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"Major" America ?!?!?!?

I just finished reading the article in Major America here on CV. I remember the storyline in which this character was first intriduced and thought he could be an interesting addition to the Captain America rogue gallery. I always wantedhim to become the new evil U.S. Agent. I never read any of his later exploits, so it came as a shoch to me that "Anti- Cap" was renamed "Major" America. I guess that the writer was trying to make him out to be superior to Captain America since he was now a major instead of a captain. That would have worked too if "Anti-Cap" w2as in the army, marines, or air force, But he wasn't. HE WAS IN THE NAVY. "Anti-Cap" was introduced as a former navy SEAL who was transformed into a "Super Sailor" instead of a super soldier. The navy has sailors not soldiers after all. The navy also DOES NOT have a rank of MAJOR. In the navy a captain is much hiehr in rank than in the army. Navy captains are the equals of an army colonel. Navy leiutenants are the equals of army captains. A navy man would NEVER be itentified as a "major". Since he was portrayed as having great pride in being a navy man when he was introduced, he hould never have allowed himself to be called "major". An army major is only equal to a navy lieutenant commander. This would have been a demotion in rank for him from navy captain.

I really wish that writers would actually do some research about the characters and the real U.S. military before they go tossing around military ranks for their characters.

Ps. The "Captain" in Captain America is an honorary title not Steve Rogers' rank in the army. Steve Rogers never rose above the rank of private while serving in the U.S. army in WW II.