The Robins

This is a list of all the major Robins in the order that I like them. It isn't necessarily who makes the best Robin but which characters I like the best.

List items

  • The snark and wit of Damian Wayne always puts a smile on my face. When I first heard Batman had a son, I thought it was a terrible idea. How wrong I was.

  • The original Robin and one of the most evolved character in DC comics. His positive outlook and swashbuckling ways make for constant entertainment.

  • Tim, imo, is the "best" Robin. By that I mean he meets all the criteria necessary to be Robin. He has detective skills, combat skills, emotional stability, and he is essentially everything Batman needs.

  • Her time as Robin was almost laughably short BUT she does qualify for this list. Her time as Batgirl is what really wins me over about this character. She has a personality that is hard not to love.

  • I like Jason Todd. I really do. But his shortcomings as a Robin character drag him down as well as the schizophrenic portrayal of him as Red Hood. He is the most interesting when he has completely abandoned the Bat family imo.

  • The Dark Knight Returns will always be one of the most influential comics I have ever read. It (along with Geoff Johns' run on Green Lantern) is the reason I became so obsessed with comic books in the first place. With that said, Carrie Kelley's place on this list is only because of her lack of true development. She is great in TDKR and adds a lot to that story but it's hard to measure up to the rest of the Robins when they have so much more history to pull from.