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The Bible says my King is the King of the Jews. He’s the King of Israel. He’s the King of Righteousness. He’s the King of the Ages. He’s the King of Heaven. He’s the King of Glory. He’s the King of kings, and He’s the Lord of lords. That’s my King.

I wonder, do you know Him?

My King is a sovereign King. No means of measure can define His limitless love. He’s enduringly strong. He’s entirely sincere. He’s eternally steadfast. He’s immortally graceful. He’s imperially powerful. He’s impartially merciful.

Do you know Him?

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He’s the greatest phenomenon that has ever crossed the horizon of this world. He’s God’s Son. He’s the sinner’s Saviour. He’s the centrepiece of civilization. He’s unparalleled. He’s unprecedented. He is the loftiest idea in literature. He’s the highest personality in philosophy. He’s the fundamental doctrine of true theology. He’s the only one qualified to be an all sufficient Saviour.

I wonder if you know Him today?  

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He supplies strength for the weak. He’s available for the tempted and the tried. He sympathizes and He saves. He strengthens and sustains. He guards and He guides. He heals the sick. He cleansed the lepers. He forgives sinners. He discharges debtors. He delivers the captive. He defends the feeble. He blesses the young. He serves the unfortunate. He regards the aged. He rewards the diligent. And He beautifies the meek.

I wonder if you know Him?

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He’s the key to knowledge. He’s the wellspring of wisdom. He’s the doorway of deliverance. He’s the pathway of peace. He’s the roadway of righteousness. He’s the highway of holiness. He’s the gateway of glory.

Do you know Him? Well…

His life is matchless. His goodness is limitless. His mercy is everlasting. His love never changes. His Word is enough. His grace is sufficient. His reign is righteous. And His yoke is easy. And His burden is light.

I wish I could describe Him to you. Yes…

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He’s indescribable! He’s incomprehensible. He’s invincible. He’s irresistible. You can’t get Him out of your mind. You can’t get Him off of your hand. You can’t outlive Him, and you can’t live without Him. Well, the Pharisees couldn’t stand Him, but they found out they couldn’t stop Him. Pilate couldn’t find any fault in Him. Herod couldn’t kill Him. Death couldn’t handle Him, and the grave couldn’t hold Him.

Yeah! That’s my King, that’s my King.




My King....


Champions of Peace Page Lay out (try out)


 There will come a time, when the governments of the world will fail the people, where there will be wars and rumors of wars, a time when the villains of the world will join together in great elite masses and go up against the heroes, taking them out one by one and eliminating them all, but today is not that time. For out of the ashes of chaos a team was formed more greater and more powerful than any other before its time. Composing of many different team members, all banded under one goal.  Alone they were heroes, but together they are Champions!  
 There will come a time, when the governments of the world will fail the people, where there will be wars and rumors of wars, a time when the villains of the world will join together in great elite masses and go up against the heroes, taking them out one by one and eliminating them all, but today is not that time. For out of the ashes of chaos a team was formed more greater and more powerful than any other before its time. Composing of many different team members, all banded under one goal.  Alone they were heroes, but together they are Champions!  


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The Beginning of a New Era      

 A New Breed of Hero
 A New Breed of Hero

"This World Needs Heroes" With the world in ashes, Villains running rampant and the heroes of the Vine verse unable to stop them a message from Andferne himself was discovered by the illustrious Mistress Redhead and her Husband Sovereign Son with the legendary hero foretelling of a time where instead of having separate teams, that the heroes of the world would all join as one, under one banner and one goal. With this message Mistress Redhead put together a team like none other with Nighthunter and Kurrent also aiding her, together they were the Trinity in charge to oversee this new age of hero.  

Along with that she also got her Husband close friends Eclipse, CellPhoneGirl and Hawk to be leaders of the of the divisions of the team now known as Champions of Peace. With Eclipse in charge of the main squad housing the core members of the team, CPG with Young Champions in charge of foreseeing the training and protection of the new Gen of heroes, The Guardians lead by Paragon, which held the powerhouses of the team and finally the under the covers Shadow Squad lead by none other than Sovereign Son, a team that handled the dirty work only known to handful of members. Together they were not only heroes, but Champions....CHAMPIONS OF PEACE!

Thinning of the Ranks       

            Sometimes it takes setbacks to make you see who your true allies are. 
          Sometimes it takes setbacks to make you see who your true allies are. 

As time passed the newly formed team went against wall after wall effortlessly breaking through it, always working together, always helping each other out. They started to become more of a family, as time passed despite the amount of numbers in their ranks some members were lost, chaos formed in other parts and some heroes Kurrent in particular were called else where, followed by Nighthunter. With this Mistress Redhead was on her own, leader single handedly the largest team of heroes in the world. Knowing that on her own this could not be accomplished she called to her side the apprentice of Nighthunter, know as Eclipse, along with her own husband to strengthen the ranks. 

Yet there was mutiny in the air. As mentioned many members were nomads, vigilantes joined the Champions of Peace part of these individuals were previous Wolf Pack members. Since the teams dispatching it had been inactive untill now. Secretly the Wolf Pack began recruiting members from Champions and once again their numbers dropped. Some left the team, other stood their ground but either way by the end of the day the ranks had thinned, and loyalties had been shattered. With this the building of Champions Island was initiated and apartments placed there to form a more tight team. Despite the lack in numbers The Champions of Peace remained a force to be reckoned with.


Their Mark in History

 Who to trust?              
Who to trust?              
Over time Champions of Peace went up against great odds. They had many enemies that wanted to snuff them out and seldom was there a day just to relax. They had gone up against the Skrulls, deciphering who and who not to trust. It was a heavy battle with many casualties but eventually the team managed to get itself back together and defeat their odds. But the aftermath was heavy as the government was called in to ensure that everyone was who they said they were. After extensive questioning with each member to all their astonishment the blame fell on their most trusted Mistress Redhead, and she was immediately taken off to jail. Eventually after much hard work the Young Champions and the Shadow Squad managed to save her while the Core team battled odds against the gods of fear and despair. In the End they overcame all obstacles and once again stood united.  
 The battle for Icing Death
 The battle for Icing Death
As time passed and things cooled down once again the door of fate opened at an unborn Dragon by the name of Icing Death called out to its former ICE team members. Many of them had joined the colossal Champions of Peace alerted their team mates and so set forth in divisions toward the Arctic Circle. But alas a dark team known as Tenebrasque in which also had fallen heroes, now villains in command they too were alerted to seek out the dragon. It was race against time, whoever reached the egg first would be its keeper. The battle raged and many heroes and villains paired off in epic battles. In the end the cave that held the egg began to collapse, and Talon managed to retrieve the egg yet with in her grasp it vanished leaving it in limbo, and the keeper a mystery.

Recorded Data

 Below here are the lists of the RPGs that Champions of Peace, and their Squads have taken part in. This is how you'll be able to most easily read it and keep up with all the RPG's. The Numbers you see on the far right of the RPG name signify the order that the RPG's took place in, think of it as a time line. The * mean that the RPg's with the same number were started at the same time.             
 Champions of Peace     
 Champions of Peace   
Embrace Change
 ( RPG - #2) 
  The Inquisition ( RPG - #3 )    
Grand Ball
(RPG - # 5) 
Fate of the Dragon ( RPG - #6)  Core Squad (RPG's)  
 Main Squad
 Main Squad
  Champions Assemble (RPG - #1*)  
  Fearful Symmetry (RPG - #4*) 
  Our World Aflame ( RPG - #7* [In Progress])
 Young Champions
 Young Champions
Young Champions Eenie Meenie Miney Mo (RPG - #7*)
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Between two Worlds ( RPG #1*)  
The Beast Within ( RPG #7*)

Team Up's With Squads (RPG's)

Team Roster

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                            Eclipse, War Killer, Octagon Freak, Lazy Student, Requiem, Sciona of Light, Taquoid, Paragon, The Wanderer

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                                                        Sovereign Son,  Talon, Crazy Eights, Hesperus, Renton, Wraith, Mantoidx

Renaissance's Bio (Ultimate Talon)

"Created thousands of years ago, with a single purpose: Destruction." 

"Escaped the clutches of earth only to crash land on it century’s later"


"I am a paradox an unsolvable mystery that time has placed in the palms of others, I am eternal yet not immortal I am invisible yet understandable but I a vapor here today and a memory tomorrow."      

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  • Code Name:   Renaissance        
  • Real Name:  Ruth
  • Aliases: Dawn, Mirage 
  • Nicknames:  Rena, Ruthy
  • Meaning of Names:  RenaissanceRebirth or Revival, RuthFriend or CompanionMirageSomething that appears real but is not,  RenaMelodyRuthyBeautiful
  • Base of Operations: Nomadic
  • Nationality: Unknwon
  • Nature: Do or die, concept, unrelenting and sometimes over persistent.
  • Religion: Christian
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Age: In her current life, she has only lived for a few days, with the current memories she posses. All previous memory is gone.
  • Height: 5'6ft
  • Weight: 147 Lbs  
  • Hair:
  • Eyes:  
  • Unusual Features: Strange Markings on her back and arms with no explanation of how they got there.
  • Alignment: Neutral.
  • Affiliations: None.
  • Relatives: All deceased, if not unknown.
  • Quotes: "Live life today because you don't know what tomorrow will hold." "Nothing is constant not even time."
  • Random Facts: She prefers being called Rena by friends at least whatever friends she makes. She enjoys being outside and hates the indoors at times, she is slightly claustrophobic. She loves any musical instrument and can play the Piano brilliantly, she has a beautiful voice that she never uses. And has no intentions on falling in love.
  • Theme Song
  • Powers & Abilities:
  • Weaknesses:
  • Possessions:
  • Useful Notes:

Internal Monologue

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Legends most of the time prove to be true. People though regard them as what they are, myths yet have humanity not prove most of these so called ‘myths’ to be actual truth? Technology, True Science at a time was feared and thought impossible and anyone who thought otherwise was burnt at the stake for their thoughts and actions yet look at where we are today? In a world run with technology, in a word so dependent on its own evolution that if suddenly it was to stop all hope for humanities survival would end.  

Yet my story is based on myth, a myth that proves to be true. A Myth that centuries ago died out and probably no longer exists in the modern world of today. Though lost in the sands of time my story still remains in some books, though what they have written about me I would not know, for not even I can remember. And if I was to attempt to read them all memories of my own past would be erased just like my people. The only fact that I know of my existence has carried over the sands of time and possibly longer is because of the marks I bear on my body…eventually after I am reborn another appears and another but the memories are as lost as the books that my past is written in. It is a tiring war to embrace the future, and let go of the past, but what dose a person have but the memories locked within him or her?

 That is why I shall never let go of the past, my past is me, it is who I am. Even though it restrains me from looking for a future I will never let it go. And so I am bound never to search for myself, or for who I am is so, my past will be erased and I will not even know of it. So I am forced to endure these 4 years of torment that lie ahead, waiting for the day where it will all be over once more, and again like the countless of times before I'll be born again, but the mistake made before will no doubt be corrected, and I will once again be with out memory, and with out hope. Now I live in a world a world that I will soon forget and sooner remember. Nevertheless I await the day where my past becomes my past and my future a future. For all that I am living now is a reoccurring cycle of a already lived life.   A live that will eventually be snuffed out. 

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The RPG Archives

 These are the stories of ever main Canon RPG Talon has interacted, I have weaved in continuity so basically its her history in the Vine Universe all place together to form a very long very in depth bio and yes I did try to make the stories shorter >_>. Picture will come eventually so patient! 

The Storm

 Wolf Pack
 Wolf Pack

During the time that Apocalypse took siege and started his master plan the whole world was tossed into chaos. He rooted himself in Egypt taking housing himself inside the Great pyramid to start his master plan. Yet none of the heroes could touch him, already knowing most of the teams he sent out droids to preoccupied the hero community. It was at this time that William Greystoke banded together a group of mercenaries, neutral assassins and he formed Wolf Pack. The group was a black opps team designed for under radar missions and this was the perfect test. Yet among the many skilled members he had also taken on a rookie, a young girl with no information on her who he discovered one night in the wilderness. Laura Howlett was placed with Thomas Lee Jamison and her first mission was to infiltrate the Pyramid and gather information. The two set out under the cover of night fall and when reaching the Pyramid they split up.

 Talon which was the name she chose for herself discovered another entry way leading through a tunnel where Project Doomsday wastaking form. Not having lots of time she gathered what info she could and met up with her partner before returning to base. When William Greystoke decided the time was right he and the team invaded the Pyramid leaving little Laura at the base. Aggravated she went after them but not before they were able to set the Pyramid of self destruct. As time was now ticking one of the female members Damnation Lee managed to teleport all of the members to safety all except Laura. 

 Rebellious acts
 Rebellious acts
  Yet when she found herself fin the fray with Doomsday in a flash her body was teleported away, after an encounter with an odd being called Issac she found herself back in the Pyramid determined to minimize the explosion, for not to far away was a village that she was indebted to. With the help of a mysterious blade she was able to achieve her goal and mysteriously get teleported back to Wolf Pack base in peculiar attire. At this time she noticed one of her team mates stowing away, Damnation Lee. 

After confronting her they both teamed up to take on Apocalypse personally against their team leaders rules. With a lot of hard work and great effort and secrecy the dual found his other hiding place and confronted him teaming up. It was a hard and treacherous battle but while the one distracted the beast the other set the whole place to blow once more: This time there was no need to minimize anything. With that the base exploded and Apocalypse managed to escape yet, the bonds of friendship had been formed and Laura had made her first new comrade in this strange world. Now the trouble began, explaining to Hunter why they disobeyed him. 

Crimes of the Past  


After these troublesome events Laura went into seclusion attempting to find a way to return to the world from where she came from. Hunter was displeased about her rebelliousness to go after Apocalypse but he hadn’t thrown her off the team. It was then in her isolation she was captured by SHEILD. They ran tests on her locking her up inside a dark cell as they slowly began to break her untimely attempting to bring something locked deep within her out. After several days of being held captured X-23 emerged previous HYDRA agent and exactly what shield wanted. After doing what they wished they brainwashed her and placed her as one of their agents fabricating memories and giving her a partner. But time told her something was wrong and slowly the memories of her past life resurfaced. It was now tossed between the struggle fighting against X-23 and her true self she woke up. With the help of a Wolf Pack team member Hidden she was able to escape fleeing to the only place she truly found solace: Xavier Institute

  While training out of anger of so easily being subdued she came face to face with the super powered being Simon Williams as he commanded her to come with him. The two flew high over the city as he was about to explain his intentions when suddenly a Sentinel came out of nowhere. In the battle between the metal monster Talon was dropped and lost sight of her new comrade. Yet from what he told her she was to head to Washington DC. After a long nights walk she managed to enter the city but her welcome party soon found her as a group of Sentinels locked onto her. With little to no time she hopped onto a Motorcycle and sped away, she knew that she would be unable to take on these creatures alone. Her trail led her to a museum she her motorcycle broke through the large entrance stain glass window. It was then that she found herself in the company of more heroes Slight to be more precise and the two along with others battled against the metal beasts and were victorious. 

  After Simon Williams appeared to her rescue she decided to go with Slight and his team to the resistance down in Virginia, which was where Wolf Pack was. Eventually though Talon went on her own to the battle field finding her brother, adopted brother XL. She managed to speak to him but without a word he bravely sacrificed his life for her. After dyeing in her arm she was enraged and went ballistic. Though on her crazy attempt to subdue the sentinel brought once again Simon Williams who rescued her and consoled her. Eventually she got off her pity party and contacted Saber, a friend. The two met and spoke about what had happened and discovered that SHEILD instead of creating Sentinels were now using nanites  causing them to shape shift into other heroes and also her brother. Having no choice Talon got herself to where all the commotion was, and with the help of Damnation Lee these to female comrades stood well in arms ready for the upcoming battle that laid ahead.

Crack in the Mirror  

A battle between the heroes and Sentinels soon emerged and though it appeared as if the heroes came out victorious nothing could be further from the truth. The Government had acquired every individual in the battle’s DNA and with that they fell back into the shadows with what they currently possessed and started in truth their real plan all along. Wolf Pack were the first secretly alerted by Agent Anderson of Sector 13 of this new scheme and their info took them to Alaska home of the Eskimos. Silently the elite neutral team mate their mark but Talon was scurrying in the shadows, she hated the thought of being cloned. In her mind she was a clone but now having a clone of herself was something slightly disturbing. She hadn’t spoken to anyone about this, hardly any of the team knew about her little incident back at SHIELD base, and she intended to keep it that way or else who knew they’d think she was one of the clones. Eventually with the cunning knowledge of The Hunter the team broke in guns blazing but soon to discover their worst nightmares had come true.  

 Clones of each one of them had been created their DNA was now the governments and theirs to use. Wolf Pack did all they could to destroy the place but at the same time the dormant clones awoke with their orders. Soon a blood bath took place as they fought mirrors of themselves. Talon on the other hand had a slightly more different encounter. Without hardly being there a few minutes her body was hit by a enormous blast of energy knocking her instantly out. The next moments of her life were vague as she awoke in a totally different location with her the man claiming to be her guardian present telling her she should stay. Laura shocked by all of this suited up and left the safe house after receiving a message from her leader to meat in their secret base located in Japan. Hijacking a plan was simple but the young Lycan soon discovered she had a stowaway. Her clone or duplicate had taken passage on the flight and didn’t have intentions for them to both land alive. Now a battle emerged on the vassal as Laura found herself confronted with the fact: What if she was the actual clone all along.  

 Her duplicate didn’t hesitate to plague her mind with thoughts like these, telling her she was a sleeper agent and none of this was real. Eventually gaining the upper hand her duplicate swung her out of the plain. Laura’s body crashed into the water as she managed to swim to the beach of the Japan. Exhausted and her mind filled with doubts she lingered there until she realized she had to return to base. On her way back she managed to encounter her team mate Akwa who for some reason was also out this night. But then the two’s thoughts soon zoned into a being glowing crimson that appeared before them. He called himself King Hyperion a man of immense power though desite both team mates being present his intentions were focused upon Laura offering her another path, a path of rage as he called upon her to take up the mantel of a Red Lantern. She stunned by this couldn’t help but find his offer tempting and when it appeared that all was lost she finally managed to hear the calling of her team mates, and ultimately Simon Williams who once again came to her aid banishing this man of darkness. 

  Laura now back to herself she ran back to base to find an immobilized Damnation and suddenly she was filled with regret wishing she had been there. But her presence at the base was short lived as Laura dashed out once more having a brief interaction with Akwa. But as she left the base she was confronted with Issac who told her she was not real, astonished by this he them disappeared until finally she realized something. In the wilderness she called the name X-23 and the reassuring monster’s voice echoed in her mind. Sure her body and memories could be copied but not X-23 that was not possible. With the world moving in fast motion she raced back knowing something was up but once again she ran into her team mate Akwa, who said he would aid her. Though just then something occurred, a large explosion shattered the two and it was revealed that Akwa all along had been a clone. Now holding the real Issac hostage for it was revealed that he was a fake Talon had no choice but to hand over Gemini. Talon did so willingly but jus then Issac did the most unexpected thing: he traded his immortality.   As he did the earth shook and all of a sudden the adversaries retreated else where leaving the shocked young girl and her human guardian to their own abilities. But the truth remained: Their DNA was taken, and Wolf Pack was in danger.

The Coming Storm  

The events of the cloning soon ended as heroes assured the public all was taken care of. Of course Talon didn’t believe a word of it she knew there was more going on but until another major event she’d have to remain in the shadows and wait like always. Yet Laura was still shaken by the death of her brother and her sadness turned to rage, “Why did he have to save me” was her question. That always seemed to be her question now a days. After a heated spar with her friend Saber she left the institute and sped off into the city. Though her serene little motor ride   swiftly came to a halt as the silence was shattered by the noise of what sounded like a large explosion. Talon near it ran out into the open and was shocked by what she saw. The Whole Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco had been decimated by what was reported as a yellow beam of light. Talon now began questioning her loyalties.  

 She stood there for over an hour no heroes arrived and though shrieks and cries were sent up in the heavens no hero came to any of the human’s aid. It disgusted her she couldn’t stand it. After two hours she left taking one more look before she hopped on her motor bike and drove off into the forest. Sitting there her mind drifted to the incident with King Hyperion, that mad man offering her a life fueled by hatred and anger. If not for Simon Williams and Akwa she would have chosen that path, it would have been better for if she could have re-lived that moment she would have chosen the path of evil. With all this running through her mind she began wondering what she really wanted and who she really was. “I am Geminie daughter of the Phoenix. I am Geminie wielder of the sword. I am Talon of the Wolf Pack. I am X23 of the X Men. I am Weapon X23 of HYDRA; I am Agent X of SHIELD. I am Laura Kinney of the Government of the United States of America I am Talon…of the Red Lanterns?”Who was she really?   As this continued she relived the moment where King Hyperion had given her a choice, he said if she did not become a Red Lantern there would be blood but the young girl knew that either way there already was too much being spilled. 

  Issac then confronted her trying to talk some sense into the death wishing girl but she wouldn’t listen. On her knees she cried out in rage claiming that everything in her life was a lie. And in that moment something came to her, something blood red, it was a ring. She would have ran but she listened as it called her X-23 and once again offered her the thing she had turned down months ago. Then X-23 siezing the opportunity controlled Laura and placed the ring on her finger, therefore gaining ultimate control over the girl and becoming a Red Lantern. After that she went on a hellish killing Spree of the Canadian wilderness and Talon could not help but watch powerless over her. Talon though didn’t give up the mental struggle continued as X-23 tried to seduce Talon to the dark side but the light that remained in her heart would not be extinguished. With a brief moment X-23 in control of Talon sped into space before returning to the institute and wreaking havoc. It was then that she noticed a fallen hero, Andferne burning blue Lantern.  

 He was badly beaten and as the rage filled girl raised her hand and prepaired to strike the fallen a voice with in the back of her mind called out, and Talon once more grabbed control as her eyes faded to emerald. With a few words directed at the hero Talon now fully in control sped into space. Though it was only for a small moment for X-23 once again regained control but was now confronted by neutral known as Power Surge. A Dragon like man and they started to fight. Eventually X-23 managed to gain the upper hand on Lo and smashed his body into a bolder. Talon now had enough as she managed to fight with all her might vanquishing X-23 as she raced toward her fallen friend. She had feelings for the Dragon boy but just as she was about to admit it to his unconscious self X-23 gained control. Talon now had, had enough of these switching’s someone needed to die, and it wouldn’t be her. It was then that with the help of Gemini Talon managed to split herself in two separate people Talon and X-23 and if not for Issac X-23 would have killed her.  

 Shaken she awoke in her guardians care once more determined to find her exponent and take her down though it was not long before the young girl realized she had lost her powers. After a short encounter with her relatives attempting to boost her self-esteem she ran into the city seeking out her other half.   But her journey soon came to a stop as she noticed a girl about 9 crying over the dead bodies of her parents. Feeling a sense of familiarity she took Nicole which is what the girls name was in and cared for her. In the little time she spent with Nicole she told the child everything about her, and when the two embarked to find more survivors of the broken city of San Francisco they encountered a raged filled Red Lantern. Quickly Talon attempted to save Nicole but without powers she would quickly wounded beyond her body’s capacity. Nicole stood over Talon’s body crying out her name and Talon fading out of consciousness knew she had to survive, she needed to save Nicole. She cared for this girl very deeply, she had to Lo, and save him she had too much to lose.  

 In what appeared as her darkest night a there was a flash of violet light, as Sapphire Star ring was within her grasp. Though she couldn’t see why she embraced it and the love that lingered in her heart. With that she entrusted Nicole with Saber and then sped off to the Institute yet on the way she ran into Simon Williams who was also a blue lantern and Andferne who now possessed green as well. She spoke about ordeals apologizing to the Legendary hero and once they had made amends the three took place in the war. Though much was lost, Paragon’s wife to be specific the heroes won and Talon taking the place of Kiara Sullivan as leader of the Star Sapphires she fought bravely as a hero among the heroes. The battle slowly faded and though many were lost much was gained in the end.

The War Of Kings  

It came as a shock, Talon hardly trusted anybody but she trusted her team and each member. She knew William Greystoke could pick out the moles from the mice she trusted his judgment and that was her fatal mistake. Once night she was betrayed by a member who she had not known long, Sparada. He attacked her from the darkness swift to subdue her and kidnapped her. It was only later revealed this was a way to enrage Wolf Pack knowing that Laura was the adopted daughter of The Hunter. A new team had arisen The Hidden Lotus’ among their ranks was Akiar Overdrive, Gambler, The Drifter and now Sparda as well. Obviously their plan worked Wolf Pack were alerted and the war soon began. G’bandit was one of the newest recruits his reputation far preceded him he took on how to take the base. Meanwhile while Wolf Pack were attempting a attack and rescue Talon as locked away after being brutally tortured she was thrown into what appeared a cell in the middle of the snowy wilderness. No one spoke to her though the whole place was heavily guarded. Her wounds were healing at a much slower rate due to the cold and the amount of pain that her body had taken had pushed her mental state to a point of insanity.  

 She was slowly drifting into nothingness but when all hope seemed gone out of the darkness appeared Gambler. The moment she laid eyes on the living ledged her path was sealed to his. He doubled turned on his team taking out the guards and rescuing Talon. Due to her mental stability she was losing her very sanity due to the blood loss and concussions she had received and she mistook him for William Greystoke. He wrapped a cloak around her and gently the Cajun escorted her up the mountain top. Though while Talon followed swiftly behind him something in her snapped and she knew this man was not her adopted father. Yet she was puzzled by his kindness….or deceptiveness. She wanted to know why he was doing this. Though as they traveled to the top of the mountain Sparada opposed Gambler a fight soon took place. Talon itching to get in the fray was ordered to stay at lease as the Living Ledged did what he did best. 

  After Gambler rose victorious they managed to reach their destination: A old cave. After creating a fire the Gambler started enquiring why she had chosen this path and that lead to her informing him of the countless times she had tried, she told him bits of her past pieces the little things she knew about herself. They spent several hours together speaking over a fire and Talon even took inactive and got something decent to eat. But the moment soon ended as the Cajun knew that the real Hunter was coming for his adopted daughter. It was them he released her from his debt and told her who he really was, for she had acted as if she thought he was the Lycan lord. Talon said little except hugging the man and then leaving, but before she left she grabbed ahold of his cloak snatching it from him. It is not known why she did this but to this day she still retains the icy cloak from the first time she encounter the living Ledged. Though on her way down the mountain she had a change of heart realizing that she was the reason for all of this. She was Wolf Pack’s weakness and she couldn’t be that. So instead of joining her team at the bottom she dashed off into the wilderness but it soon overcame her as her old wounds resurfaced. Eventually Talon found herself in beyond healable condition and dying in the snow. 

  That was when….he saved her. William Greystoke saved her the only way he knew how, he bit her. At that moment she had his blood running through her veins she was like him a Lycan, he had given her immortality. But time would show that in truth this gift of life would become something more hated than death.

The Light War  

Talon had recently taken a hiatus. After becoming a Lycan she really didn’t want to have anything to do with William Greystoke and she was sick and tired of getting in the way. She’d deal with her new…DNA the way she wanted to. She had returned to Nicole the girl she had left with Saber and the two of them spend some time together. It wasn’t long after that her Violet ring she had worn months ago began glowing. Astonished by this the young girl once again took up her mantel. After placing on the ring Talon and Nicole were back to back facing a red Lantern. With the little girls safely on her mind she grabbed Nicole and sped off into the sky, she wouldn’t risk this childs life. Placing the girl in a sapphire shield she engaged in battle with the creatures in the depths of space.  

 Despite it ripping off her shoulder she managed to fling the beast back to earth. As she was returning to get Nicole she was horrified to see X-23 in the girls place. But just then she recived a message from Simon Williams using his telepathy. He informed her that a being named Mogo was being attacked by the Red Lanterns, and he and Andferne needed her assistance, finally she was to meet him. Already preoccupied with the current dilemma she went to look back but found that her counterpart X-23 was no longer present. Suddenly she realized Nicole was missing, but her heart soon calmed to discovered the girl was still safe with in Laura’s shielding. Going back to earth with the child she forcefully entrusted the girl with her Guardian Issac while she pursued Simon. She went to the meeting place descending leagues under the sea and waited a few hours for her friend to arrive: But he never came. 

  It was then she wrote a letter of apology but then flew off into space. It was then that Issac confronted her, telling her that she was to lead the Violet Lanterns. Shocked by this she wouldn’t accept this responsibility but her guardian continued to speak to her off it, and the perils that would fall if she did not take this mantel. After getting away from the mans words she found herself in her own mental battle considering what he had just said. Why did she do this? Why did she bother staying here being part of Wolf Pack. These were the questions she thought until finally the answer hit her. With her faith rekindled she said the oath bravely and she became leader of the Violet Lanterns. Continuing on her coerce through space she was reunited with those that followed her: the other Violet Lanterns. After giving a speech her Lanterns of Love engaged in battle, and though Talon did her best to remain she had her own battle to face. X-23 confronted her warning her that King Hyperion, was heading to New Oa and he was about to detonate, though Talon questioned why her evil half self cared X-23 dashed off, leaving Talon no choice. With great speed she flew after King Hyperion and caught up with him attempting to stop him, but just as he was about to unleash a blast toward a fellow Green lantern Nano it was swiftly stopped but the Aid of Constantine a Violet Lantern....... 

To Be Continued....
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The Curse of Gemini


 Battles in the Future
 Battles in the Future
The weapon Gemini that was bestowed upon Talon during the Storm when Apocalypse attempted to once again take over the world had a much larger role than just saving the life of its bearer. Its true purpose and origin trails back over the centuries when it was once fought over by kings, and rulers. Today it is not much different, but the war over the weapon is that of secrecy. Due to the advancement in technology, biological alterations and cloning are now able to commence, and with certain individuals knowledge and connections history once more is about to repeat itself.
 Battles in the Past
 Battles in the Past

The sword that made the stone was created to end the war that would if continued destroy the universe. It was made from the race of the Phoenixes a demigod like had countless amount of power, yet their rivals were the Soul Hunters, the core of darkness. A demonic race forged by the unholy union of demons and humans. From the beginning of time these two races kept the balance between the good and evil, but time eventually commenced and the Phoenixes knew that this war had to end. So from the heart of a star they carved a weapon and named it Gemini. This weapon however was not all pure, for everyone knows that the heart of a star with in itself has the ability to shine as bright as possible but it also has within itself to go supernova and create a black whole ultimately destroying itself.

 Righteous hand of God or claws of Satan?
 Righteous hand of God or claws of Satan?

Gemini the twin blade, double edged sword, righteous hand of God, or the claws of Satan its attitude and purpose are double. It was then that the weapon was bestowed upon the very first wielder, her name Zenith Andolen Gemini, she was the weapon the helped win the war and force the Soul Hunters to the darkest part of space, where no sound is heard, and no light it shone. There they waited, harboring anger and all negative emotions waiting for a wilder they could corrupt. But As the sovereign savior and winners of the war the Phoenixes would only bestow the weapon once the previous wielder had died, and they soon discovered that immortality was one of the many gifts given to the bearer.

Yet as time progressed they noticed that Zenith the wielder, started to change, her persona and everything started to evolve along with her power. It appeared as if the blade was now inducing a negative effect to the one who held it. And so much research was done until they discovered the horrific truth. That when the sword chooses its wilder, it done not only merge itself in battle with its partner but its merges itself to the persons soul. Living off it like a parasite. Apparently the power in the weapon was too great to be contained, and it kept getting larger and stronger, until eventually Zenith could no longer contain it.

 Not all Positive...
 Not all Positive...

Yet the power within was not the positive of a shining light it was the dark hole consuming its bearers power and positive energy polluting and falsely influencing that persons to become a more darker creature like that of the Soul Hunters. And though that demonic race never intervened they watched as the once thought savior of mankind turned on its creators. Having no choice they were unable to stop the predicament that was already occurring, and so Gemini was triumphant and the soul of Zenith Andolen was consumed inside the weapon, trapped. Though this became a good thing for when the woman’s soul merged with in the sword it created that of seal that made it so the next bearer would not reach the same demise as swiftly.

 The Creatures
 The Creatures

But the Phoenixes had no intentions for there to be another bearer, yet the sword had a mind of its own and will of iron. It could not be contained, it could not destroyed it was unbreakable power it was beyond anything anyone could ever handle. It was an unlimited source of energy. And so creatures mindless beings from the depths of hell, and darkest corners of space and beyond started to become drawn to the power like bugs to a lamp. As these creatures of darkness resurrected themselves they headed toward the sword, they headed toward earth. And Now face with no other choice they Phoenixes needed to find a new bearer, for if not the world would be destroyed. For these creatures that desired the power of Gemini could not be destroyed by any other power than that stronger than it. 


And so it began the long line of bearers that would fight against these power drawn creatures and at the same time fight to retain their sanity. Yet one by one each of them lost control and became overwhelmed by the ultimate power of the blade and their souls were absorbed. Until in the heat of battle the current wielder somehow managed to lose grasp of her weapon and for an unknown reason it suddenly disappeared. And for centuries the weapon was unknown, dormant awaiting the perfect bearer. For it too had grown tired of its wielders perishing by its might. It wanted someone that would be able to master is power, and all of it.

Though before the disappearance of Gemini the Phoenixes before had formed a The Council. A group of elite members with special abilities to watch over Gemini while the rest of the race left earth never to be heard from again. So the Council on hearing the blades disappearance set out a search but after not finding it they were forced into solitude awaiting the sword to show itself…and it did. During the Storm when Apocalypse appeared to have is grasp so tightly on the earth, but he was not the reason for it’s awakening. It sensed something, it sensed a creature that had stepped foot on this planet. A being unlike anything this world had or ever would encounter. A “Unique being” and it was in that it waited for the precise moment before latching upon its new and permanent host. 

    Talon was the host, she had been chosen to wield this weapon, this blade  in no way was going to leave or was going to allow her to leave it .
    Talon was the host, she had been chosen to wield this weapon, this blade  in no way was going to leave or was going to allow her to leave it .


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Primary and other Weaknesses

Primary Weaknesses 

  • Feral Instincts (Alkalies Heel)

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Talon is part animal and though that gives her great survival skills it also make her very unpredictable and hostile toward others. As most animals they go through phases mating and so on. In her case she is mostly resembled with a cat like creature or wolf most likely. She had two states of mind the one is the calm quiet Talon that she does her best to show and the other is a completely different one. 
 Edgy, Impatient, quick thinking and deadly. In this state she does not think only care about the mission not how she completes it. in some cases she would go into an uncontrollable rage and attack even kill any one kind of like the trigger scent just it would happen every full moon. But it does depend on who she is with. If she is with some one that she has feelings for she man be more seductive and attempt to mate with them or at least show sines of affection 
. This has been mostly know to occur  when she is either very angry or going though her once a moth stage. When ever the full moon is up she becomes the more feral Talon and at that time she has also been know to exhibit sexual and lustful behavior to any male that she may fancy. This is the exact opposite of who she really is though. When the full moon cycle begins her Hormones are much harder to control thus she would have a harder time keeping her sexual or hostile feelings at bay. 

  • Alternate Personality

Dark and Light
Dark and Light
During The Core Talon adopted another personality now as X23. X23 is the darker side of Talon. She is relentless, merciless and is full of anger toward every one. It is suspected when they attempted to remove all possible things that could resonate emotion from her mind that something went wrong ergo X-23 was created. There is a battle inside of Talon. And though it may not been seen by many she fights desperately to keep the beast inside. 
 X23 became part of Talon due to her traumatized and all the killing that she did as a child. But make no mistake X23 is a real being a real person that lives inside of Talon. X23 only became know to her when Talon had to merge with the Dar Phoenix in order to save Jean Grey. X23 has no moral center and will kill any one even some one that Talon may care about for no reason. Because X23 has no limits she is much stronger than Talon in many ways.  
She if faster and much more feral than Talon ever is. Most people that Talon has come to know she has never discussed this with for the only reason that she is ashamed. Talon appearance partly changes when this occurs her eyes change to bright yellow and her nails sharpen. Talon is completely aware of what X23 does but she is unable to do any thing about it. X23 can take control when ever Talon is under a lot of stress or is enraged. But some times Talon would need X23’s rage and strength to take care of a situation.  
Though it seemingly appears that possibly X-23 could have been erased with the help of her Father William Greystoke during the 3 
 KOV. We'll see how long that lasts. 

Other Weaknesses 

Over Powered.  

No Caption Provided
It is obvious That Laura does not contain a large amount of strength except that which she builds up over time. In most cased when faced against a stronger opponent she attempts to use their own weight and size against them. Though in most common cases it is very possible for Laura to be overcome by a powerful foe. She could easily be destroyed by getting her head ripped off of her if her rival was able to accomplish such an act. She might have powers yet at the same time she is still not as strong as people might think. And even with her healing factor some wounds take longer to heal on the inside than out. If her opponent was able to get Laura in a place where he was to wrap his arms around either her legs or arms he’d or she’d be able to immobilize Talon by braking her Legs. 


No Caption Provided

Her bones might be laced with Vibranium yet her bones are not invincible. They can be broke/shattered. This is unknown but due to her molecular structure of her DNA it seems to be in rivalry to the actual metal that is laced around the inside of her body.  Obviously this cannot be achieved by a single attack but by constant attacks at the same location continuously. With applying enough force to a single area of her by it would eventually brake and shattered and due to several areas of Laura’s body is laced with more layers of vibranium it would take longer for some areas of her body to heal than others . Yet it would be more lethal for the bone to shatter and the pieces of broken Vibranium to be shot into other areas of her body that are more Vibranium. This could cause internal bleeding and a whole lot of other stuff her body might not be able to handle at the moment.



No Caption Provided
Talon is the kind of person who dose not like to show weakness. In many situations even when she  might be at the point of death but she would do everything in her power to make the people around her believe it was just a scratch to the surface. On many occasions Laura never really gets any sleep this also aids to her tiredness. Often in battle if pushed to far her body would return with vengeance for all the agony she had it endured the previous days. And at times Laura could just lose consciousness with out a second word for example: After she and War Killer escaped the OSC due to both mental and physical exhaustion Talon had endured and with her not even waiting for her body to catch up this all of a sudden piled on top of her and she dropped to the floor in a deep sleep. 


No Caption Provided
Laura when she was turned into a Lycan gained a lot of things but she also gained a key weakness one which she regrets with all her heart. Being a lycan Laura's primary weakness is silver. On discovering this she did everything in her power to attempt to over run this so called weakness by adjusting her body to it. she even went as far as adding another layer to her claws, a silver one. she thought that maybe if she forced her body to live with the substance it would overcome it but sadly that was not the case. So despite everything Laura endures great amounts of pain when any silver enters her substance. In primary areas it could possibly slow down the healing and in some cases like the loss of her voice an actual wound might not even be able to heal. Despite this Laura has built up a resistance to silver but in truth she can never escape it as a weakness.  

Foreign Fighting Styles

Learned Skills 

  • Tahtib

Don't touch my stick
Don't touch my stick
Ancient Egyptians performed stick fencing  as a form of entertainment  This type of fencing was probably based on actual fighting systems used in combat with a shield and a sword  which then evolved into a system with its own rules and methods. Though this way of battling an opponent gives the fighter an option of killing., Unlike swords and knives you have no choice but to kill. But with Tahtib there is always the option of incapacitating your rival with out the danger of killing them.   

Talon does not unusually use this form of fighting because she doe not need to. She used this knowledge as mostly training in hopes to gain better agility and hand eye coordination which this form of fighting grants her greatly. In many cases instead of using a stick Talon would fid herself in a situation where she had not many options in weaponry. In one case she is able to use the hilt of a gun and maneuver it like it was an actually stick. 
 The Tahtib sill grants her the ability to always improvise in any situation. There are also many other ways to battle using an ordinary weapon such as a metallic rod as well. She is able to vault herself along with giving her extra momentum while either running or in battle. She was taught this style of fighting my an old friend that she made while she was in Africa. He tighter her the ways to fight and how to fight. She has the skill almost mastered now just needs a reason to use it. 

  • The 18 Skills of Ninjutsu

  1.  Kenjutsu ( 剣術 )
No Caption Provided
Meaning "the art of the sword"  , is a term for classical Japanese sword arts, in particular those which predate the Meiji . Restoration. It is sometimes used more generally to describe any martial art which makes use of the Japanese sword.

The exact activities undertaken when practicing kenjutsu vary. Talon due to growing up in a concealed environment and having numerous teachers there for she learned many ways of using it. But  she commonly include practice of basic technique {Kikon } without opponent. There where times when the CORE would air her with another opponent also 

harnessing Kata. It varies from using solid wooden bokuto to use of bamboo sword (shinai ) and armor .One of the more common training weapons is the wooden sword. For Talon;s training she was equipped with a specialized sword that would enable to her move it with speed and agility. It was specifically designed for her hands and only she can fully wield it. For example, bokuto used within " Yagyū Shinkage-ryū" are relatively thin and without a hand guard in order to match to her combat skill. Though she is equipped with the option of either having a hand guard or not having one.

Kenjutsu is the samurai's sword art. It requires the use of blades (especially Japanese blades such as the katana, wakizashi, and no-daichi). Kenjutsu involves powerful, high commitment strikes to selected targets in order to kill the opponent. She was trained to kill in this technique and when fighting in this style can not really stop herself from killing some one who is a threat to her.

The have been many alterations in her training that would enable her to adapt this combat with another and merge the two. Though she would often use this method of training in a situation where either her opponent has knowledge in the same method or she is unable to relay on her present weapon.


Gemini Files

§ The Gemini Files §(Classified, even for Talon)

The Sword
The Sword

The sword of Gemini isn’t the source of Gemini's power on the contrary its actually a seal a prison designed to keep Geminie from reigning terror across the universe only a worthy person may wield it by making a contract with the soul of the Guardian the Guardian will not age will not die at least not by natural causes so long as they act as the swords guardian however the sword itself can channel in Gemini's power through it giving tremendous power when needed however each time you use that power more of the seal on Gemini breaks and since the sword is attached to a soul it affects your personality directly pretty much you become empathic over Gemini itself.  

The Wielder becomes the Weapon
The Wielder becomes the Weapon

 As for that armor well that’s what happens when you break down the boundary that keeps your persona away from Gemini's persona by breaking that boundary both your persona become one creating a new persona this person is known as Siren. There for the wilder becomes the weapon and changes. Even though it might not be seen for a long time. And even after the wielder has let go of the sword the effects still cause a ripple effect. And in time the personality and mental state of the previous wielder deteriorates. That was why the Council would always kill the previous wielders of the sword to stop them from going rouge.  
But if the Wielder is not killed after the sword is given to the next bearer. That person will retain the dark oar that the sword once possessed. Soon enough the person would exhibit strange moods and a dark personalty would slowly begin to take over the original one. And eventually even though the sword is no longer present with the once wielder they would began to generate a whole new darker and slightly eviler personality with out even realizing it.   
A Dark Arisen
A Dark Arisen

 The only way for this to be averted is if the previous bearer finds the present one. And if capable would ask for their soul to be separated the right way to cause no trauma. The previous wielder would attempt to completely separate himself or herself from the weapon in order for this dark persona not to arise, Though it to much time has basted between the separation of the weapon and the souls remain in tact the previous wielder will have no power to stop the corrosion on their soul. 
 The armor is a direct result of Gemini's ability to adapt its host body to any situation of combat and its ability to bend and manipulate light itself in Siren mode your speed is like that of Superman your strength is increased tremendously your body no longer eats food but rather absorbs light particles directly into itself. Gemini in this form is most noted for by its’ ability to adapt to combat within seconds due to armor like body that compresses energy within the muscles which is like the hulk only rather then the muscles bulging outward your muscles go inward  

  As Talon has wielded the weapon it has proven to aid her many times in battle giving her the strength needed to over come any adversary. Though due to Talon's mental statues she was never fully able to unlock Gemini's full potential and unable to free Gemini from her metallic prison. As time progressed the soul of Gemini is the only power. The sword is merely a shell and has no significance.  

Or that is what was suppose to be believed. Due to the separation of the soul of Gemini from the sword. It is thought that the sword would be useless. Yet there is a rumor that Gemini was not the only source of power. That before Gemini was imprisoned the sword has a power of it's own. And Gemini was just one large cover up.  But it is unknown weather is is true or not. Yet the only possible answers would lie with the once known Guardian of the sword: Isaac

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Know Statistics

Known Data (Common Knowledge)

No Caption Provided
Real Name: This individual known as Talon has no real true name that can remain constant. Her last name varies several times. Due to the complexity of her family line it is unknown what she should be called/call herself. But Laura is the name that had remained with her constantly. Though who knows how long that'll last.
Age:  16 in appearance and technicalities. Due to several time traveling events and de-aging processes Laura's age in truth is unknown. And due to loss of memories in several areas of her like not even she knows frankly.
Height:  5' 6"
Weight:  147 lbs 
Hair: In normal circumstance her hair retains a long sleek black appearance, naturally strait though several times the tips are curled. In moon light it retains a deep midnight blue and is very thick.
Eyes: Changes from a variation of colors. Mostly in none hostile situations it is lush green. Though when either aggravated/aroused it woudl switch to a bright feral yellow with the pupils of a wolf (This is mainly due to her Lycan abilities.)
Gender: Female. End of discussion.
Identity: Laura's Identity is known to most Governments in the US. Yet in most cases her existence (Being a individual from a possible future/different reality) is denied by every official. Nevertheless he true name is known to several individuals from various situations and alignment. Yet her past is only truly known to one person.
Occupation: Originally intend for weapon/assassinating purpose. But since then she has had many occupations several listed are: Prostitute, Assassin, Adventure Student, Spy, Ninja etc. 
Birth Place: Allegedly earth 529, on the outer colony Zenith. 
Affiliations: Wolf Pack, Crimson Rose, currently:OsC
Martial Status: Single
Nationality: Has None.     

Known Statistics

  • Real Name: Laura Elysian 
  • Alisa: Previously: X23, Zenith, X, Phoenix,  Laura Kinney, Laura Dawn, Gemini, Currently: Talon, Elysian Princess of the Lycan Underworld, Laura Chabot
  • Identity: Secret 
  • Team Affiliations: Previously: HYDRA, Brother Hood, X Men, SHIELD, New X Men, 
  • Currently: Wolf Pack
  • Place of Birth: Canada 
  • Date: 24 of July 3789
  • Occupation: Assassin, Prostitute, Adventure, Student 
  • Citizenship: Canadian, America  

Appearance and Dress

"Girls wear Dresses, I hold claws...now who is more protected?"

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 16  (Talon appears as an 20 year old)
  • Hair: Long black hair, though some times brown.
  • Eyes: Emerald, though varies
  • Height: 5' 6
  • Weight: 147 lbs  
  • Skin: White Caucasian
Laura appears as a normal Teenage if you where to take a glance at her. Yet  she has chosen for herself how own style of clothing and
look. In many cases she has proven to take up the mantle of a Gothic girl and or a Biker chick, though she is seen many times dressed as a normal girl with normal Attire. The fact  is she is really insecure in public so what she wears varies largely. 
 Laura use to be less than a modest person. In many cases she leave her stomach well exposed and her upper body tight and slender. Some say this is because of the missions that she goes one. That she needs to be able to move fast, and only her present attire can due so, yet she just enjoyed to get anybodies attention. Though as time progressed she did her best to cover up the needed areas but still she finds it hard to completely brake away from what she had been use too. But over all she dresses for the mission.
She also most of the time would wear and jaggeder jeans and black tank top if she is in company. And when going out she would slide on any attire that suits her mood. She has never been seen wearing a dress or formal skirt ever. The closet she\'d ever get was a tightly hip skirt and a large belt. Though it is unknown how she got this liking of style, yet all that is known is she does not really care about what she wears just about what she does while she's wearing it.  
Laura though might appear loose yet she does have a code of conduct. In on a mission she will dress for the location. Talon has been sent on many undercover missions and knows how to dress to impress. Though in a more comfortable environment, she would dress her usual state. But if she was to go on a  mission she would dress in her uniform.    
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Quick Run through...

Synopsis of Ability and Equipment

  • Weapons: Previously (And still wishing she had) The Sword of Geminie, Currently: Dagger of Felice and two Adamantanium Blades, Other. Other consists of many other types of weaponry etc guns, fire arms. Along with the ever day sword and balds that she places on herself. 
  • Natural Powers:  Regenerative Healing Factor, Superhuman strength, stamina, agility, reflexes, and senses, Feral aggression, Lycanthrope. These ability she has mostly when her mutant gene manifested. Besides Lycanthropy, the rest of her ability she gained all at once.
  • Unnatural Powers: Alter appearance, Elemental powers, Flight, mild telepathy and bare telekinesis. These ability she was able to gain while still bearing the weapon Gemini. Though due to events she is no longer the bearer and no long has these ability that she once possessed....or does she?
  • Gained By the Facility: Vibranium laced retractable claws and recently plated Skeleton. Trigger scent, Implants, Multiple Personality Disorder (X23). These things she has been forced to equipped herself during the time at the Core. Some of these act helpful those others are a curse.
  • Weakness':  M.P.D. , Her Rage, Sword of Geminie, Telepathy, Supernatural power, Feral aggression, mating habits/urges. Most of her weaknesses are animal based, there for they are there because of her mutant ability of Lycan blood running through her. Though some of them she has gained over time.    
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