My Psylocke Fanfiction.

I just posted my Psylocke 4 part fan fiction here for the first time. The art is all mine. Probably not everyones cup of tea, but it's my style.

I usually post them to I hope whoever reads them enjoys the tales for what they are.

What they are is the original Betsy Braddock of Earth 42356. On my world I created for her. Just remember, here she is not a ninja.

- Psylocke of Earths 42356 has much of the same adventures as her 616 counterpart, except for a few Key differences. Many of the events in the issues occur as they did in 616, but with minor differences. Some of what happened in those issues still happened, just differently.

Issue histories will begin at New Mutants annual #2.

* She has Psychometry rather than Precognition, and can control it.

* She never killed Kaptain Briton, instead shut his mind down for a time.

* She never joined STRIKE, but assisted and learned from them.

* She never became Captain Briton, instead she became Lady Briton, and briefly worked alongside her brother until becoming injured.

* She never lost her eye's and was still kidnapped by Mojo and Spiral.

* Her powers shifted more towards information gathering than combat.

Comments welcome, let me know what you think pro or con. Likes and Dislikes.

I'll probably post the other short stories here also. My Psylocke adventures are more Investigative, Golden Age style tales. Lots of Sleuthing, peril, cliffhangers, etc. That time Is one I appreciate alot. Especially telling a good story in 4-6 pages. So I hope people enjoy and here are all the links to them. Here on Comicvine and


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Part 2 --

Part 3 --

Part 4 --

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Why I don't draw or CG an Asian/Eurasian Psylocke!

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Recently on Deviant art I did a new rendition of Psylocke in the form I prefer her in. I've alot of followers on DA since I tend to draw/digitally create adult erotic works. But with the positive feedback i've gotten over the Armoured Betsy I did. I've even gotten a few here also.

I've gotten alot more in the inbox, on how come I don't draw her current look.

It's simple I HIGHLY Dislike it. I'm getting over the dislike, and going more into an acceptance of the status qou thing now.

I grew up in the late 70's and the 80's. I remember the day I first saw her in a comic book. It was Uncanny X-men 213. Sitting on the front stoop of my Friend Jame's porch in philly. It was comic swap Saturday, in the early fall.

Brett Caprice swapped X-men mags for some old Flash titles to James. I swapped some Iron Man, and Powerman & Iron fist for the just swapped Flash titles. Then we just thumbed through each others books.

I got to X-men 213. First thing when you open it is this intense image of Psylocke's face, with her name flashed at the bottom. I was hooked immediately. Back then I read the X-men primarily for Night Crawler, Kitty Pryde, and Wolverine (back when he was actually cool!)

This was during the mutant massacre so I was Intrigued. I read it, and instantly fell in love with this woman, who I thought was actually a native American, due to the tan she had in the books then. I was captivated by this stranger who was like Charles Xavier, and Jean Grey, both of whom were currently absent.

This giant bloke named Sabretooth was trying to kill the patients in the med center, yet this woman was leading him away, after she struck him with this thing called a "Psychoblast?" WTH was that? No Telepath ever used a "Psychoblast" before. She led him on a good chase but her wounds, from a previous issue I missed. She grabbed a knife, but had no clue how to use it, she kept trying her mental attacks, but was just to hurt to do much more. Then Storm and Wolverine saved her, and beat up toothy guy. BUT the Purple haired chick, pulled out a TON of useful info from his head, and due to her bravery on saving the patients got a spot on the X-men, in this glorious pink, puffy sleeved, non combat supersuit. I was like , WOW, Hot, Brave, and stylish ( it was the 80's)

I gave it back to him and then we went to play. 2 weeks later I couldn't get that out of my head, So I brought the issue from James.

I then went and purchased all I could on the issues before and after. This Psylocke woman was amazing. British Telepath, with her Brother being Captain Britain, some bloke I gave two shits about. BUT she was related to him. I followed her adventures over the years, and marveled at this woman who people downplayed, because she seemed weak in her pink suit, yet consistently took on X-foes by herself. I mean She took on Juggernaut and actually hurt him, then NAILED him at the books end. Fall of the mutants she took on FOUR members of Freedom Force solo. So much awesomeness.

Then later she got this kick ass suit of armour so she could get her wish and be on the mid to front line of combat. I loved how this fragile woman made the X-mens foes consistently regret fighting them. Then Marvel did something stupid.. At first I thought it was cool. There was this storyline called Acts of Vengeance running through all marvel books. It was basically The enemies of other heroes would fight other heroes for some stupid reason. So The Mandarin got to go against the remnants of the X-men. Psylocke was captured, and remade into an asian woman to become a Psychic assasin, I thought it was cool. Chris Claremont ran the story, and intended to undo the changes he made to Psylocke, turning her back into a Caucasian woman. Then he left Marvel.....

Jim Lee got his mitts on the books after Marc Silvestri left, and then Scott Lobdell became interim writer, He was supposed to switch her back. Then the new Writer Fabian Nicienza, did something stupid. he didn't read the X-books where Psylocke got changed. So this idiot introduced the idea that her body got swapped ( and it's stuck for 20 years). I was cool with it at first. Jim Lee's art amazed me, like it did everyone. But i noticed Psylocke.. this new one, never actually did anything in the books. She posed, stuck her butt out, and did things completely out of character. Eventually she fell into the "BAD GIRL" era, and went downhill from there. Yes I know I do erotic work, but my stuff was intended to be that way. Psylocke in essence became a whole new person.

Instead of giving Asian Americans and comic readers an ACTUAL Character from Japan, China, or elsewhere. They stuck a white girl in a faux asian body. Then all of a sudden for nearly 5 years she forgot she was British at all. Until the complaints pored into Marvel. But the damage was done. From TV, to Video games, etc. She got stuck in a thong to Pre-pubescent teen boys, and became sexual liberation to girls and asian girls especially. They had their character. I tried and tried to like her.. but I couldn't do it. SO I stopped reading Marvel comics until the X-men Revolution era. Where she got pants, and a seeming personality again. Alas this was under Claremont.. soon as he left, they stuck her back in the thong, then promptly killed her.

While cool, writers had no clue what to do with Psylocke. She was either background, lost every fight ( Theres a trope for this called the Worf Effect. As seen HERE [link]), or just posed with her ass out, uttering that silly "focused totality nonsense". SO they killed her. Under Claremont again she came back, and seeming had a personality, then Claremont left AGAIN! You know what happened.

Anyway I grew tired of the nimbokini, the faux Asianess, the colonial aspect that in order for asians to get an actual character ( Even though there's tons out there), They stuck a white girl in an asian/eurasian body. Smacks of Racism to me, but that's me, having lived in Yokohama for 4.5 years. I've dated actual Japanese women, and none are ninja. So I have a loathing towards the modern Psylocke, UNLESS she's in the hands of capable writers. Luckily she seems to have gotten lucky the last couple years, and real character development and progress. So Ever since her mini, and the two X-force books, and now the all female cast of X-men, AND her new costume, I am interested in Psylocke again.

I can get past her faux Asian appearance ( even though she's mostly drawn white), as long as she's written well. So under the current direction and care she's under. Great Writer's and artists. I love Eurasian Psylocke, myabe i'll attempt a pic or two, but well ya'know..

Phew talk about run on tangent... But those are MOST of my reasons not all. So yes while I do erotic works, I can still say I became unimpressed by her character alterations.