Villains I Want to See in the TNT Titans Series

These are the Teen Titans villains I want to see in the upcoming Titans television series on TNT. Some may be less likely than others but I can dream.

List items

  • Despite the New 52 and Arrow moving Deathstroke further and further away from the Titans, he will always be their number one villain in my eyes.

  • Another character that has been appropriated for Arrow. The Wolfman/Perez version of the character is the one I am hoping to see make an appearance.

  • Villains who have made appearances in other CW shows is becoming a theme here. This time Clock King has appeared on The Flash. I'd like to see a master mind sort of Clock King at some point. He could even act as an over-arching villain in a season if set up properly.

  • HIVE has been a part of the Titans history for quite a long time and I believe this villainous organization could act as a perfect recurring foil for our title heroes in the much anticipated series.

  • This may be the least likely of all my choices but as a big Raven fan, I can't help but hope that Trigon plays some sort of role at some point. The character would probably be re-worked for the sake of television but he's a threat that poses plenty of story potential for the Titans.

  • Along with Trigon, this is highly unlikely but I am very fond of pre-New 52 Cassandra Sandsmark and her connection to Ares would be a cool plot point to see play out on screen.

  • This would be a less major character in the show but his powerhouse status could make for a few one-off conflicts.

  • Young Justice proved how compelling an adversary Cheshire can be for our young heroes. I would like to see her used for similar effect in the live action show. Make her antagonistic but not completely villainous.

  • This would only come into play if Starfire is included. If she is, then I feel a season 2 or 3 confrontation with her sister Blackfire would be a must.

  • This character would likely need some re-tooling for television but an accident causing harm to his children (Wendy and Marvin) could still be used as motivation for his antagonism to our heroes.

  • Doctor Light has had a less than clean reputation ever since Identity Crisis but his power set and history with the Titans are the reason I'd like to see a live action version take on our title heroes on the small screen.

  • The version from the Teen Titans cartoon would be a fun minor villain for a couple arcs throughout the series.

  • I'd like to see some form of Fearsome Five come together under the leadership of either Calculator or Clock King.

  • A powerful telepath like Psimon could result in some very cool conflicts. A mind battle episode with Miss Martian would be very cool to witness in live action.

  • A live action adaption of the Judas Contract would be a dream come true. One of the most iconic and beloved Teen Titans stories of all time, the Judas Contract would make for some especially compelling television.