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Nothing Without Their Friends

Characters who wouldn't last very long without their friends to keep them busy.

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  • If Scott had more self-confidence and didn't constantly sell himself short, perhaps he could live a successful life outside of the X-Men, but as it stands, he prefers the superhero identity "Cyclops".

  • If J'onn could repopulate that which he maintains he is the sole survivor of, then perhaps the Martian Manhunter wouldn't spend his nights painting angst all over the walls of the Justice League Watchtower.

  • If he hadn't given his life for the Avengers, Simon wouldn't have had to submit himself to such a complex love triangle, but as it happens, Wonder Man will forever be a poorly dressed tool who will take whatever he can get.

  • If Dinah hadn't come up empty-handed with her hard traveling heroes and let herself be tied down by the bureaucracy within the Justice League, Black Canary might have done more than moonlighting with the Birds of Prey.

  • If Radical Edward ever had a place in the galaxy, it would be aboard the Bebop, but since that ship sailed, Ed's likely back on Earth, jamming with lonely laser satellites.

  • If Hank Pym could get over his feelings of inadequacy and stop trying to prove himself invaluable to his colleagues, then perhaps Ant-Man, aka Giant Man, aka Goliath, aka Yellowjacket, aka Wasp... could actually be Time Magazine's "Man of the Year".

  • If the son of Saturn could keep from getting kicked in the face for five seconds without Superman or the Martian Manhunter flying in to save him, Jemm might actually live up to his royal lineage, but until that day arrives, the son of Krypton will be on speed-dial.

  • If Morty didn't suffer from a massive inferiority complex and hang out with the wrong crowds because they pay him the slightest of nods, Toad might actually have a chance at being somebody, but as it happened, Wanda wasn't talking about him when she said "no more mutants."

  • If Arnold wasn't restricted to committing crimes through his imaginary friends, then the Ventriloquist may have a shot at organized crime. Unfortunately, Arkham doesn't have a treatment for dissociative personality disorders.

  • If this twi'lek didn't have a great big walking carpet following her around for protection, well, one gets the feeling Mission wouldn't have lasted very long in the lower city of Taris. And incidentally, had Revan not saved her friend Zaalbar, Mission wouldn't have been able to flee the planet before its subsequent bombing.

  • If Dr. Harleen Quinzel was any more codependent on her "puddin", she might have accepted the fate the Joker has planned for her. And even though self-preservation kicked in, Harley's obsession with the clown prince of crime is still exploited today.

  • If there's a bigger showboat in the DC universe, he has yet to be written by Geoff Johns. Although Michael Jon Carter may have heroic intentions, they are often overshadowed by his drive to be rich and very famous, and had it not been for Rip Hunter, Booster Gold might have even succumbed to these desires.

  • If Yuriko Oyama wasn't a headcase when Daredevil was following her around, she certainly became one after she killed her father, swearing in his name to also kill anyone who dishonored his name. After turning her sights onto the Canucklehead and found herself not up to the task, Lady Deathstrike seems to have no problem accepting any help from all the enemies Wolverine has made over the years.

  • If there was a world without Superman, it would most definitely not have the Metropolis reporter Lois Lane. Mutually exclusive doesn't come close to cutting it - how many times has Lois been saved by the Man of Steel? He probably lost count decades ago.

  • If fast-talking, smart-mouth, tech savvy Jensen didn't rely on his wits to get out of hard situations, then likely he'd still be in the same place. Thankfully, Jensen has the Losers to bail him out and bestow him with telekinesis on a rare occasion.

  • If Johnny Storm has one thing working against him, it would probably be that he is a bit slow on the uptake. Thankfully for the Human Torch, he has a loving super powered family to defuse his penchant for getting into trouble, and cheating death on many an occasion.

  • If he only had a brain, Jar Jar Binks might not have been banished for his destructive clumsiness, leading him to swear a life debt to a Jedi who was at the forefront of a massive power struggle that consequently (beyond comprehension) landed him in a position of fleeting authority to make an epic fail decision for the whole of the Republic. And plus, he's an accident waiting to happen.

  • If a protocol droid is programmed to be fluent in over six million forms of communication, you would expect it to be somewhat intelligent, and possess intelligent decision-making skills. However, Threepio was built by Anakin Skywalker, and it is no coincidence that without the help of everyone around him, "the professor" here would be scrapped.... oh wait, he was.

  • If girl #15 of the program was assigned a weapon more lethal than a boomerang, then any speculation of whether or not she would put it to use would be immediately put to rest by the awkward role she is assigned by her friend Shuya - to be the damsel in distress, given little to no breathing room to fend for herself.

  • If there ever was a quintessential damsel in distress, it would be Miaka. It's an almost proven fact that if she was without her Suzaku Seven, she would probably be dead long ago, and it could be easily reasoned that she lives vicariously through them.