Hello! This will probably get no likes because I'm, well, new but that doesn't matter! I hope you all have an amazing day everyday! :D

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Five superheroes that have potential to have amazing games.

Hello! As you guys know, there are many great superhero games such as the Arkham City, Spider-man 2, etc. So I thought to myself "Hey, these superheroes could have awesome video games." So, here's my list of superheroes that could have great games.

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  • What can I say? Superman has the potential to be an awesome free roam game. And the fact that he has many many powers contributes to the fighting system which would make it a fantastic game. And if you think that he would be too strong, think again. He could face off powerhouses like Doomsday, or Lex with Kryptonite, etc. And side missions could consist of rescuing people from a sinking ship, a burning tower, etc. Doesn't necessarily have to be about beating up weak criminals in a single punch (although that wouldn't be too bad)

  • This is one of my favorites. You could easily make a video game about him with his wide variety of villains, and it could be free roam! It would be especially fun since he could fly. You could also play as Terry and since Terry is still a teen you could relate to him even more than Bruce.

  • He's a big, strong idiot. What's not to love about him? He could make an awesome action game, with a plot about Bruce trying control himself but unable to.

  • This guy would make a fantastic first-person shooter. It wouldn't be too hard. Kingpin could be the main baddy and the side missions could be about just regular criminals, murderers, etc. I mean, I'm not a fan of first-person shooters, but I would love the chance to play as the Punisher.

  • The guy has a ton of Iron man suits which makes for cool unlockables, makes for a hilarious character, and could have many different variety of attacks to make an awesome action game.