What to read next?

Hey guys! So this may not be the most interesting thread ever but I've gotta ask. So I'm at a big crossroad here and I cannot decide what exactly I should read next. I am doing rereads of the appearances of my favorite characters and right now I am at Spider-Man but I have the urge to read some of the work of my favorite writers as well, such as: Morrison, Aaron, Remender, Ellis and etc. but most of the things that I want to read from them are their runs on big Marvel/DC characters. I am really confused right now because if I read their runs then that means that I will be reading those characters' appearances that are somewhere around the middle of their history and I really want to know what has happened before that.

So my main question is, which one of these books I should read next:

  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • Jason Aaron's Wolverine run
  • Scalped
  • Jason Aaron's PunisherMAX
  • Flex Mentallo
  • Grant Morrison's Animal Man
  • Transmetropolitan
  • Planetary
  • Remender's Venom
  • Fear Agent

Need some advice

Hey, guys! So, what I am about to ask you about is something that has been on my mind for quite some time. It's sending a pitch to a comic book publisher. Yes,yes, I know that's something that I am probably too young to do but I have to try... I want to try. All my life I've wanted to become a comic book writer and now finally, I have the guts to do it.

What I want to ask you about is if you guys think that I should risk it and try it out and send a pitch, and if you think that I should which publisher should be my first choice? I have a few ideas that I will work on and one of those shall be sent. All of them are pretty action-packed but with a big horror, thriller vibe with them. One of them is more phylosophical but the other two have a straight forward script that's not hard to understand.

So I'm ready to see your thoughts and to see what you guys think.


Filth - TDK's Review

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Well, this movie's name explains the movie perfectly. Now some of you may not even know that this movie exists but you will now and in the end of this review you will want to watch it really badly. This is not your typical crime movie or your typical comedy movie, or even your typical drama. It's something really strange but in the same time amazingly interesting and well done. The movie is based on a novel by Irvine Welsh with the exact same name and now that I've watched the movie twice in two days, I really want to buy the book and read it.

The movie has, I guess only one star actor in the face of James McAvoy, everybody else that takes part of this project isn't that well known in my eyes. But for my pleasure and everyone else's pleasure, those actors are just amazing with their play and perfect for their roles. I had a lot of great laughs with them and even a couple of really terrifyingly sad moments. I am a big fan of McAvoy and I was excited to see him play in this movie and GODDAMIT - he was awesome. The guy's performance in this movie was not ust perfect but godlike. He played a pervert, alocoholic, drug addict cop who wants to get a promotion but in the end everything turns out badly for him - he becomes even a bigged drug addict, he starts to have anger issues, becomes a schizophrenic and develops a bipolar disorder. Things aren't looking good for the character and the same can be told for McAvoy.

The movie starts out as a really f**ked up comedy with a really big amount of adult humor which is just hilarious. You can laugh from your heart and have a great time even if you are with friends. But with time you may start asking yourself where the movie is going because it seems like it;s just going around in circles so you can have a fun time with Detective Bruce but at some point things take a hard turn for him. We transition from a really fun comedy to a really, really touching and sad drama. That transition isn't rushed or pushed by the directors but it seems even natural and we just get to the serious part of the movie.

I really can't say more than that because I will be spoiling a lot for you guys. All I have left to say is that this movie will might even make you cry and you will think about a lot of stuff. Right now I am going through a hard time and it seems like the movie has the right vibe and plot that suits my current condition and emotions. It seems like I might turn out like this guy if I don't change a few things and maybe that touched me the way it did but this movie is making a great impression me and with the great play of McAvoy this is easily one of my all-time favorites. It is really sad that this movie doesn't get the recognition it deserves and it is probably that way because it is a European movie and that kind of movies never gets enough respect and love.

My only gripe with this movie is that it ended too quickly. I wanted it to be longer because I really wanted to see more from the character because I fell in love with him and hist story. I really want to know if there will be a second part because there is a sequel to the book.

Overall, the movie is a great mix of a fun and non-engaging flick and a really rough and hard drama that will rock your world in many ways. The cast is perfect and in the end of this movie you will love James McAvoy even more than before. He doesn't make any mistakes in the movie and the way he plays a damaged cop who seeks love from his ex-wife is perfect. I really want to know what you guys think about the movie if you've watched it and if you haven't ..... just watch it!

Rate : 9/10


Wonder Woman #35 - the end of Azzarello's run.

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There was a long wait from us, Azzarello fans, to see what he has in mind for the end of his run. He has been building up the whole Wonder Woman mythology since the start of the New 52 and he delivered something fresh and new. A new Wonder WOman that was finally working and her stories weren't mediocre and non important. And all of that happened thanks to one man - Brian Azzarello.

I really love what he has been doing with Diana and her whole supporting cast. I was really sad when I heard that he will be ending his run with issue 35 but I was really curious what will happen in the last few issues. He didn;t disappoint me, the last few issues were full of action and great characterizations for certain characters. I loved everything that has happened and I was eager to read everything about this issue.


  • I have to say I really expected something groundbreaking and interesting to happen in the end or at least in the middle of the issue but I most definitely did not expect Zeke to be the new representation of Zeus. That was something that I was surprised to see but I liked it. It was something that managed to surprise me and shock me and also it does seem logical of why every single god, almost, wanted that child and to murder Zola.
  • Another interesting thing was that Athena had possesed Zola and was a key character for the future of Zola and Zeke as well.
  • The best thing however was the way Azzarello handled Wonder WOman in this issue. Every single issue we were witnessess of why she was such a respected warrior and why she was loved by so many people but here, here, we really witnessed her true character. She rose up almost from the dead because she needed to protect those were close to her and she did it because the power of love and compassion is always victorious and she has lots of them. Azzarello really managed to make her the strong female character she is and deserves to be without sexualizing her too much.


As much as I loved the conclusion of Azz's run there was something that disappointed me way too much. I really wanted to see a bigger and way more impactful battle between the First Born and Wonder Woman. It's not that we weren't witnesses of something big but it just wasn't that what I was expecting. To say with a fewer words - it was a lackluster battle. For all of the hype and big talk of the First Born and everything that he did in the last few issues I thought the brawl between him and Dina would've been bigger and would've lasted longer but it just wasn't like that.

I need to summarise things and say that I enjoyed the issue but I just wanted more from this conclusion of such a big run. I think that Azzarello could;ve done better and he should have done it because now I am left with a bad taste in my mouth. I wanted to love the end but I just couldn't. I wanted more, I wanted something with a bigger impact but in the end it was just a cliche end in which the good guy always wins and "they live happily ever after".

Bad move Azzarello!

Rating: 6.5/10

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TDK's Horror Reviews: Return of the Living Dead 3 (1993)

So this is yet another review of a horror movie from me and I continue the franchise and I will review Return of the Living Dead 3.It's the last movie from the franchise and since it started out well and the second part was so bad,the third part is for me the best of the three.

The story is simple,it is even a romance.A boy and a girl fall in love.The boy's father is an army man and he gets fired from his job and they are transfered to Oklahoma but the boy doesn't want to go because he loves his girlfriend,so they run away.While on the road with the motorcycle the girl distracts the guy and he loses control.So they fall and she dies.The boy is heart broken and since earlier they saw the army project where they resurrect dead people he tries to do that and things get out of control.

The thing that works out the best in this movie is that the director doesn't try to make this a comedy horror but he just goes for gore horror and things play out perfectly.After watching this movie I remembered why when I was little I was so freaked out of it.The movie is sick and it really makes zombies something you should fear.They cannot be stopped and they are looking disgusting and really creepy.The effects and make up are amazing and the man eating creatures look like the most menacing thing you can imagine.

The play of the actors is almost too good for a horror movie and the movie apart from having some small flaws in the plot it is almost brilliant.The actors do a great job and the two leading actors make this like one of the best romantic stories ever.Even though it is disgusting and she is eating people. :P

The zombies are the best thing here.They are the most awesome thing.It's a big joy for me to watch them wander around looking for food and when they find somebody to eat it is scary and it just makes you want to look back.

The movie is one of my favorite ones from the zombie franchise and it made a comedy horror franchise that was almost garbage look awesome and end with a bang.This is one of the most frightening movies I have ever seen and it is a must watch for every horror fan.Even though it doesn't have high rates on websites like IMDB and that is part of a bad comedy franchise it plays out almost perfectly like a stand alone horror flick.Every zombie fan should see it.


Rate: 7.4/10


TDK's Horror Reviews: Return of the Living Dead(1985)

So yesterday I thought it would be great if I make a segment like this in which I review horror movies that I have seen.I am a big horror fan and I have seen many reviews over the years and I thought why not.So from now on I will review horror classics,modern horrors and maybe sometime some horor games.We'll see.

So the first movie of this segment will be a zombie classic - The Return of the Living Dead.Since I was little I always refused to watch zombie movies because I was never really interested into the whole thing.But since I watched The Walking Dead I started slowly to love the zombies and the whole genre.And then I remembered that when I was a kid I watched the third part of this movie and got really scared.So I thought I should watch the whole series and give my opinion on them.

So this is a basic zombie movie.It starts with a guy starting to work in a storehouse and he is learning the basics of the job.And his tutor tells him about real life zombies being stored in the basement which are actually the things from another horror classic - Night of the Living Dead.And so they act stupid,go downstairs and see the things and of course they do a stupid thing and hit the barrels the zombies are in.And some strange gas is released and they get knocked down.Later on the guy's friends go to take him to a party and they caught in the middle of the whole thing because of the gas that is released all of the zombies in the cemetery next to them rise up.And that's where everything begins.

This is supposed to be a commedy horror and in the beginning it is something like that.The whole reason about the rise of the dead is stupid and it is normal in a horror movie.There is always that fool that gets everything into action in a horror flick.This actually plays out perfectly with the actors.They are not some really famous guys that everyone knows but they do a good job.They act really paranoid and who wouldn't be when they see the dead rise from the grave.Sometimes they were exagerating and it was annoying with all of the forced screaming but maybe that's how they do it.My absolute favorite character here was Spider.And the actor that played him was that black guy I really like as an actor but I can't get to memorize his name.He did the most brilliant job of the bunch of guys that were in this and he deserves the most respect.

And I am coming to the most important part,the zombies.Were they frightening - maybe.Were they good - for me no.In this movie there were those kinds of zombies which I don't like.The zombies that non stop are saying 'BRAIIINSS!' and that word was said too many times in this movie.Because of that phrase I have hated zombie movies my whole life.I want the zombies to be silent and frightening,not mindless idiots that yell non stop what they want to eat.I get it,they eat brains.Also I don't know why but like 95% of the zombies that came from the cemetery looked like they have died like 2 weeks ago and that cemetery looked abandoned for years.Almost none of them had lost shape and looked like dirty,sick people.I don't have a particular problem with that but I found it strange.

The strangest and worst moment for me in the movie was when the paramedics were being eaten by the zombies.And whenever the zombies had already ate them,they went into the ambulance and ordered more and later that happened with the police officers also.It looked like they were in a restaurant and were just ordering more and more meals because their hunger wasn't going away.I didn't get the part why they were so smart.I know that they were reanimated people and not actually zombies but still if you die I don't think that you will be intelligent enough to construct a right sentence.

The thing I liked the most was that even if you damaged enough the brain the zombies weren't dying.And that was because they were reanimated and even if you cut their arm the arm would still function on it's own.That thing was brilliant for me and was adding more for the suspense.In a moment like that if you are locked into a cemetery which is overrun by zombies and there is now way you can stop them you should just kill yourself.That was the thing that worked as a turning point for me and made this better than it was and made it a pretty good horror movie.

In the end I should say that this could have been better if they hadn't tried to make it a comedy also and just went with horror only.The movie would have worked way better and would have been way more frightening.They went the right way with the movie but made the horrible mistake and made the zombies say 'BRAINSSS!' non stop.And so this is it.I liked the movie but had some small problems that bugged me a little but I really want to see the next parts of the series.

RATING : 6.5/10


DC Re-Imagined:Cyborg #4

DC Re-Imagined:Cyborg #4

First Encounters Part 4

Cyborg (thoughts) : So it looks like my superhero adventures are going to end. It’s so sad,I just became something meaningful and this stupid robot is going to take the life of me and thousands of people. But if it were only for my life I would let it happen but there are innocent people’s lifes at stake, I can’t let this happen.

As he said those words in his mind he tried shooting at Red Tornado with those ray guns that he was using through the whole fight with Red and those robotic minions. But when the shot got finally near Red Tornado it was blocked. Victor saw that there was an invisible force field around Red Tornado’s body and he just ran out of ideas. But he remembered that most of the times the computer was taking over control.

Computer(talking in Vic’s mind): I can make something out of this.

Cyborg: What? How are you even talking?

Computer: I am an artificial intelligence. Did you forget?

Cyborg: Oh yeah. I am under pressure. It’s not easy to think at moments like this. What can you do?

Computer: Just follow my lead.

Victor let his body under the computer’s control. He could feel the nanites rushing through his blood. It was like a hot stream of water on his skin but this one was in his body. It was hot,a little bit of painful but it had to be done.

As the computer took full control, Victor heard that there were only 45 seconds until self destruction. The computer didn’t have much time to think things through but he had an idea. He went next to the destroyed bodies of the robotic minions and he just touched one part of them. After that he just went backwards. It was like the creation of a robot in fast forward. The nanites were bringing life back to the bodies of the minions.

Victor had full control over them.

Cyborg: How did you do it?

Computer : I just put part of the nanites in their parts,and then just injected through them electricity and put life back into them. Now we can fully control them. Watch!

It looked like Cyborg wasn’t doing almost anything but in his brain there were highly difficult operations going on. He had to go past the defenses that were put around the robotic parts and with that he was learning more for their creation and their creator. He was close to find out if it was this the doing of a human.

The robotic minion of Cyborg was fully operating and they were having just twenty seconds until the explosion. The minion went on almost 350 kilometres per hour,he grabbed the force field and then at the same speed he flew off the building. Outside the building it was full with people and police officers,ambulance and firefighters. The minion was almost at 1000 metres height when the explosion happened. The wave from the explosion hit some skyscraper but the damage wasn’t big.

Everyone was looking up,everyone saw the explosion. It was massive.When Cyborg went out everyone started staring at him. He thought they will take him as a hero,but instead the cops put their guns up and the people that were around started throwing everything they had at him.

Cyborg(surprised): Why are you doing this? I saved you all? I was the hero here?

NYPD: Did you see that explosion? If that was here it would have killed everyone in the neighbourhood. What if that robot didn’t make it? We would have died. But you don’t care about that because you are a superhero,and you can’t die. Now put your hands up and behind your head and get on the ground.

This was a situation that Victor almost definitely didn’t expect. And so did his father who was watching what was happening in front of Archer Tower.


As Despero was walking through the halls of his ship he opened the door that he needed,the laboratory of Morrow and Ivo. There were five robotic guards around them and in the middle of the room it was a big table for surgeries where they were creating their next masterpiece. Despero thought of the name Amazo while they were considering what to do next.

He was there to tell them what happened with their last creation,Red Tornado who had been just destroyed by their current enemy.

Despero: I am here to tell you that Tornado was destroyed.

T.O Morrow:What? How?

Despero: He put the self-destruction on and it appeared that Cyborg had a plan. He threw him into space with our minions and they both died there. I want this Amazo to be almost on par with me.

Ivo: Yes. He has the ability to copy powers after he examines his enemy.

Despero: Good. When will he be ready?

Ivo: Withing 10 hours he should be ready.

Despero: Work faster. I need him after 3 hours max. As for now release the Warriors and send them to Earth with the objective to save Cyborg from those earthlings.

The gates of the ship opened and thousands of robots came out of it. They were all black and grey. Their eyes were glowing red and were moving really fast. They were all saying three words….

ROBOTS: Contain and Kill!



DC Re-Imagined:Cyborg #3

DC Re-Imagined:Cyborg #3

First Encounters Part 3

News Reporter: WE ARE LIVE FROM ARCHER TOWER! We are here to broadcast to all of you because Mr. William Archer is being attacked by not that common threat…..ROBOTS! Who would’ve expected that robots could attack us. We have seen footage from Metropolis and that Superman of theirs but this is the real thing. Thanks to the brave young man in there Mr. Archer is still alive and….. Ladies and Gentlemen there he is.

As the news reporter said that William Archer (a tall blonde man in a black Armani suit) and Cyborg came out of the building flying from the hit of Red Tornado’s tornado. William Archer was covered by Cyborg’s body that hit a car and broke it. The front left door of the car was broken because of the impact but it looked like Victor didn’t felt a thing. He stood up, left Mr. Archer to the police officers and went as fast as he could inside of the building again.

Cyborg: Mr. Archer you are now in safe hands. I am going inside to clear things out.

As he was on the way to the entry of the building he started thinking about what was happening with him and how were things moving now for him.

Cyborg(thoughts): It feels so unreal. It feels impossible and it is. I am fighting robots and growing guns out of my hands. I am not doing it. It’s like I don’t have control over my body. The computer moves and it dictates my attacks and counter-attacks. It feels like he’s going to take over my mind but it is just so awesome!


An alien spaceship floating in space. The headquarters of the guy that is controlling T.O Morrow. The place where he stays and operates is like a throne room. There’s a big chair in the middle of the room that is supposed to be him throne or something like that.

T.O Morrow falls to the ground as the robotic guards bring him to their master. Morrow gets up,it can easily be seen that he has bruises on his face and he hasn’t taken a shower for at least one month. He has been crying. As he gets ready to say what he needs to say,the master of the ship gets up and his face is revealed………Despero.

Despero(mockingly): So how is it going doctor? The footage holds clues that your minion isn’t doing well.

The doctor starts crying and gets on his knees and starts talking in a rush.

T.O Morrow: Please! Don’t get in my mind again! I’ll do another one.

Despero grabs the doctor’s hand,picks him up and starts staring at him.

Despero: I thought you promised me that you’ll deliver me Earth’s champion. But for that to happen your android needs to do better than he is doing. You don’t want me to give you another boost,right?

T.O Morrow: Yes,of course not. I will do my best and make another minion of yours.

Despero puts him down and calls the guards.

Despero: From now on you won’t be working alone. Your new colleague will be Professor Ivo. I studied him and I have seen his work. You two can make the creature that will bring me the biggest joy of my life. To take this world of yours as well.


Cyborg shoots at Red Tornado who is flying around and dodging the blasts. Tornado is a good match but even though the lack of experience of Cyborg he could do it fairly easily. Red Tornado’s abilities were low and he was almost slow as a snail.

Cyborg(thoughts): Why is that guy so silent? He hasn’t said a word since the start of the fight. It looks strange and a bit creepy. He’s an android but even robots talk.

After he finished his sentence in his mind, Red Tornado made a counter attack with one of his tornado attacks and put Victor away. He fell to the ground and started rolling because the blast was pretty strong. And after he went up Red Tornado said his first words.

Red Tornado: Self destruction in process. Range of explosion five kilometres…….



DC Re-Imagined:Cyborg #2

DC Re-Imagined:Cyborg #2

First Encounters Part 2

Silas was watching his son for a while.The light went out and it was for the worse.The lab was nearly destroyed from the rays but it seemed like they didn't affect at all Silas.Victor was standing there,smiling and looking at himself.But after the awkward silence that came after it,Victor got his father back on feet.

Victor:What's wrong?Aren't you happy?

Silas:Of course I am son.You got out of the crazy experiment without a scratch.

Victor:I upgraded myself dad.I can sense every computer in the world.I am a living computer.Can you imagine all of the possibilities that will come.

Silas:But you will never have a normal life.Victor I am still thinking about you and your life after this night.

Victor:Please don't call me Victor anymore.I have always hated the name you and mom chose for me.I think that it's time to start calling myself Cyborg.

Silas went silent again.He couldn't recognize his son.He expected that to happen with the time passing but things were moving on too fast.He was ashamed of him.Before the accident with his mother he wanted to become a scientist but after his mother died he felt his son slipping away.Victor was closing himself more and more with the time and after he went to college he got sick of the idea of a half human/half machine body.

Silas:You are already slipping away from your humanity.

Cyborg:Yeah,yeah we'll talk about it later.Now I have to go and test my powers.

Cyborg hacked into the broken door lock,openned it and left the laboratory.He had heard from the NYC Police briefing that there is a superpowered attack over one of the richest men in New York.The guy was calling himself Red Tornado.Silas was left in the lab.He tried to rethink everything that hapenned but it was too much for him to consume.It was heartbreaking and amazing in the same way.Victor had changed for the worse and he couldn't do a thing about it.

Cyborg arrived at the crime scene.The building was barricaded by the police but they couldn't go inside because of the smaller drones that Tornado had brought with him.

Cyborg:Good day officers!What's hapenning here?

Police Officer:William Archer was attacked by this robot calling himself the Red Tornado.It looks like a kidnapping attempt.

Cyborg:Thanks for the information.I'm going in.

Police Officer 1:Who the hell was that guy?

Police Officer 2:No idea.

As Victor entered the building he saw a real mess.Everything was destroyed and there were dead bodies everywhere.The drones weren't anything special.Just normal robots with enchanced skills.He could examine them in a few seconds,he knew where were their weak points and what he needed to destroy them.

Cyborg(thoughts):Okay,here goes nothing.I just have to grow a pair of ray guns out of my hands......WOW!It sounds stranger than I thought it would.

As he was growing the weapon the drones had spotted him already.They attacked.There were like 15 of them but it looked like they were far more to Victor.

Drones:Save Red Tornado.Kill all threats.

Cyborg reacted quite fast.One layed a hit on him but it wasn't enough to knock him off.He shot for the first time in his life with the gun that he had gowned.It went through one of the drones and zapped two more down the road.Victor felt the confidence coming inside him.The real showdown had just begun.They were all attacking but the computer in his brain was predicting each move and was making Victor's body dodge everything.He felt incredible.He felt like that guy from Metropolis and like a real hero.

Cyborg(thoughts):WOW!This feels fantastic.To know what is going to happen next,predict everything and to able to counter attack.I should've done this earlier.

As he destroyed the last of the drones he called the officers from outside and told them that everything is al;right and they may enter.He saw the secret entrance behind the walls.That was the entrance to Archer's real office.But it was locked from a high-tech safe that wasn't broken.It was strange.

Cyborg(thoughts):This is strange.I thought that the Red Tornado was in.Doesn't matter.Let's open the safe.

As he was breaching in a body fazed through the wall behind him and got ready to attack.It was the Red Tornado.



?(a rough voice,alien):Good job professor!Your anroid is doing quite well!I might spare your life if you find Earth's champion.

T.O Morrow:Yes,please!I can't recognize this one but he looks like a good opponent for you.That Superman guy wasn't that impressive.

?:We'll see.....

TO BE CONTINUED....................................................................................


Batman #17 - What I think

This is the last issue we get from the Death of the Family and it is supposed to wrap everything up and just give us the big conclusion.Even though that Scott Snyder hasn't been that original in his run on Batman his stories were good and were keeping my attention on the book.It quickly became one of my favorite and after I heard that he will be bringing up the Joker I got really excited and what he was saying was supposed to be epic and with the first issue everything started out in a perfect way.It felt dark,creepy and a little bit of a mystery behind everything.I got really excited with last issue and the silver plate was keeping the suspense on and it got me going through many suggestions.I was ready for the epic conclusion and to see what is the Joker hiding from us and what was he planning and the page where he revealed to Bruce what he did kept me reading with even more joy.

That was the big thing that could actually happen but we soon learnt that it all was a big bluff and the Joker was just joking the whole time.It killed my joy for the issue and I had to say that this was Snyder's weakest issue ever.He disappointed me.All of the big talk and in the end he didn't have the guts to do anything big enough to affect the real Batman readers except the new ones.It was all like a lie and it hurt me down.Even though that I expected that Alfred was all right and I wanted him to be alive I was really disappointed by the fact that he wasn't even hurt.He was just under the Joker Venom and was just acting crazy.

Snyder just killed the respect I had for him by making this issue and the fact that he didn't have the guts to do a big thing with the character of the Joker along the other Bat-relatives was a weak doing and it would have been better if he haven't said all of those big words in the interviews.I at least hope that next arcs shall be better and I will again gain respect for him.

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