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HELP: What should be my blog's pen-name?

   Hey everyone ;-) 
   So, here's my problem: I'm creating a blog to document my freshman year at college and I wanna create a pen-name for it since there's kind of a signature at the end of every post...but I don't know what.  It's just for family and friends, but they know I'm weird and crazy so I thought I'd come up w/ a fun pen-name.  I'm big into reading/writing so I thought maybe it could play off of some literary term/author/book. 
   Any thoughts? Ideas? Comments?


My Review of Captain America: The First Avenger

Awesome is spelled C-A-P-T-A-I-N A-M-E-R-I-C-A
Awesome is spelled C-A-P-T-A-I-N A-M-E-R-I-C-A
   Marvel has outdone themselves!  I just got back from seeing one of the best superhero movies ever!  Without a shadow of a doubt, there will be no need to revamp or re-do this classic in the future; it's perfect ;-) 
   I know many (including myself) had doubts about whether or not the former Human Torch actor, Chris Evans, could pull off the larger-than-life, All-America soldier.  But with this movie, I most certainly apologize for my misgivings.  Mr. Evans can be Captain America all he wants ;-) 
   The whole feel of the entire movie was smooth and seamless, flowing but very much a big WOW to the senses.  There was soooooo much action, a nice classy romance, friendship, battles, bad guys, humor... the movie was well-rounded, and had this special flare that was truly incredible. 
   I highly encourage everyone to go see this! It's an amazing movie, even for non-comic lovers.  But for those of us who have been drooling every time a Captain America commercial hits the tv screen, it is a rare gem of a  movie :-)  So classic, yet big enough for modern movies...larger-than-life, yet very down to earth and relatable (Steve Rogers's humble and small beginning is most certainly an inspiration for myself, as Captain America is meant to be). 
   In specifics, the bad guys  (HYDRA, led by the Red Skull) were awesome.  Not too sissy, not wimpy enough just to make the Cap'n look good...nope, they were tough nails too, especially their leader.  I most certainly congratulate Hugo Weaving on his deliciously evil job as the Red Skull. ;-)  But not only were the enemies good, the friends were better.  Bucky Barnes had his role (and a very nice origin for him), Dum Dum Dugan showed up and shot some Nazis (laughing w/ his bowler hat on), Howard Stark had a big role to play, and of course the more-than-a-friend, no-nonsense Peggy Carter, who is tragically left behind as the Captain is frozen for 70 years into the future (their parting truly was tragic...I was quite tempted to think about tearing up).   
   But overall, the movie was very in-your-face epic and I'm so glad Marvel made it.  And for those of us who like to stay after all the credits of Marvel movies to see what's up next, most definitely do that with this one ;-) there's quite a juicy tid-bit to keep us pondering on till the Avengers next year.
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My HP&DH part 2 Review

The end has come at last...
The end has come at last...
     It's hard for me to begin. :-) I don't want to spoil the brilliance that I saw last night with my own foolish attempt to describe it.  As an aspiring writer, seeing the awesomeness that was the last book put into movie form perfectly was a gift.  But as a person, I felt touched.  Growing up with these books, I developed an attachment and an admiration for them that one has for a close friend.  And now that they've grown up and the battle is won, I feel a sense of pride for them and a feeling of happiness for sticking with them to the end.  
     But enough of my sentimentality!  The movie was amazing, and amazing isn't a big enough word for it!  The action in the book that kept your heart pumping was multiplied 10-fold!  As Voldemort's army marched on Hogwarts, I could feel everyone in the theater holding their breath.  This was it.  And then the battle began, the adrenaline rush hit, and there was no going back. ;-)   
     But any movie can have great action; this one had heart and soul.  You saw all of Harry's classmates when he returns to Hogwarts, fighting and dying, and everything they've prepared for, everything you knew would happen, explodes in this last battle.  There was a certain heart-felt weight throughout the movie; everyone was together again, and the realization of how much Harry and his friends have been through is sinking in.   
     Another thing I love about this book/movie is how Harry goes from searching to find why everyone thinks he's so great, trying to live up to their expectations, to accepting them and stepping up to the plate.  Of course he's done so before, but now all the cards are on the table, all the secrets are revealed, close friends have died....the climax has hit, and Harry takes matters into his own hands.  The boy from the cupboard has definitely grown up. 
     And naturally, the acting by everyone was superb!  Intense, realistic, funny, wonderful...I can't think of enough comments :-) 
     The deaths were the hardest for me (second to having to say goodbye to Harry).  Although painful, I was hoping for them to elaborate on Fred's death more. He certainly deserved it; he was amazing!  Seeing him on the floor, dead, was harsh... listening to George cry, was too much.  Although you only see Fred for 30 seconds, I was already crying like a baby (as was everyone in the theater; I heard tissues blowing alot.).  That certainly brought realization and hard-core-down-to-earth slap to the whole movie.  You realize the darkest part of the tunnel is ahead. 
     And then there was Snape's death.  His and Fred's were so sad in the book; seeing it up in your face was cold.  Granted, you don't see Fred die, but gosh!  In the book, he only gets bitten by Nagini once (maybe twice), but in the movie, Voldemort slits his through...then, you go outside the window were Harry's sitting and you see Nagini striking Snape through the blurry glass.  Smack! Smack! Smack!  All the while, Snape's gasping in pain. It was gory and harsh, but they portrayed it well.  Naturally, being a Snape fan (from book 1 thank you!), I'm practically in fetal position now.  Harry goes in after Voldemort leaves and tries to stop the blood.  That death scene and Rickman's portrayal of it...I can't tell it well enough.  You'll just have to go see it.  Beautiful. ;-) 
     The final fight between Harry and Voldemort was incredible.  They elaborated a bit more on it, putting you on the edge of your seat.  But in the end, the moment we knew would happen since page 1 of The Sorcerer's Stone, comes. Voldemort is killed, and my theater let out a collective sigh (no joke).  It was over, and I couldn't have felt more happy for Harry. :-)  Hermione and Ron share a kiss (everyone cheered for that), Mollly Weasley kicked Bellatrix's butt (they cheered for that too), Neville shows us the bravery we all knew he had, and Luna was just--well--Luna. :-)  the last scene you see (in the present) is Harry, Hermione, and Ron standing at the edge of Hogwarts, together.  It was simple, but touching, proving why Harry Potter will be among classics someday; it wasn't just a story, it was about life. 
     And then, the epilogue we've all been waiting for: 19 years later.  The CG graphics used to make the actors older was great :-) Seeing Harry with Ginny, older, with their kids, gave you a sense of peace. It was all going to be ok ;-)  And then the famous advice Harry gave to his son and explaining his name's sake...and it was over.  Beautifully, lovingly, sadly over.   
     I have only one disappointment in the whole movie. While in previous films they gave the hints that Dumbledore's past was complicated and full of secrets, they never had Dumbledore explain it to Harry when he sees him at "King's Cross", leaving a sort of empty feeling...almost making you want to think badly of him.  I sincerely hope there are extended scenes in the dvd package. 
    But other than that, I give it 20 out of 5 stars X-) Everyone should see it.

Random Question: What Should I Name My Cactus?

Oh ya. I just asked ya'll what I should name my cactus. No really. I'm serious. Serious as a caffiene-high chic at 1am, which I am. 
So, I'm case ya couldn't tell...what should I name my cactus?  I name everything, cuz I'm weird.  It's one of those small, ball-shaped cactuses, it has red needles (which are ironically kinda fuzzy) and a hot pink flower at the top. 

Question for all people on here who have a tattoo!!!

Hello peoples :-)
Ok, so, quick story: I've been considering, in the near future, getting a tattoo.  Nothing big, just something simple that means something to me...possibly on my back...
So, I was wondering, for all you people who've gotten one (or several) before, what's it feel like, and for someone like me who's iffy around needles, any tips?
Thx :-)


New Costume-Look for Sylver? (opinions are welcome)

Ok so, as of late, I've been highly considering a costume-look for Sylver.  When I reverted her back to blonde, I didn't like the whole costume idea.  Seemed a bit too...happy for her.  But as time went on and I started having ideas for stories for her, I decided she needed to have a dramatic change.  I've been in this grey medium with her for too long.  So, I've come up with some looks that I've favored....which, based on what you know of Sylver (read my bio or RPGs), would be the best? What do ya think: should she go back to her Elven roots (Arwyn, etc) or be more modern (Ms. Marvel), or something else entirely?


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.      Ms.Marvel (Moonstone)
. Ms.Marvel (Moonstone)

If I Dated A Superhero...

<table style="width:500px;" class="natural-width with-border  t-editor"> 
        <td colspan=3>
                <a href=""><img src="http://www.comicvine.com" style="margin-bottom:15px;"></a><br/>
                Take the <a href="">Date a Superhero Dude Quiz</a>
        <td colspan=3><h2>Your Results:</h2></td>
     <td colspan=1>
      <a href=""><img src=""></a>
     <td colspan=2>
      <a href="">Nightcrawler</a>  <strong>100%</strong><br/>
      Nightcrawler is a suave swashbuckling kind of guy.  Religion is a big deal to him but he's been known to let loose from time to time.  Hopefully you find the color blue attractive and don't mind carrying a lint brush in your purse.
     <td><a href=""><img src=""></a></td>
      <a href="">Batman</a><br/>
      You like bad boys who are smart and experimental.  Batman is looking for a smart, sensitive woman who likes the nightlife.  Expect to stay out all night with this one ladies!
     <td><a href=""><img src=""></a></td>
      <a href="">Spider-Man</a><br/>
      Spider-Man is perfect for you. He's totally nerdy and always cracking jokes.  And cute!  A date at the museum or a movie would be right up his alley.  Don't expect to spend the whole evening together though, Spider-Man's known for ducking out early.
     <td><a href=""><img src=""></a></td>
      <a href="">Superman</a><br/>
      You like gorgeous foreign-men (He's an alien!) with impeccable honesty.  Tall, dark and handsome, Superman is your type of guy.  He's a boyscout, but we still suggest wearing ironclad underwear on your date; he peaked in Superman I!

Question about HP&DHpart1 (plz help!)

   Ok, so let's get 1 thing straight: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 was SO FRICKIN' AWESOME!!!!!  'nuff said.
   2nd thing: I got/understood everything in that film...except 1 thing....
   What the crap was that really bright, clean nursery doing in Bathilda Bagshot's house?  The rest of her house was rotting (well...she was dead, durr. Couldn't exactly clean it.), except for that nursery (at least, I'm pretty dang sure it was a nursery).  You see it when Nagini (the snake.  Ya know...the ONLY super-big python.  Voldy's pet.  Ya, that one.) attacks Harry (kid w/ scar on forehead & the fate of the world in his hands.  Yup...that one.) and they both go crashing into the next room: the "nursery".
   I'm just really confused as to why it was there.  It's not mentioned at all in the book, and it's not like Bathilda had any kids.
   Anyone know why?  Any facts, info, ideas, gossips...anything?
   Please help!  Thx!


The Last Airbender suck-fest

     Could the title be any more appropriate?  'Cause, let's face it ya'll, it SUCKED!  I don't even know if that's a harsh enough word to explain what happened.  'Cause seriously.... What the crap happened? 
     Now before I tear into this... "movie" (I am reluctant to call it that), let me just say that I do respect M. Night Shyamalan.  His movies are amazing.  I was one of those stupid people who totally fell into the belief that Bruce Willis was still alive during the Sixth Sense.  I was one of those people who will never look at chopsticks the same way again after watching someone impale themselves in the neck with one during The Happening.  I'm also one of those people who is now perpetually freaked out about going into cornfields thanks to Signs (darn you bloody aliens!).  So, yeah, his directing skills rock in thriller films.  But what happens when it isn't a thriller film he's directing? 
     Well...we kinda have that answer already.  The Last Airbender happened.  It was basically this: some really boring idiot desided to make his own version of Avatar: The Last Airbender.  He sticks the awesomely-hilarious TV show into a blender, tears it up, and kills off the soul of the movie.  Then somehow, this guy gets the moola to create some really cool special effects to add to his soulless suck-fest.  And being the idiot he is, he asks his idiot friends to be the actors.   
     And that, my good people, is The Last Airbender.  Now it would be nice to say that that's what really happened and for some reason they put M. Night's name on it.  But sadly...I don't think so.  The actor's sucked, all humor was removed from it, the story line of constantly traveling around (when they could've just gone to the northern water tribe in the first place) was pointless and I'd-rather-watch-cereal-get-soggy boring.  And then there were the good graphics.  Basically, they tried to make roadkill look like a juicy steak by putting A1 sauce on it.  That's how I see this catastrophy anyway... 
     And now we all wonder "what's next?".  It's supposed to be a trilogy.  That could either mean two more epic failures or two more attempts to bandage up the crap-of-a-movie the first one was.  I'm sure the surge of  complaints has hit the director by now...whether he'll listen to them or not is really what's either going to save or kill this trilogy. 
     The last time I saw a movie (copied from a book/tv series) that sucked this hard, was when I saw Eragon.  Don't even get me started on that.... 
     Now, we can either hope that 1. it gets a new director or 2. some sort of supernatural resurrection occurs to revive this perfectly good TV series-made-movie that they killed off.   Better start hopin' people...

Chris Evens as the Cap'n: Good or bad?

     Just like the title says, will Chris Evens make a good Captain America?  I mean, he maybe able to pull it off....maybe.  I guess I was just looking for someone with a little more authoritative-ness about them, expecially in their voice.  When I think of Captain America, I think of a commanding and inspiring figure.  Is Evens going to be able to pull that off? 
     Don't get me wrong, he did great as the Human Torch....but his cockiness was meant for that role.  Can he shed that all together for a 1940's Cap'n?  I hope so.  Cause Captain America is going to be huge!  This is one of those remakes that you really, really can't (and shouldn't) get wrong.  It has to go right to fall in with the Avengers movie (major hugeness!!!).  It's just one of those movies that everyone's waiting for because it's just so dag gum classically awesome and epic, it's amazing.  The Captain's a tremendous character; will Chris Evens be able to do him justice and nail the part?