Hellraiser ranked

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  • the best I've seen so far, its so interesting and cool after the first 20 or so mins the least amount of time I was bored in a Hellraiser movie.


  • A film that does well with building tension and when he arrives, oh its something to behold


  • It tries something new and interesting and after it hits that 30 min mark (Which was painful to watch) it succeeds in everyway it wanted to.


  • This film is overrated but not horrible, it has passable acting, passable effects, cool kills and Pinhead again is awesome, pinhead has always been interesting but this isn't quite the way to go about his story.


  • A first 45 mins that feels like a shitty episode of Vampire diaries, 20 mins that feels like the movie should be called Pinhead X, and a great 25 min slasher. makes you ask what did I just watch.