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I am currently a 17 year old comic book craving, anima watching, God fear, danger loveing girl who loves in the middle of no where Alice Springs. I have a great family, and lovely sisters and awesome friends. I love God and I fear him and I pray that he'll guide me down this insanely unpredictable path called life. So yes that's me. Oh yeah...I'm a major fan of X-23 and well the X Men and Avengers, Captain America, Black Window...actually if you want to know more just PM me.




Known Data (Common Knowledge)

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Real Name: Laura Elysian Chabot

A normal
A normal "off" Day

Age: 16 in appearance.

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 147 lbs

Hair: Midnight Blue

Eyes: Changes from a variation of colours. Mostly in none hostile situations it is lush green.

Gender: Female.

Identity: Laura's Identity is known to most Governments in the US. Yet in most cases her existence (Being a individual from a possible future/different reality) is denied by every official.

Occupation: Originally intend for weapon/assassinating purpose. But since then she has had many occupations several listed are: Prostitute, Assassin, Adventure Student, Spy, Ninja etc.

Birth Place: Allegedly earth 529, on the outer colony Zenith.

Affiliations: Currently: Champions of Peace, Previous; Wolf Pack, Crimson Rose, OSC, ICE Dragons.

Nationality: Has None.

Her Destiny

The Warrior beyond defiance.
The Warrior beyond defiance.

During the darkest days of the Cold War between the Soul Hunters and thePhoenixes a weapon was forged; more powerful, more fearsome and more adaptable than any the universe had ever seen.The world has since changed and so, too, did the weapon that could one day destroy the Phoenixes. So to make sure that the past did not repeat itself the Phoenixes altered time and reality doing every thing possible to hide the weapons true potential from itself. And they succeeded..or a time until a warrior by the name of Selice Andolen Casteron left the Phoenixes realm in order to find the weapon and enlist her help with the long and bloody war. Then embarking on the long journey through time she searched for the weapon until one day in a reality know as earth 529 she found it.......

The Weapon beyond redemption
The Weapon beyond redemption

My name is not important all I know is that I am a weapon and that is all I will ever be, I was born in a facility and trained since birth to do one thing: kill, and that is all I will ultimately do there is no escaping the fact of who I am and no matter how hard I try I always realize my true potential to be a weapon an assassin a girl who can never have a life but just won't admit it. So now I live among Humans and Mutants, Heroes and Villains, Aliens and Earthlings, Demons and Angles, gods and Mortals but there was one thing that this word lacked…me…... The day that I stepped foot on that earth was the day that they found me the day that I singed the death warrant for earth 6…1...6 my true potential is still hidden from me though I know one other thing…I am no mere human mutant, I am no mere mortal, I am no alien my home is not earth 616 or 259, I am not hero or villain but I am.....A monster...


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Below here are listed links to blogs containing all the gathered Classified and Unclassified material on the individual known as Talon. This includes, several incarnations of her biography, powers and abilities along with some of the uncovered mysteries of this young girl from another World. It is a continuous work in progress that as long as I am part of the Vine ultimatly will never be finished, but I hope it helps you find whatever information your looking for of my character.

Also I would like to Thank the viner War Killer, my love and my heart who helped inspire me to do this. With out him in truth I don;t know where I'd be writing wise. He's the man that pushes me on whenever I lose hope. So yes a great big thanks to my finance' because with out him none of this would be possible!


[These are the vast and differant incarnations of Talon's Biography and information gathered.]

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|1.1 | My first attempt at a decent bio for my character. This is before my RPGing career and hence contains many fan-fic Ideas for my characters past and its events.

|1.2| This was during the era where every bodies Bio's started getting erased for no random reason, so I saved up one I had been working on.

|1.3 | Now between the previous and this one there was a long time gap giving me time to work on my writing and see how others were laying out their bios.

|1.4| These stories were complied in an rpg from one of my most massive posts, they all fit well and gave good information into Talon's life so I added them as her bio.

|1.5| This is a similar bio from the one before except other info along with pictures are added but the same core functions are identical.


Talon's Powers and Abilities:

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(1) Talon over time has gained many abilities through her time in the Vine Universe. From mystical powers, to Phoenix force to even Lantern Rings. Though this is a detailed description of what powers Talon currently possesses. Most attached due to her Lycan abilities and some due to experiments done on her either during Child hood or not too long ago. Either way in battle she is a force to be reckoned with.

Foreign Fighting Styles:

(2) Even though she was trained several things during her time in the Facility they would have been no use to her if she had not practiced. Most of her skills were basics but during time she had trained under many great legends of many different races and through that has learned abilities that one in most areas of work would not be taught.

Quick Run through of Powers:

(3) This is a short overview I made ages back (so its is not currently applicable) to what Talon use to be power wise. As you can see it was much more in bulk and confusion. Though some of the things mentioned there are still true I have not decided to reveal them as of late.

Fighting Style:

(4) This is a more detailed run down of what Talon learned under who. She didn;t just one day appear in the world knowing all she did. It took time and she always observed those greater skilled than her own. She was in the shadows of legends she watched then and studied them, and this goes into what she learned from several very influential individuals in her life, that today still have taught her all she knows.


The Gemini Files:

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(1) This is a detailed description of the Weapon Gemini and the power that it gives its wielder, the ups and downs to being the bearer of this weapon along with a few hidden secrets. Most of this info is only blog related because I have not fully shown the power of Gemini as of yet in any RPG.

The Gemini Chronicles:

(2) This is a much more detailed overview of the weapon of Gemini. Not just the sword but the different phases it undergoes and the effects it has on the wielder itself. This file contains a glimpse of the nightmare that awaits any bearer that is chosen to wielder it. Show very strongly that this seeming gift can also be the utmost curse.

The Curse of Gemini (3)

(3) Gemini in most cases might have seemed like a guiding light in Talon's life saving it on many occasions but this sword has a sinister agenda on its mind, and an ultimate fate for the bearer. This goes into what the words really about and shows that this weapon is more bad than good when it comes too it.


The Council:

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(1) The Council is the hidden organization behind Gemini. They have been monitoring its progress through Issac Laura's Guardian. In most cases the Council is thought to be the only thing that stands in the way of harnessing the weapons powers. In most circumstances it is shown that they have their own agenda and weather Talon likes it or not they manage to always find a way of getting what they want.

The Soul Hunters:

(2) The Soul Hunters or possibly refered to Espiritu Los Cazadores in Spain is an organization called the Circle of Eclipse. This is where Talon's mother is from, and her family. It was a group of dark people that linger in the shadows, they are mentioned briefly in history not by many and so far Gambler is the only one who contains any recent data from them. All that Talon knows that it appears her family has it out for her, and since then she's always been hunted by those she thought were suppose to care for her.

The Core:

(3) The Core is an organization created in Laura's reality, reality 529. It was a group with whose purpose is to capture mutants/super powered beings and use them for their own desire, taming them in a way. They bread a telepathic race who in truth had up to 12 levels of abilities and power. These telepaths were the best of their make and the perfect force to take down anyone The Core Might have been after.

Reality 529:

(4) This is a short run down of the differences that, that world has to currently earth 616. Showing that the timeline was altered and something that wasn't suppose to happen changed the path of this world forever. Also a short run through of Talon (under the alias of X-23) and what she did in that world during her stay there. Though not much records are kept of it since only Talon really knows her world and can describe what it was like.


Talon's Affiliations:

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(1) A list of the very influential people in the young girls life. Going back to The Hunter all the way through King Hyperion, her lost loves, her dearest friends and darkest enemies, it shows that no matter what she calls herself Talon has always had a neutral out look on those she is loyal too and those she hates, she had her reasons for choosing these people even if they don't know. Just know that she always has her reasons.

Known Relations:

(2) There was a great dispute about who Talon really was, is she a clone? A trained weapon dose she really have a family? Well it appears that she in fact dose though not exactly the family she might have been hoping for. Coming from two great lines of actual mortal enemies Talon realizes that in truth she would have rather been a clone than having to come from these people.




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