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@diydeath said:

Klaus wins...eventually.

He's effectively immortal. Selene can only incap him for a win and it takes a loooooot to incap Klaus unless you use one of his weaknesses which Selene doesn't have.

As for speed, it's probably equal. Both can blitz bullet timers easily though Klaus has better travel speed which could be a small advantage.

In terms of strength, not buying that Selene is stronger. The van feat is impressive but that's probably around 5000lbs of force ahe redirected, they're probably equal there.

And then there's Klaus being a werewolf which further amps him, nevermind that his bite might be lethal.

For this fight, she only needs to incapacitate him to win. Klaus's neck just has to be broken to achieve this, besides selene's bullets dstroys lycan heads, which are bigger than Klaus's she'd shoot his head to shreds, the argument that nothing can kill him except white oak is a NLF. We only take things he has survived, any other thing is just conjecture. People in TVD just have no creativity. I remember some foolish demon telling buffy the same thing about being unkill-able according to all books, you should see how creatively she tested the theory out. Selene has more than enough power to break his neck.

As for speed, I still don't see any bullet timing feat. Despite me proving that according to the plot of the show Originals are not able to dodge bullets. The thing with travel speed combat speed is Combat speed and reaction is almost always higher than travel speed, AFAIK only reason travel speed may be faster than combat speed is if a special method is employed to achieve the speed that cannot be applied in battle. So why would the TVD have outrageous travel speed but limited combat speed.

You're joking on the strength feat right?? Mate, she flipped a moving van that weighed a few tons off the ground and across a room without any strain, you compare that to elijah lifting the side of an rv?? Mate I already mentioned how it was much much easier to lift the side of something compared to the entire weight. Marcus in evolution hit the side of a truck and forced it to slam against a hill, and pulled down a helicopter. Constant strength feat placing them above TVD in strength. You claim Klaus is stronger?? show me feats backing this up.

Further amps him to what level?? We don't see any noticeable difference, sure it makes him stronger, but by how much. Elijah can still always give him a fight. So even if he is stronger, it's clearly not by a huge amount. Yeah, werewolf bite does nothing to selene.

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@boc said:

@t_ballack: I don't think it will affect them at all if they have their ring on. And yeah all hybrids are immune to the sun in this universe.

Well that is very possible. For the originals, interesting thought, it might depend on how the ring works though, like does it work like tempered glass preventing direct rays from hitting their skin. Anyway, Klaus is immune like you say, so no internal combustion, but he does get his head blown off by her guns though, which is totally in character for selene

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@boc said:

@rijehu: Mach 24 travel speed is also confirmed when Elijah covers 2 hours of driving distance in 10 seconds. And there were two times a vampire caught a bullet. Both times weren't actually a bullet, but they were shot from a regular gun and still seemed to be mach speed (albeit maybe slightly slower.) Damon and Bo did it in season 7 and 8 of TVD iirc. Typically when they got shot, it's a regular bullet so they don't care.

You know i'm interested in those scenes, I don't think I watched past or even finished season 5 of TVD. It can't be regular bullet speed because a regular propulsion doesn't work for wood bullets. Catching darts is =/= to catching a bullet. Again if you could provide the episode with those scenes, I'd like to check them out.

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@boc said:

From the looks of it, Klaus is faster. Selene is stronger. None of these are by much though. Klaus may actually be stronger: his weaker brother effortlessly held 3.5 - 5 tons with one arm, does Selene have a feat to beat this?

Klaus is faster?? That's what I don't agree with mate. Klaus looks faster, sure, but like I said, Originals are threatened by white oak bullet, a major plot point, that tells you they are not Mach anything. It's like selene at the beginning of the series, she is not faster than a bullet but has bullet timing reactions, able to get out of the way of a bullet after it has been shot at her. Not aim dodging, I posted a clip previously. By awakening she is faster than before, but still not faster than a bullet. By Blood wars she blitzed a bullet timer completely, making a good case she is likely faster than a bullet.

People always mention his weaker brother did this or did that, like there was a huge difference between them. Make no mistake, Klaus is stronger but Elijah can give him a good fight. The difference between them isn't very large, because Elijah is quite capable of hurting Klaus. Anyways, effortlessly held 3 - 5 tons?? for real?? Dude he lifted the side of an RV. Lol even the whole RV doesn't weight that much, why are you talking like he lifted the whole thing above his head.

You know, I can effortlessly with one hand lift the side of my couch up, but i doubt i'd be able to lift the whole thing above my head (It's a big couch). Think about that. What he held up isn't anywhere close to what you're saying. Just like the 5000 lb that some other dude was talking about, thanks to tyler's chains, even though tyler doesn't actually break the chain.

Selene's feat with the bus or over powering Markus is a better strength feat

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@boc said:

They don't burn at all.

1) The regular Originals wear daylight rings that make them immune to the sun.

2) This is about Klaus (the hybrid) and sun doesn't affect him at all.

Yeah they do wear daylight rings, was just mentioning that sunlight does indeed affect the originals, since elijah has been shown burning a few times, they just have a degree of resistance to fire. But it will be interesting to see what happens when they get shot with UV rounds. Anyways, Hybrids on TVD are immune to sunlight without the ring?? Didn't really remember, been so long since I watched TVD, I remember being a hybrid was supposed to eliminate their weaknesses from both species but I do remember vervain burning tyler. Anyways you're prolly right. Don't really remember Klaus ever burning up and he did revert from his first change after breaking the curse during the day.

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@rijehu said:

@t_ballack: I have no idea how Klaus got clocked at Mach 24 but based on travel speed, TVD vamps likely sre faster. As youve akready adressed. Not that it matters here. Klaus did make it from New Orleans to Mystic Falls in less than 10 minutes when Caroline called him in one episode. Kol traveled across MF in seconds and Elijah can cover miles of woods in moments so they may indeed be inconceivably fast at running, but again, that's not changing the outcome of a fight. Like I said, I love TVD/TO verse but Selene is a whole new level.

He is put ("wa**ed") at Mach 24 on comicvine based on the new orleans to mystic fall thing, except that's not what happened is it. Caroline never got through to Klaus. It's the graduation episode in Season 4, she tried to call him, but didn't get through, so how does Klaus automatically know where they are, even knows to dress in a suit. Most likely, Klaus was already in Mystic Falls due to his thing for Caroline, because it was her graduation. Since she didn't actually speak to him, there is no feat of him running from new orleans to mystic falls, it's just conjecture, and for a scene like that to be the basis of his speed is just ridiculous. Kol traveled to the front door, but from where??

Here's what it comes down to, vampires on TVD are not faster than bullets, what was the point of Aurora threatening them with a gun with white oak bullets then. None of them dared make light of her when she had the gun. If they were Mach anything, they wouldn't be the least bit worried about the bullets and that was a MAJOR plot point in Originals. Why would ancient vampires all fly to new orleans for the bullet, if the vampires are Mach anything. Vampires are tagged with bullets all the time, because they are not faster than bullets, hell witches catch them mid-run a lot of the time, and witches have human reactions and movement speed

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@rijehu said:

Selene has better feats and they are more consistent. I love TO and while I think Klaus will give her good one two, he's getting dominated immediately after.

She does indeed, she is stronger, faster (enough with the Mach 24 Klaus bullshit), more durable, and a far more skilled fighter. She actually shows CQC skills unlike most fights in TVD universe

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@boc said:

Don't know Selene's stats but someone pointed out her using "sunlight bullets," Sunlight doesn't affect him.

Sunlight does affect the originals, it causes them to burn, they just have a degree of immunity to fire. Of course we have no idea if that extends to their internal organs but, UV rounds from selene is definitely causing internal combustion. Might not kill them though

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In this fight, she doesn't have to straight up kill him. She could just knock him out and take her time to test out his supposed INVULNERABILITY.

Here's how i see this going.

The start out, Klaus makes his usual cocky or arrogant attitude(and rightly so, he and elijah think they are unkillable so they typically act like this). Selene opens fire on him, and he, whether you agree he is a bullet timer or NOT, cockily takes the bullets, he starts to internally combust. Originals burn under sunlight, but they are flame retardant to some degree so they don't die from burning, and selene carries UV rounds, while he wont die from his internal combustion, i'd imagine having your internal organs on fire would hurt. Selene sees that he doesn't die and proceeds to empty round after round inside his body. She eventually just punches him and he goes out cold. Cammy was able to break Klaus's neck with a punch. Selene hits wayyy harder. Though the fight is won technically. She straps him to a table and gives us a real run through on the workings of his invulnerability

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No vampire on TVD is capable of moving a car. Klaus and Damon fought by a car once and he slammed him against the car, and the car didn't so much as move. Another thing of note is, people usually run away from vampires using cars. I don't recall a case of a vampire chasing someone in a car and catching up, i could be wrong do, but yh.

The witch Gloria reacted to stefan's speed. Witches when they fight vampires are frequently shown to be capable of reacting to their speed. Not all the time, but a lot. If vampires were as fast as a lot of people on here claim them to be like Caroline being Mach anything lol, Freya would be a plaything to vampires, and apart from papa Tunde, we know witches have no enhanced speed or reaction