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"You won't win 'cause I won't lose"

The Sensation
The Sensation

Real Name: Caleb Gerard (Unknown)

Aliases: Symbiote Spider, Noir Knight, Aerial Avenger, Sensation, Superstar Spider, Dark Don, Spectacular Spider, Mr. Fanstastic, Arashikage Arachnid, Great Gerard, Black Webster

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 156 Ibs

Age: 25

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Sapphire Blue

Species: Mutant (Omega Level)

Alignment: Hero

Orientation: Heterosexual

Birthplace: Central London

Nationality: British

Base of Operations: Blüdstone City

Relationship Status: Single

Family: Issac Gerard (Father, Deceased), Marie Gerard (Mother, Deceased), James Gerard (Cousin)

Occupation: Journalist, Photographer, Vigilante

Affiliation: Himself, James Gerard (Cousin)


A journalist during the day and a restless crime-fighter at night, Caleb Gerard is the typical "hero" type among those of the samaritan community. One of the few saviors of Blüdstone City, Caleb possesses a steely determination like no other. Whether the trait runs through his Londoner bloodline or his own natural consensus, the Symbiote Spider is not one to bend knee to the likes of evil - no matter the cost. Typically, the independent warrior mentality stands dominant within his mind, and his acts.

Furthermore, Caleb's independent mindset doesn't ever break under pressure. His mentality stands true and strong, in almost any situation. It is rare to find Caleb sending quippy remarks or anything of the nature, instead, he keeps a cool reserved mindset whether he's out in the battle against evil, or the press.

Symbiote Mastery & Other Skills

Mastery of the Symbiote

It is a common misconception that Caleb's mutant abilities are the extension of another life form living within him, though this assumption is false. Like most mutants, Caleb's symbiotic abilities were carried with him at birth, though they only arose during his early teenage years. Then on, Caleb continued his studies in both his works and his mutant extensions entirely. Throughout his typical teenage years, Caleb studied his abilities to the extent of learning to use them on command instead of typical coincidence.

It was until his first year of college, Caleb finally learned and mastered his abilities in there vast entirety. From the abilities the symbiote it gifts to the biomass itself, Caleb mastered his Omega Mutant powers to the extent of using them on foes. Though while he may have an understanding of his powers and where they lie, Caleb has yet used them to their full extent, something he hopes to never come around.

Powers & Abilities

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Weaponry & Equipment

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