The way he handles the characters is just unique and this actually feels like a real threat and not like the First Lantern who felt like such only in the end.Relic looks as a really cool villain and so far what we have seen from him I like him just too much.He of course is like any else Lantern villain,an old almost omnipotent being that has some hate for the Guardians and the Rings and wants to destroy a...

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Same old Slott 4

Smythe vs. SpOck in this issue and Slott continues to do what only he,I belive,likes and just writes what he feels like is interesting.The book lost me long time ago but I just keep buying it because I still have some hope that sometime later on Peter Parker will come back and it will be in this book.I started hating Slott because he is a douche and this book just keeps proving to me and all other Spider-Man fans that he just screws with the character and ruing everything about him.In this issu...

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I have mixed feeling about Justic Jordan's work but I had high expectations about this issue and it was worth it.Jordan manages to jump quickly into the things how are and where Kyle is and introduces something new quite fast.I like his take on Kyle,he is not that good boy scout that he was and he has his own point of view about the Guardians and he should.He looks like a man and he sure fights like one.Space SHarks!A big reason why you should love this issue.This was just amazingly funny and I...

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Like Age of Ultron 3

This is one of the few Age of Ultron tie-ins that we are getting for now and this also like Age of Ultron and the Fantastic Four tie-in it was no good.The story just feels not in place and even though the fact that even Gage understands and writes a better Spock the book is still no good for the readers.From the start I was really confused.We see how Spider-Man is just walking around NYC seeing all of the destruction and just ends up in the heroes hideout where things get even more confusing.It...

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Not the King they need 4

Throne of Atlantis is over and even though it had some really awesome splash pages it was average and didn't serve almost no purpose for it to be that big.It didn't affect the League that much and it was for Arthur only.He became the king and so far,for these two issues that have passed the Atlanteans are bowing before their king but they aren't taking him that serious.After Arthur became the king of Atlantis somehow the stories just became cliche and didn't have that good feel as the last issu...

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The Origin of a Butcher 0

The second arc is here and it starts now.It continues with the new villain Gorr and this may be a let down for some big Thor fans because in the issue he doesn't appear at all.We have came to the moment where Jason Aaron is telling us the origin of this blood thirsty villain that is a God Butcher and it should turn out good because it's always good to know what is driving the villain to his acts.We travel back when Gorr was a kid and almost like every psycho in comic books or a supervillain he h...

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So is this the new Robin? 4

Damian died.Almost everybody knows that already and this issue serves as a requiem issue in honor of Damian.But we kind of get another perspective of things.We get to see how things have been since the death of Damian thorugh Harper Row's eyes and how she things should be.The last time we saw her it was in #12 where we were kind of introduced to her character.Then we saw what she were,what she was fighting for and how she will affect Batman's life.She looked like an average character that if she...

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