A rose by any other name...

Sometimes a name is so good that both Marvel and DC create a character called the same thing.

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Posted By Crymsun

They both have Spider Girl's as well.

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Posted By tamabone
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Posted By xboy79

nice ;D

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Posted By feebadger

This is a brilliant list.A lot of effort and time must have gone into this one an thanks for posting it. Now what someone needs to do is take this list over into the battles forum and let the TRUE owners of the names be victorious! (battle forums scare me ;P)

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Posted By SilverZeo

Will be a long time till we get to see some of these guys in the movies...

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Posted By GothamRed

your damage for marvel is the DC Damage comic, not the marvel Damage character, but this is a great list

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Posted By tamabone

@GothamRed: I fixed the Damages. Thanks for the catch.

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Posted By EganTheVile1

Death's Head II would be a better comparison to Minion then Minion II, as DHII was first simply called Minion, and Minion II was a copy of DH Minion

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Posted By doomsilver

Awesome list, did not know alot of these.

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This is an awesome creative list.

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Posted By KillerZ

They also both have Tigras: Tigra - Marvel & Tigra - DC.

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Posted By tamabone

@KillerZ: Thanks. I added them both. I'm always on the lookout for more characters to add to this list.

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Posted By PowerHerc

Great idea for a list and great execution of making it!

Glad you made this list. Thanks.

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Great list, barvo!

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Great list. I sometimes think about this myself.

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Posted By thedez

Quite a list, and super informative!

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