• Date joined:2014-09-26
  • Alignment:Good
  • Points:0 Points
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  • Name: Lindsay Alexander
  • Aliases: Snowbell, Kitty
  • Identity: Secret (sorta)
  • Species: Mutant
  • Occupation: Superhero
  • Gender: Cisgender Female
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 138lbs.
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: White
  • Age: 18
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Sexuality: Heteroflexible

Physical Description:

Before the awakening of her X-Gene, Lindsay was a lanky, white-haired girl with braces and not much of a life, chastised as a "nerd" for her imperfect skin and boyish figure.

That all changed when she got her powers, her body growing, filling out, becoming more toned. Her skin cleared and the natural oils of her hair made it lustrous and thick. Even at her young age, mutation has turned her into the girl every woman wants to be -- but that doesn't mean she's learned how to flaunt it. Despite overtly provocative outfits, Snowbell tends to hunch, stammer, or otherwise act like a clumsy teen girl.

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Sassy and snuggly, Lindsay Alexander -- or "Snowbell" -- was a totally normal girl, even a bit of a dork, before she gained her strange powers. She loves the Thundercats, idolizing Cheetara specifically, and attempts to emulate the latter when she's "in character," not that she's particularly convincing as an independent, no-nonsense heroine. A cat and kitten lover, Lindsay's hide-out is filled with the little fluffy animals.

Powers and Abilities:

Lindsay's X-Gene began to trigger at the age of sixteen, though she didn't understand what was happening to her at first. Her strength increased, she became able to easily outpace a moving car, and while bullets still hurt, they left welts rather than actually injuring her -- not to mention the fact that they could be easily avoided.

While she has no specifically feline abilities, Lindsay's physical statistics are dramatically enhanced, as are her senses. She has the ability to project thick, dark claws from her fingertips that she uses in combat. Having not had her powers for very long, however, she is still inexperienced in their use and has little knowledge of their true limits.

She also has a sort of brief tingling when faced with incoming danger, which can extend to a sort of minor precognition in very dire situations. Lindsay refers to this as her "kitty-sense."

Of formal training she has very little -- over the past two years she's been diligently studying in Tae Kwon Do, but hasn't taken well to it, as her enhanced abilities make the exercises too easy to get great use of.

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  • Lust - 4
  • Envy - 4
  • Gluttony - 2
  • Sloth - 4
  • Wrath - 3
  • Avarice - 5
  • Pride - 5


Lindsay is neither remarkably versatile, nor remarkably bright. She can be easily manipulated or led astray, and lacks skill with her new abilities, or in any martial arts. She also possesses a specifically feline weakness in contrast to her seemingly generic powers -- as catnip affects her as it does other cats, and a similar dosage is required to achieve the same affect despite her size.

That, and her propensity for getting tangled up in string or yarn.

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