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The detailed history of Tanner.

I have been holding this off for to long, I always wanted to write a story for Tanner and I finally got to it. Now be gentle, this is my first elaborate history.

Tanner was born on September 8th 1932 in the town of Boston. It was like any other day in the great depression. Not much is known of the childhood of Tanner due to the lack of information in an era of poverty. What is known for certain was he had an older brother named Joesph. Unlike his misfit of an older sibling, Tanner strives to be well mannered and educated, reading every book and piece of literature he could get his young hands on. Of course his brother bullied him throughout most of his childhood.

When he was only sixteen, he lost both of his parents when their vehicle was caught in the crossing of a train track. This only pushed young Tanner to become more mature and independent after his bout of sorrow passed. This left the brothers homeless of course, having to resort to living inside an abandoned apartment complex. During this time of intense poverty for both of them, they both pursued ways to gain money in the ways they knew best. Joe started his career in petty crime and theft, while Tanner managed to land a small time job at a newspaper company. Two years past, the boys now somewhat financially stable adults. Tanner was now a journalist at the same newspaper company. While his brother Joe was not affiliated with the mob as an odd job guy. Naturally Tanner was concerned for his brother's well being.

A long nine years past, both Tanner and Joesph separated, each living on their own and having their own lives in Boston. However they always kept in touch, going for lunch and coffee a few weeks each month. However Tanner's life was about to change in ways he never even fathomed. It was a snowy night in December, when Joe was knocking on Tanner's door. He was relieved to see his brother after five months of no communication, and invited him in. This was how Tanner sealed his own death. For Joe that same night was turned into a vampire, the mob he worked for was all creatures of the night, and turned him as a sign of promotion in the ranks. Almost ten minutes after Tanner let him in, Joe attacked his only brother, and started to drink his blood, his first victim as a vampire. The eldest had no intention of leaving his sibling alive, planning on draining him dry. However, Tanner managed to plunge a chunk of wood from the table the both tumbled on into his heart as self defense. Even though Joe turned to ashes and died for the second time, it was to late for Tanner, he spent his last moments of his life bleeding out in his living room while covered in the ashes of his older brother...

When Tanner awoke, he knew something was wrong right then and there. He couldn't check the condition of his face due to no reflection in the mirror, walking outside caused him to almost pass out as soon as the sunlight touched his skin and breached his eyes. With all of the books he read, he knew what he had become, what he thought was something of fiction and folk lore. Tanner was a vampire, a creature of the night. He fell into a wave of despair and insanity, locked up in his house for two days straight. Finally, a police officer went to check up on Tanner's house, his neighbors reporting a disturbance that night. As soon as Tanner opened that door and saw the officer, his hunger and vampiric instincts kicked in, and mauled that officer's neck, draining him dry of his blood.

Tanner was not disgusted by the act, his soul and instinct would not allow it even. Now with some blood in his system, he could think more and more clearly. He spent the next few weeks to experiment with his new biology, discovering just how many of the vampire myths were false. Tanner was as strong as eight men, the senses of a plethora of creatures were now accustomed to him. Nails could extend and become razor sharp. But the most interesting of all of his new traits, the sun didn't turn him to ash. What it did do, is make him weak and basically made him human, taking away all of his vampiric powers. The longer he stayed out in the sun, the more his skin felt like it was going to melt like an ice cube, but it never did. Multiple occasions, Tanner feinted in public due to the intensity of how much the sun weakened him.

A month passed, he was now a hunting vampire, preying on humans when he needed to. Tanner was not one to enjoy killing, not drinking more then he had to unlike other vampires that found it recreational. And when he was ready, took on the mob that turned his brother that night that felt like forever ago. It was a massacre, Tanner was surprised at how well he handled the assault of their bar they used as a den. By sunrise, the bar was on fire, with all of the mobsters inside. His brother's death was avenged, however Tanner would never be able to feel redemption for his own condition.

Tanner decided that he was going to hunt his own kind, not randomly of course. No Tanner was going to attack all of the organized vampires, the ones with plans, plans of taking down the human race. Tanner grew the philosophy that his kind was meant to live in shadow like they do now, and was never meant to dominate man. So he took it upon himself to be their punisher for thinking they could get away with such an ideal. He spent a few more months in Boston, making it his crusade to destroy the mobs, both human and vampire. With such an assault led by one vampire, this gave him a reputation across the united states.

Two years had past, and the control the vampires had on Boston was very very weak, Tanner was content. Thinking he deserved a break, he moved away from Boston, heading straight for where everybody else was in the sixties,New York city. Tanner spent the first few months in his new apartment peacefully going out to feed each night and taking it easy. However he grew restless as he heard more and more about vampires that were forming gangs in the big apple, so he went back to work. It was six months of slaying vampires night after night, gangs falling to his hands that were becoming very skilled with all of the combat he was in constantly. Eventually there was a silent period of time once again, a fear of Tanner was in the vampire gang's, choosing to lay low in hopes that he would leave.

He didn't, but again he had some time to enjoy the city in peace. Frequently going to a club known as "The one eyes Jynx". It wasn't the booze or the atmosphere that kept on drawing him back, it was her...Ramona. She was one of the solo act show girls there, feisty and independent. All of the men lusted for her, she was the most beautiful girl in the club to say the least. Tanner was interested in her. After a month of going to the club every night, he spoke with her. Tanner would discover she was bitter at times from being slapped around by men all of her life, fueling this independent attitude she had that Tanner adored.

After that one night, they hung out constantly as friends, each learning about eachother, Tanner twisting the truth so that she wouldn't figure out what he was. But like most long time friends, they became intense lovers, falling madly in love with eachother. Tanner felt human again when he was with her, like there was something to live for other then redemption However more months passed and Tanner could no longer hide the truth from his love. And so he revealed he was a blood sucking monster.

Ramona was in shock and was horrified at first, running away from him and not speaking to him for weeks. But her love for Tanner was stronger then her fear of what he was, realizing that she would wither away and grow old while he remained youthful forever. She confronted Tanner once more and pleaded that he should turn her so that they could make eachother happy forever...

There is a blank spot in Tanner's history due to his great lengths of hiding this portion of his life.

What is know is that he did in fact turn Ramona into a vampire, and spent many years being happy together. However they had a falling out over moral values, Tanner discovering that this curse turned her into more of a monster then himself. This caused the two to part, swearing to kill eachother if they were to ever cross paths again.

Tanner showed up in history again during the 1980's in London. The entire united kingdom was in peril in the night for the punk rock craze of the eighties merged with vampire culture of the era. Resulting in a vampire population that was wild, young, and without restrain to hide in the shadows and keep their kind a secret This kept Tanner busy for endless months, slaying sometimes a hundred teen punk vampires in a matter of days at a stretch. This was also the first time he encountered the cult of the dark keepers and the Que family.

As soon as Tanner was informed by the Que's of the dark keepers cause and ideals, it was suddenly clear that he couldn't only just hunt vampires, he had to stop all kinds of dark forces that plagued the earth. He fought alongside the Que family to stop weaken the power the cult had over the united kingdom, also halting their plans in America temporarily. The battle lasted until 1992 when the dark keepers had no choice but to go into hiding so they could one day strike again. Tanner owed the Que's a debt for all that they did to help stop the punk vampire crisis and they owed him a debt for help stopping the dark keepers.

Tanner was happy to return to America, this mood would not last long for he was captured by a small surviving regime of dark keepers as soon as his boat docked in Boston. Once captured they brought him to a cave in a secret location, and performed a ritual to place a hell demon inside his body so that the cult could use him as a weapon. However, this effort horribly back fired. The demon and the vampiric nature was a deadly mix, the possessed Tanner slaying every single member of the cult, vowing to kill every human he saw, and turn them into vampires. The head magus that performed the ritual saw Tanner's power as he bled out on the ground, and knew if he wasn't stopped, the dark keepers wouldn't have a world to dominate. And so he performed one more curse on Tanner as the cave started to crumble to the ground. This curse froze him in time and space. The cave finally crumbled down on Tanner...

The possessed Tanner would be frozen for the next nineteen years, until the magic of the curse finally worn down enough for Tanner to break free. Luckily the curse halted his hunger, so that he didn't starve to death as soon as he was free. As he bursted from the stone that buried him, he found himself in what was now Martial city. Having a thirst build while he was frozen, he was going to attack the first person that he saw. This unlucky mortal would be the grim Amelia Sinclair.

Tanner struck her down and brought her to a disused steel mill, where he drank from her, and also decided to make her a disciple for himself. However her transformation went wrong, for when she awoke as a vampire, she still retained her soul and good will, instead of being robbed of the emotions of guilt and compassion. Tanner was so shocked by how the transformation was botched, that Amelia was able to just walk away from him without a struggle.

The demonic Tanner spent the next week massacring the people in the entire industrial district of Martial city. However this was put on hold when he was ambushed by the director of metahuman affairs, Melissa Hannigan, a close friend of Amelia. He was almost killed on multiple occasions during the fight, however he eventually gained the upper hand and beat Melissa within an inch of her life. Tanner would have killed her right there, but he himself was to weak to barely move. So went to hunt for simpler pry to feed and recover.

However while hunting, the demon curse finally faded away from age. Tanner went into shock and disgust of how many people he killed unnecessarily He hunted and drank from humans without any guilt but this was even to much for him. With a broken mind, he fled to Grimm city to exile himself in the drags of the city.

Tanner was homeless and without hope, miserable again now that he had nobody to be around, alone to his own depression. However during his aimless roaming of the dingy city, he saw her. Beatrice Kain, the typewriting oracle. Beatrice noticed the homeless and sickly looking Tanner and brought him inside her home, cleaning him up and giving him some of her old friends clean clothes. Tanner was happy just seeing her, like when he was with Ramona all of those years ago. The two became friends while Tanner got back on his feet and found a place to live. Again he kept his secret from her, not wanting to complicate their close friendship.

But while Tanner kept his dark secret, Beatrice also hid hers, being in a deep bout of depression from somebody she loved. Not being able to take it anymore, she slit her throat in the shower, this happened just as Tanner walked into her apartment to bring her some groceries. Tanner smelled her blood and found her in the bathroom bleeding out. He didn't want to lose her, she was the best thing to happen to him since he met Ramona. So he did the only thing he could do...Just before she was about to die forever, Tanner fed her some of his own blood...

Beatrice Kain became a vampire, and unlike Amelia or Ramona, she had the same ideals as him. She understood that she had to feed off of humans, and that vampires didn't deserve to much power. The two decided not to become lovers, knowing that it would end just like him and Ramona. So the two were companions, Tanner planning on starting his crusade against power hungry vampires once more, with someone at his side once more...