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Out of Focus 0

Batman Returns is a classic. It was one of the first films I remember seeing when I was a kid, and even though most of it was lost on me back then, I still hold it in that special regard. Nonetheless, my review will touch on the quality of this mega-budget sequel, how it lost Batman, and how it has affected other films (and their sequels) of its genre.   The Premise When a corrupt energy tycoon's plans of expansion are challenged by the Mayor of Gotham City (Michael Murphy), Max Shreck (Christ...

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I Thought I'd Live Until Tomorrow... 0

The Premise 42 junior high school students are gassed and taken to a deserted island. When they awake, their "teacher" informs them that they will be participating in a kill-or-be-killed Battle Royale - a lethal program where each student is randomly assigned a particular "weapon" and survival kit, and sent on their way with explosive collars that will detonate in 72 hours if they don't play. As there can be only one survivor, much of the students object to the program and either deliberately or...

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Rwaaaaarrrrrrr! 0

This'll be a bit of a deviation from the usual review set-up, not so linear. I'm on the fence in a lot of ways about Iron Man 2. From my rating, you can clearly see that I enjoyed it, but it is difficult for me to determine if this sequel surpasses the original. It does and it doesn't.  At the end of the first film, we are left with a live and public announcement from Tony Stark that he is Iron Man. Some people loved this, considering the possibilities that are opened up in a sequel - the hero n...

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Dead On Arrival 2

If you had any interest in Elektra after Daredevil, it may very well diminish like the rest of this dull and uninspired spin-off flick, very loosely based off of the titular spin-off anti-heroine.   The Premise When the precognitive assassin Elektra (Jennifer Garner) is ordered to dispatch a father and daughter, she takes it upon herself to protect them from the evil forces who wouldn't hesitate to get the job done. Along the way she encounters Kirigi (Will Yun Lee) - an adversary from her da...

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Almost There 0

This direct-to-dvd adaptation of Darwyn Cooke's award-winning six-issue limited series takes on a number of different characters and features a soft rendition of the conflicts the heroes of the New Frontier would have to face before uniting against a seemingly all-powerful threat. The Premise As a mysterious psychic entity known as "The Centre" (Keith David) threatens to destroy the Earth, a number of unlikely heroes struggle to work together in an ever hostile society.  The Good The look of eve...

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Mind Over Matter 0

Should you desire it, you may find this presentation of the Hulk to be rather compelling and intriguing in its deviations from the comics, but ultimately, "Hulk" is an edgy and lackluster drama that only engages the titular character from a safe distance.  The Premise A laboratory accident brings out the monster that was buried within an emotionally withdrawn scientist Bruce Banner (Eric Bana) from the moment he was conceived by his psychotic father (Nick Nolte). Following this disaster, Banner ...

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Good Times 0

This moderately faithful adaptation brings a great deal of laugh-out-loud fun and (thankfully) less seriousness than what most revenge flicks would have led you to expect from a film of this genre. The Premise: A band of close-knit soldiers are declared dead when a strategic military strike in Bolivia turns into a traitorous massacre. In reality, they are very much alive, betrayed, and know only the name of the man who betrayed them - Max. When they are approached by a mysterious woman named Ais...

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Victimized 0

To begin, this pilot is absurd in every way possible. I'm puzzling over a way to somehow enjoy it for what it is, and I'm stumped. The Justice League of America is depicted as a bunch of socially awkward super friends who seem to only view their powers as a curse. Green Lantern can't be with his on and off girlfriend because he's always running away without explanation to save the day (which we the audience, never see). The Flash isn't smart enough to hold a job (and apparently his speed-driven ...

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