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@sawed_off_it: But like I said, the attacks he no sold were all piercing attacks, things that pierce his body, and since the creeper doesn't function like a regular human, those piercing attacks don't make him bleed out, or stop his organs working, as we don't even know that he has organs. he has low durability to blunt force damage.

Blunt force i remember

First time he got hit by the car multiple times, you can see that it's injured since it can't even bring up it's wings and the next scene, it is shown eating to recover whatever limbs it lost.

Second time after losing it's head, it tries to fly away, but falls down hard, you can see that it was unmoving. It only started moving after it had ingested the kid's head into his body.

Third time he rams into a truck, it loses an arm and leg.

4th time hit by a truck driver, this one is difficult to tell, if it stayed down for a bit because it was hurt, or if it was just for the scare factor. The fact that it carried the the truck driver might have meant it needed to eat but it's just speculation.

I may have forgotten some, but all in all, the creeper does not have good durability to anything that isn't a piercing attack. And the piercing attack like i said is likely due to its cryptid physiology. It's like a gargoyle might be immune to bullets because of it's physiology, but a blunt force blow of the same force might knock it out. (That's just a random example lol)

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@sawed_off_it: lol i guess agree to disagree. I was really hoping to convince you but oh well, and i'm cool with a CaV too.

Creeper's biggest problem is his low durability. The two times he was involved in an accident, he lost limbs and needs food to recover them, on the other hand he has a far more impressive resistance to piercing damage since his body doesn't work like normal and has no blood, which is why he can take gunfire or harpoons to different parts of his body and be fine, so long as they don't tear off him limbs. This is why he loses. because a single hit from markus will feel like a car crash to him.

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The fact that it's indestructible in this fight. Markus can do nothing to it, and Creeper doesn't have to do anything as it drives itself and activates the traps and machinery on its own accord.

Yes the minigun was deflected, but what is interesting to note is that the same bullets barely damaged the truck that had the mounted gun. Rewatch the scene, and you see that it put holes in the glass killing the driver but it didn't put any holes in the car. Now i'm not sure how much power a real life M61 produces, i tried checking but couldn't find anything. But if that one was not strong enough to go through the police truck too then i really don't know how much it counts for the creeper's truck. Now the GIF saying it reflects in the exact same angle simply isn't true. You can see when the cop shot at it that the bullet ricochets to a different location. It is weird that those ricochets go back in the general direction of origin, but the creeper's weapons are unusual so there's that.

Anyways, the truck never reflected a punch, the kids with the bikes hit it, Markus is just gonna punch through it or better yet, flip it on it's side.

As for the bombs, they go on the ground, Markus can fly, and he mostly flies so it's in character for him. The rope dart is also a non factor here. It can only shoot from one place, meaning markus would have to be there, also the amount of time it takes to hit the kid that was about 30 meters away on his bike suggest that markus can likely avoid it. That things looks like it moves about 10 -15m/s tops. So again, the truck is a non-factor to Markus.

Super hard? From the interior and aimed at the weakest are of the roof. Did you see the hole Creeper punched through? He also did so to a cop car while lifting the cop above the seat and holding him there.

Your feat is sad in comparison. So what he shattered a skull of Kraven. What combat feats does he have? Just because a vampire IS a vampire, doesn't mean they all have superb durability. He's a spoiled and arrogant clown. He is by no means meant to be a powerful or strong character. Destroying his head is not that big a deal.

This is Kraven. Not a Stone Wall -- And what? Lifting strength =/= Striking Power. Come on now.

Weakest part of the roof. Lolwhut. Seriously what gave you that impression. Creeper punches a hole though the bus. Girl does the same albeit with a metal rod, and she does it twice. Why does it matter if it's from interior or exterior, they both go through the roof.

Lol for real?, he punched a hole, something which a girl in the same movie can do, then he lifted a man with a single hand lol, that is an impressive feat? Dude that's barely superhuman and you say it's sad compared to shattering the skull of a vampire. Vampires that are shown to jump multiple stories down with no effect. Multiple vampires at the start jump down about 12 storied with no problem. Newly turned michael jumped down multiple stories no problem, even kraven falls down what looks like at least 2 stories straight into metal and stone and walks off with no problem. Kraven was one of viktor's trusted men, alive for at least more than 6 centuries, while he might not have been a better fighter than selene and all. His advanced age means he was as durable as selene, and taking multiple hits from viktor and other lycan's places her at wall level.

What? Barely lifting a wall; of which took him far too long to do; especially if you're going to stand behind it so strongly. I don't think you understand what Wall Level means. Your knowledge on both characters is certainly lacking.

Being partially submerged in water, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that should make it more manageable.

"Briefly" Hahahahahahh Please! He was moving under it AFTER using every bit of strength he had to lift it. It is certainly impressive he lifted it but don't misrepresent what actually happened in order to strengthen your argument.

That scene was a little odd, but if you rewatch it, you would see that he changed into hybrid form and then the scene changes, when we return to him, we see him trying to find the bottom to lift it, and as soon as he did, he was able to lift it. Why should it being underwater make the feat more manageable??

Rewatching the scene now, I do agree that he was passing through and had one hand on it momentarily( too quickly to matter). Besides the single arm wasn't the point of the feat, but that was able to lift that amount of stone over his head.

Normal lycans have blitzed her before she could draw her gun. If you're going to point out any speed feat, stay on CQC speed when he fought her up close. That was okay. He has only ever flown at the speed of a trucks. A banged up and older truck that is.

They have?? When exactly. He was clearly faster than the truck since he had to slow down not to go past it, as you can see him hovering right in front of it.

Just because you say it definitively doesn't mean it is so. You don't even know what Wall Level means. Obviously. Based on your next statement. That is one of his best strength feats, yes. And it's far more impressive than anything Markus has done. Prove me wrong. Show me one feat similar. His only other feat is pulling down on a cable and swaying a helicopter. Impressive but nothing too much.

For real mate? So tell me, what is wall level? Because it seems you are suggesting that what the creeper did with the truck was more than wall level.

and yes the helicopter feat is far more impressive than the truck feat. Mate he flipped a static truck, markus pulled down an escaping helicopter overloading the engines are you kidding me.

Raze? He's not fodder or a guard wolf.

Raze died in underworld. This was random werewolf that Lucian gave to tanis recently as guard dogs. So, scrubs.

Show me. Show him enduring anything of that magnitude. Of a mini gun at close range. Please.

Michael and hybrid selene's punches. Again i couldn't find any specific information on the power of the M61, but going by kinetic energy, wont it be in kilojoules, if it is, then it's wall level.

Oh 2 pistol shots. And?

lol just no. You probably need to watch underworld again if you think that's how selene shoots. She unloaded multiple slugs straight into his face. Dude the creeper rammed into a truck and lost an arm and leg and had to do the grasshopper leap, markus did something similar and was still fighing. The creeper doesn't seem to function like a human to the bullet holes won't really be a problem for him, since he doesn't bleed. On the other hand, blunt force damage, or slashing his limbs are super-effective.

You can't even compare the durability of the 2. the creeper is no where close to Markus, especially the fact that we dont even know that he has a healing factor. he only regenerates by eating similar body parts, and it even has to be of those that are compatible or what not.

Show me a high school girl inflicting damage with a metal rod. Don't forget about context for the fifteenth time please. I'll wait.

Really, so you're saying a highschool girl didn't ram a pole through his head?. My point was that if she was able to stab through his head, Markus is definitely pulverizing it.

After ripping the pole off his head, he jumps off the bus and you can see that he immediately lands back on his back, that suggested that he sustained damage from losing that part of his head. He only started moving normally again after he had secured a head from a kid in the bus and ripped off his own.

Markus isn't faster than the Creeper, by any means. On land, maybe, but that's why Creeper has a magical truck lol

Oh he is faster. The shotgun with the axe thing was impressive suggesting the creeper might be a bullet timer, but one iffy part for me is, the creeper isn't shown when the cop fires the bullet, so it's possible that it was an aim-dodge kind of situation, but i'm willing to go along with the creeper having bullet timing reactions. Even then Markus is still faster. Selene is able to completely move herself out of the way of bullets after they have been shot and Markus still overwhelms her speedwise. Truck does nothing

Kraven <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Creeper. Boy you have some bad logic.

My statement wasn't comparing Kraven and the Creeper but their durability. If that high school girl could pierce through his head that easily, why would markus not shatter it. Seriously.

While the creeper is a formidable opponent, Markus is a bad match for him, since he loses limbs to easily and markus is able to shatter them very easily, and Markus is faster. It's why i said pre hybrid selene is a better opponent, because she uses guns which are not very effective against the creeper, and while he has the strength advantage, she has the speed, agility, and combat experience advantage.

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@cergic: With superhuman attributes, like his strength and durability, does the still apply? Like for example, superman or thor doesn't have to be the weight of a plane before they are able to pull it.

What i was suggesting was, if the force his tug produced far exceeded the lift force of the heli, then would that still matter?

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@oopsislipped:The reaper's axe is the only thing that could potentially damage marcus, he doesn't have the AP to bypass Markus durability, since even Michael struggled to do any damage. Now i have no doubt that the reaper has enough strength to cut markus with the axe (even i don't see him being capable of decapitating or doing impressive damage. Markus was capable of breaking through solid stone underground without a scratch), but the main problem is speed, the reaper won't be able to keep up with Markus is battle.

I looked up the flying you talked about, and it does look impressive no doubt, but it just means it is either 1 and outlier or 2, the creeper has impressive travel speed but not combat speed. He has been unable to avoid vehicles a lot of the time, and he doesn't move anywhere that fast in any of the movies.

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Unless Creeper does it first.

Does what first? Eat people? The OP didn't mention there were people around, besides, he'd eventually run out of parts no? Marcus was in constant battle from when he woke up till he fought selene in that truck, he only left because he probably couldn't gamble on whether the sun would affect him or not. So he does have the extensive stamina needed to keep dismembering the creeper.

That's not his best speed feat. His best speed feats are when he's seen flying completely out of sight & nearly over the horizon in mere seconds. Markus may be faster on the ground but Creeper is like a jet in the air.

Which feat are you talking about, the one where he jumps from the schoolbus or when he picks up the kid by a tree, anyways, either of them he just got out of the line of sight of the kids, and plus the night sky. Unless it's a different feat, what horizon are you talking about? Anyways, Marcus is scaled above pre-hybrid selene and she blitzed humans a lot, the first time she might Michael, despite him seeing someone had broken into his apartment and being on alert, she blitzed him from the front, he didn't see her until she had him pinned against the wall.

Because the stuff Creeper builds are magic or something, why else would a bullet meant to take out tanks just ricochet off his truck? I can't say with any certainty that Markus couldn't break it but personally I really doubt it.

That's a good point, he did seem to use "weird technology" lol those bombs. Anyways it is possible that the axe might not just be ordinary metal.

But given how much power Markus can exact, if he gets that axe from the Creeper, i don't see him being able to take it off him, barring the TK of course which is too vague to say

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@sawed_off_it: Alright mate, i look forward to your argument, and the feats you provide. I'm not low-balling the creeper here, this is just a mismatch.

Markus is just too strong. For him to pull down the helicopter trying to escape, he'd likely have had to overcome a force in the tens, possibly 100+ tons of force when you take the weight and speed, and power of the engines into consideration. And he didn't even strain doing it. The creeper isn't taking hits from this guy without losing limbs like he does from car crashes.

Markus is faster. Travel speed is difficult to tell, both have been able to chase down moving trucks without trouble and markus actual hangs in front of the truck maintaining constant speed meaning he could have gone faster, but i guess the same applies for the creeper. But combat speed is where markus destroys, he overwhelms selene a bullet timer in speed, he's gonna be too much for the creeper.

Better healing factor, durability. Means the creeper has no chance.

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@oopsislipped: But you're treating him like he is a regular human. It just means he was exacting enough force from the pull to overwhelm the engines of the helicopter, you can even see the engines overloading. It's the superhuman strength he has that prevents him from being overpowered

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don't know about this one Markus is a bit stronger & more durable & has a better healing factor but Creeper doesn't really need a better healing factor than Markus since he can still function regardless of damage & I think Creeper is a lot faster in the air.

I'm kinda leaning toward Markus dealing massive amounts of damage to Creeper but Creeper ultimately taking Markus's head since even if he drops his axe he can summon it back so yeah he probably decapitates Markus.

The reason the healing factor is an issue is because the creeper is unable to heal, he either tanks the damage or if he takes too much damage(using losing a limb) he needs to eat the equivalent body part from someone else. Which is why markus would dismember him.

Creeper's best speed feat was chasing down that truck, Markus did the same thing. Beside he outpaced selene a bullet timer in battle, so he is faster than the creeper.

Why won't Markus just break or bend the axe. Soren a much weaker vampire was able to break apart the huge locks on a steel door from just a kick, selene with her arm having being ripped to shreds by markus was able to pull a metal rod out of michael snapping the bolt holding it in place. These are two instances of weaker vampires breaking metal, and not the roof of the bus kind. Markus breaks his weapon, or better still uses it to dismember the creeper. The creeper does have some form of TK, but I wonder will he be able to pry the ax off of Markus's hands

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@oopsislipped: He has superhuman strength, why does he need to weigh several tons to pull down a helicopter?