a return of peter parker?

With Marvels reality being fractured, i just realized that they could use that to bring back the real Peter Parker. i dont think they'll do it just yet but once SpOck has proven to be the "Superior" Spider-Man defeating all the other "Spider-Men"; Kaine, Venom, 2099, and probably Ultimate. i could see them bringing the real Parker back with a time rift and then having him battle it out with SpOck


a young spider-team

i just dreamt up an idea of a small, silly, spider-team book staring anya and patrick. the pair could initially meet up at college and eventually become romantically involved overcoming an initial not being able to stand one another. their first few times battling baddies together spider-girl could have been tweeting about it and patrick just happens to be a follow of hers and in the area and decides she could use the help. all while trying not to disclose their secret identities to the other.

i know its sorta a cliche idea but i thought it was fun enough to share and see how others would respond.

after adding a few more weeks of thought and research maybe even adding Ricochet, Prodigy, and Dusk for a little bit of diversity or to rekindle the the Slinger's group


capes to abundant in gotham

i was just doing a little research into the great Gotham City. 
apparently its about 1/3 bigger than Manhattan Island. making it about 30sq Miles 
so that makes a little over 1sq mile for each Hero to defend.  
i really think someone needs to move out


Simon Dark and other DC teen magic users

Simon Dark deserves another chance, even though he wasnt able to bring the sales to carry his own title. I think he is a strong enough character to be put in along side other DC characters and the title wouldnt do any worse for it. But what I would really like to see is Simon grouped with other young magic users like the Coven of Three and Raven in a younger Shadowpact type group.   
anyone else think that could work?