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Dear Marvel and DC,

I have long been a fan of your comic book universes. However, I have noticed that over and over new characters are created for one story and then discarded never to be seen again. Only for more new characters to be created, many of whom are weak or derivitave of other characters already in existance. Heroes and villains that could be great if only handled by the right writer are never seen again while newer crappier heroes and villains are created. SO, I AM LAYING DOWN A CHALLENGE TO BOTH MARVEL AND DC. The challenge is to create a series, ongoing or limited (but at least 12 issues in legnth), that uses only forgotten heroes villains and supporting chracters.

I'm not talking about reviving some forgotten poor preforming title like DC's Power Company or Marvel's Nightshift. But using these already established characters in new ways in a new series. Possibly intermingling characters from multiple sources. Characters already created, and thus "alive" in their respective universe should be utalized more often. After all, every comic fan has more favorite "lame" characters than successful ones.

Thanks for listening,


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