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  • Poor attempt at a response to The Dark Knight Returns. Spider-man just isn't the same kind of character that batman is. I wasn't enthralled with the story at all, and really just wished for it to end as soon as possible.

  • Really interesting series. My friend used to talk my ear off about this arc during gym class 2 years ago, and I loved everything I heard! I just read the main storyline, so I definitely missed out on some essential stuff. I'll make sure to check that out later. Must read!

  • This is what really propelled me into reading more comics. I had realized that there was a huge, gigantic history behind all of the superheroes that everyone thinks that they know. This was such a great look into the characters of the DC universe and everything that they stand for. Loved it! This is a must read.

  • Did the Keanu Reaves movie leave a bad taste in your mouth? Read "All His Engines": A great look into the character of John Constantine.

  • Great exploration into the villains of Gotham and the hell that is Arkham Asylum.

  • Great introduction to the character of The Spirit! I read this and now I'm slowly working my way to reading the older ones!

  • My first comic book series. Loved every single one of them when I was 11. This is a great series for all ages. I cannot wait for the movies by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson!

  • Interesting series at first. But it's obvious near the end of this 23 issue series that it was rushed and seemed to be forced to end quickly due to lack of interest. The story advanced too quickly and introduced new characters that you didn't have time to really care about. Could have been a great series. But it's worth checking out- I suppose.

  • Really good story arc. Shows a lot of depth in the DC characters and the bond between everyone in the JLA. Kind of disappointing end- a la Long Halloween. But very enjoyable along the way! Pick this one up! :)

  • It's not the smartest or most mind enriching comic out there...but it really lets you live all of your dc and marvel "who would win?" fights that you imagined and talked about on the playground when you were 9.

    So it's pretty cool.