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I actually think that a serious, realistic Superman is possible to do. I just don't think making him a brooding husk of himself is the right thing to do that.

I always thought that this DC Cinematic Universe had only one directive to adopt in all its movies: repeat what made Nolan's Dark Knight's trilogy in all of the Cinematic Universe (but I really hope I'm wrong, and I'm glad for seeing Suicide Watch going in another direction).

I didn't like Man of Steel, it felt like Nolan-lite all around. I'm hoping to see this movie soon enough and being proven wrong, but seeing as it apparently didn't change very much from MoS to BvS, I don't hold my hopes high for this one. And the trailers spoiling that the conflict between Batman and Superman indeed happens, but both parts change their minds very soon once Doomsday's around... I mean, why couldn't they keep THAT part hidden?!