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Introduction and Lore


Hello and welcome to the Star Wars: Galactic Dark Age universe. This will be a persistent universe rather than a temporary RPG. That means this universe is not an RPG that will have a defined end but rather an RPG that will serve as a playground that can be used and returned to again and again over time just like Prime and the CVnU.

This document is rather long because it combines both the lore of the universe with the rules and new mechanics for character creation and combat. We have tried to keep the rules as short and simple as possible. Still, feel free to skim sections which are of no interest to you or ask for a summery if an issue ever arises. This universe is not intended to be as 'rule restricted' as previous universes and relies largely on players to play in good faith with one another rather than an overhead authority to enforce every detail.

Each CV universe has rules that are reactions to problems in previous universes. This universe is no different. The two most recent problems have been empire claims and the political meta. Rather than reject these tendencies this universe will take a different track. It will embrace both political roleplay and empire claims and has special structures to ensure both of these enhance, rather than damage, the world.

Another way this universe differs from previous universes is the introduction of mechanics for powers and special equipment as well as combat. These mechanics are kept as simple as possible and are meant to enhance, not replace, the creativity of players. There may be some confusion or irritation at first but we ask that you give these new mechanics a chance.

This universe is designed to be playable above all else. That means the rules are kept as simple as possible and restrictions on empire claims and politics are loosened to the greatest degree practical. But the setting has also been chosen to make all gif material from any Star Wars movie usable. There is an Empire with Stormtroopers, Sith, TIE fighters and Star Destroyers. A Republic with a clone army lead by Jedi. A Rebel Alliance fighting against the Empire and even a Federation with legions of droid soldiers. This is by design to maximize the amount of gifs and visual inspiration available.

Another unique feature is the introduction of seasons. Inspired by video games this RPG will release with a certain amount force powers, special equipment and abilities. Many force powers, types of unique equipment and abilities will not be present right away. Instead they will be released in later seasons. Season one will feature basic, simple powers and abilities and later seasons will introduce more powerful force abilities that require more complexity.

State of the Galaxy

The year is 1400BBY. The Republic and Empire have been at war for six hundred years. All the galaxy knows is war. The war has ushered in a galactic dark age. Thousands of worlds have been strip mined for resources. The galactic economy is in shambles. Technology has regressed. The light of civilization has grown dim.

Rather than a blanket of civilized worlds stretching across the galaxy now entire sectors are unpopulated and one may travel hundreds of light years across vast and empty stretches of galactic wastelands without seeing the lights of a single city in the night sky of abandoned worlds.

A sense of decline is the spirit of the age.

The Empire

Toward galactic north lays the lair of that great wolf of the void, the Sith Empire. Masked lords wield strange powers and hold the power of life and death over their subjects. Warriors live and die by an ancient code and red blades. Trillions of slaves toil without end to feed and fund the terrible Imperial war machine. Millions upon millions of soldiers march and fire in unison. Fleets that can blot out the sun choke the skies of worlds conquered and then devoured by the ravenous hunger of the Sith Empire for resources.

The Sith are the greatest power in the galaxy.

But they are not united. Darths tear one another apart in power struggles and the Empire has been in a constant state of low-intensity civil war for three hundred years. The body count is in the trillions. The struggle for power has consumed hundreds of worlds and will consume hundreds more. No figure has emerged with enough strength to unite the Empire under their banner and finish off the Republic but war continues without end in sight.

The Republic

In the core worlds there burns a memory of another time. A brighter time. And there are those who still speak of things which teeter on the brink of extinction. Freedom. Democracy. Justice.

A thin light stands between freedom and slavery. A mystic order wields bright swords against the encroaching darkness. An army of clones fights without tiring, living and dying as heroes without uttering a word of complaint.

But all is not well.

The freedom of its markets and the efficiency of trade between densely packed core worlds have made the Republic wealthy and technologically advanced beyond anyone else in the galaxy but those riches have attracted vultures and the Senate is teeming with corruption and demagoguery. The public is apathetic after centuries of war. The upper class has given themselves over to hedonism. Even the Jedi no longer kindle hope within the hearts of men and vice has become virtue for most think only of what pleasure they can have today, seeing no future but decline and defeat. The beating heart of the galaxy is sick.

The Rebels

The Empires inexorable march across thousands of worlds and six centuries have left them in control of a strip of galactic territory that was once the Republic's border systems with the Empire. Those systems have felt the brutal fist of Imperial rule and at night they dream of forbidden things. The dream of freedom is still alive and from this dream is born rebellion.

Secret fortresses on long forgotten worlds teem with rugged survivors. Star ships are patched together with grit and ingenuity. Daring raids are launched. Hopeless battles fought against impossible odds. Strangers from a dozen species are brought together with one impossible dream: freedom.

Outcast Jedi who can no longer follow the rigid restrictions of the Jedi order join together with outlaws with hearts of gold and freedom fighters who would rather die free then live slaves of the empire.

Perhaps their struggle is doomed. But perhaps the spark of hope burns eternal.

The Federation

Given the choice between an oppressive Empire and a corrupt Republic some have chosen a third option; independence. Stretching around the galactic east lay the separatists. Once Republic worlds they have banded together and turned their back on the endless wars of the Sith and the Republic. Hundreds of generations have sent their children to die upon distant worlds. A six hundred year slaughter has plunged the galaxy into darkness. The Federation says no more.

Lead by a council of aristocrats, hereditary rulers of their home planets the Federation refuses to hurl another generation into the meat grinder of war. Instead they raise legions of droids. Ships flown by droids deliver trillions of battle droids into combat. The Republic despises them as traitors for abandoning the Republic in their hour of need. The Empire despises them as cowards afraid to face battle. But the Federation cares not for they are free at last from the bloodshed that has consumed the galaxy.

Though they are free from war the people are not themselves free. The Federation is ruled by its aristocrats who pass laws that serve their interests. The slave trade is second only to the empire and many armies of battle droids are financed by the sell of spice.

Character Mechanics

Character Creation

The first step is to spend your build points. Every GDA character starts with five (5) build points. Build points can be spent on GDA equipment and for force sensitives force powers or saber styles.

The second step is recording your choices in your character bio.

That is it. There are no additional steps.

Character Progression

Your character can earn additional build points. There are three steps.

1) First make four IC posts with the character. These posts must be IC and in a thread canon to GDA. This could be an location thread or an RPG IC thread.

2) Choose what equipment, force power or saber styles to spend your build point on.

3) Record your choice in your character bio.

There are no other steps.

You can earn a maximum of one (1) build point per month. No character may ever have more than fifteen (15) build points. There is no limit to the number of characters who can earn a build point per month.

Combat Mechanics

Combat mechanics in GDA are simple, streamlined and intuitive. Section rules on no-selling and godmodding still apply but there are new mechanics unique to GDA.


Some force powers have cooldowns.

A cooldown means that the force power is disabled after use you must post again in the same interaction or RP thread before using it again.

For example if Darth Vader is fighting Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader posts that he is using force choke in his first post he cannot use force choke again until he makes a second post in the same battle with Luke Skywalker in which he does not use force choke. This prevents force powers from being spammed, which is not in the spirit of Star Wars.

(For now all powers with cooldowns have a cooldown of one (1) post. However in Season Two more powerful abilities will be introduced that have longer cooldowns.)


Other force powers have charge-ups.

A charge-up means the force power cannot be used until it is prepped for X number of turns. These are exceptionally powerful abilities that often require Sith rituals or extended Jedi meditation. Because of their power they require more investment and complexity.

Each charge-up power will have a number beside it. That number is the number of prep posts that must be made before this power can be used. For example if a power has a charge-up value of five (5) then five prep posts must be made before the power is available. These posts must be made in sequence, one after another. They must take place in the same roleplay or location thread. If the character posts a non-prep post in that roleplay before the charge-up is completed their progress is reset and they must begin again from zero. If they are attacked by a PC and defend the attack their progress is reset and they must begin again from zero. Prep posts cannot be made back to back. Another character must make an IC post between each prep post.

Lightsaber Styles

In the Star Wars universe the lightsaber is the ultimate melee combat weapon. Likewise the lightsaber forms are the ultimate martial arts. No other style of combat is as strong. Lightsaber styles have three (3) mechanics unique to these styles.

1) One style per post.

No character, no matter how skilled, may use more than one lightsaber style per post. Each style has its own unique strengths and weakness. If characters could use multiple styles per post then they could simply swap to the style best for each situation, taking advantage of the strengths of every style while avoiding their weaknesses. That defeats the purpose of weaknesses.

Can I cut my response into multiple posts to get around this restriction? No.

If I am fighting multiple people in the same scene can I respond to each of them individually, using a different style each time? No.

Can I make up my own lightsaber style or combine multiple styles? No.

Can I not use a lightsaber style at all? Yes, but this is weaker than using the canon lightsaber styles.

2) Style strengths

Players are asked to sell the strengths of the lightsaber styles. If these strengths are not acknowledged and sold by the players than they are meaningless.

Do these strengths mean an automatic victory? No. Strengths are not meant to automatically mean victory or even success in attempted attacks. They play a part in lightsaber combat but they do not overpower every other factor.

3) Style weaknesses

Just as players are asked to sell the strengths of lightsaber styles they are also asked to sell their weaknesses.

If my style is weak against another style does that mean I automatically lose? No. It is a disadvantage just as Superman facing someone with red sun radiation or magic is a disadvantage but it does not mean an automatic loss. (Style weaknesses are not as extreme as kryptonite.)

Character Build Options

Equipment List


The iconic weapon of the Jedi and Sith. It's plasma blade will cut through any man-portable armor or shield that is not specifically listed in the equipment list as being capable of withstanding a lightsaber. Only characters with at least one force power or both enhanced strength and enhanced agility can wield a lightsaber in combat due to its gyroscopic effects.

Standard lightsaber hilts have no notable strengths or weaknesses but are the standard by which all other lightsabers are compared to.

Double-Bladed Lightsaber

Originally designed by the Sith the double bladed saber is essentially two lightsabers joined together at the hilt. The double-bladed saber is known for being difficult to master and the second blade restricts ones freedom of movement. As a result it is uncommon. However it offers its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Two blades provides twice the surface area for strikings and parries, improving both offense and defense
  2. Both hands on the grip provide more power


  1. Limited number of techniques available due to the twin blades restricting freedom of movement
  2. Vulnerable to the sun djem technique; even skilled users have their staves cut in half

Curved-Hilted Lightsaber

Also known as a dueling lightsaber the curved-hilted saber was popular with Form Two practitioners. The curved saber allowed for greater precision and was specialized for lightsaber against lightsaber combat. Because of the curved hilt it was challenging to align the crystal properly. It's dueling focused design made it superior at some techniques but weaker at others, such as blaster deflection.


  1. Greater precision


  1. Inferior at deflecting blaster fire


Also known as Mandalorian Iron. A rare form of ore that can be forged into a super-durable metal. Only the Mandalorians know its secret and thus far all attempts by outsiders to replicate the ore have ended in failure. Commonly believed to be one of the strongest metals in existence it can even withstand the blows of a lightsaber, though not forever.

It is a versatile metal and can be worked into a number of forms. Solid plates, laminated with other metals, wire, mesh, subjected to micronization, foam or even a transparent film were all forms a skilled craftsmen could work Beskar into.

Beskar can withstand repeated blows from a lightsaber. The thickness of the beskar and the power of the blows determine how many strikes Beskar can withstand. It can also withstand many blaster shots before breaking. However the force from each strike is transferred to the wearer.


An expensive, rare material that is brittle and lethal to the touch when unrefined but when refined can be formed into an energy resistant material that offers some protection against blaster fire and all other energy weapons but has the additional benefit of shorting out a lightsaber that comes into contact with it. It is durable, however repeated blows from a saber will cut through cortosis as well focused blaster fire.

Strength Enhancement (Cybernetic/Alien)*

Strength can be augmented by cybernetics. Additionally some aliens are stronger than baseline humans. Any character can be augmented with cybernetics to increase their strength. It can also represent an alien whose strength exceeds what is humanly possible. Strength is increased to a maximum of twice human RL Olympic records.

* This advantage can be taken more than once.

Durability Enhancement (Cybernetic/Alien)*

Durability can be augmented by cybernetics and some alien races are more durable than humans. Any character can be augmented with cybernetics to increase their strength and it can also represent an alien race whose resistance to punishment exceeds what the human body is capable of. Each 'level' is essentially an additional 'life' allowing an additional fatal injury to be survived. For example a baseline human will die with one blaster shot to the head. A cybernetically enhanced warrior requires two shots to be killed. Or three, if they take this advantage twice.

*This advantage can be taken more than once.

Agility/Reflex Enhancement (Cybernetic/Alien)

Certain cybernetic upgrades can improve reflex times and agility (but not speed.) As with all augmentations agility and reflexes can be adjusted to twice the human maximum. That means a character can dodge/evade or react to things that move twice as quickly as a human can. For example a fastball moves at roughly one hundred miles per hour and human beings can strike such balls with a bat. Therefor a character with this upgrade can react to an object that moves at two hundred miles an hour. Three hundred or more would be impossible.

This advantage can only be taken once.

Personal Ship

The player may have one (1) of any type of ship customized to be superior to all other vessels of its class. A smuggler's light freighter can be faster than all other ships not upgraded with this advantage while still possessing the firepower to defend itself against fighters. A fighter can be flat out superior to all other fighters and even capable of damaging ships far outside its class or a warship be made vastly larger and stronger than its peers.

This is a deliberately broad advantage and the player is encouraged to be creative. Mechanical hard limits are not established here but in general the ship is considered flat out better than any ship which is not modified by this advancement. Still, the player is asked to keep their ship within realistic limits-- for example a customized fighter couldn't defeat a battleship on its own.

Saber Styles

Form One: Shii-Cho / The Way of the Sarlacc / The Determination Form

The oldest form of saber combat Form One was developed before the rise of the Sith. As such it is not as specialized in lightsaber vs lightsaber combat as other forms. It is commonly taught to Padawans because it is relatively simple and easy to learn. It has more in common with sword fighting than other lightsaber styles as it was original adapted from vibroblade techniques.


  1. Multiple opponents.
  2. Multiple blades
  3. Targeting weak spots
  4. Controlling angles
  5. Disarming


  1. Skilled single opponents
  2. Form Two

Form Two: Makashi / The Way of the Ysalamiri / The Contention Form

Developed after the emergence of Sith when combat between Jedi and Sith had become common this form was specialized in lightsaber combat. It focused on precision, balance and economy of movement.


  1. Single opponents
  2. Avoiding disarmament
  3. Force based attacks
  4. Avoiding fatigue


  1. Multiple opponents
  2. Blaster fire
  3. Djem So variant of Form Five
  4. Superhuman physical strength

Form Three: Soresu / Way of the Mynock / The Resilience Form

This form was created during the emergence of blasters as common weapons. It was developed to address some of the weaknesses of Form Two, such as the vulnerability to multiple opponents. Form Three is defensive in nature. This has given it popularity with the Jedi who often feel it fits their philosophy of non-violence whenever possible.


  1. Defense against sabers
  2. Defense against blasters / deflecting blaster fire back at its source
  3. Defense against multiple opponents
  4. Endurance in long/fatiguing battles
  5. Countering Form Five


  1. Impotent offense that relies upon opponent tiring or making a mistake
  2. Form Seven

Form Four: Ataru / Way of the Hawk-Bat / The Aggression Form

A fast paced and aggressive style developed during the Mandalorian Wars to counter the use of jetpacks and Mandalorian armor. It makes use of acrobatics for both offense and defense. Four Four relied heavily on the use of the force to enhance ones movements. The use of acrobatic offense can impart extra power into the users strikes, aiding in armor penetration or compensating for physical frailty.


  1. Single opponents
  2. Armor penetration, even effective against Beskar
  3. Powerful offense
  4. Mobility
  5. Combat against airborne opponents or on unstable footing


  1. Multiple opponents
  2. Confined spaces
  3. Blaster fire
  4. Fatigue


  1. Form Four can only be used when Force Amplification is available. Alternately Force Amplification can be replaced by Enhanced Agility/Reflexes. If Enhanced Agility is not available and Force Amplification is on 'cooldown' then Form Four cannot be used during that post.

Form Five: Shien + Djem So / The Way of the Krayt Dragon / The Perseverance Form

This form was divided into two variants, Shien and Djem So. In Star Wars: The Dark Age the strengths and weaknesses of both variants are combined.

Developed by students of Form Three who felt it was too passive Form Five focuses on powerful two handed blows, parrying and counter attacking.


  1. Powerful attacks
  2. Blaster deflection
  3. Multiple opponents
  4. Counter attacks


  1. Lack of mobility
  2. Single opponents

Form Six: Niman / Way of the Rancor / Moderation Form / The Diplomats Form

A hybrid style combining elements from all other styles into a single balanced form this style is especially popular with Jedi. A focus on moderation and avoiding extremes pervades the styles philosophy. Because it is relatively simple to learn it is often taught to Padawans or practiced by Jedi whose lives leave little time for saber training.


  1. Force attacks


  1. Form Two

Form Seven: Juyo / Way of the Vornskr / The Ferocity Form

The most aggressive form of lightsaber combat. Popular with Sith but many Jedi masters refuse to teach it after many practitioners fell to the dark side at the beginning of the dark age. Chaotic and unpredictable the style is difficult to master.


  1. Single opponents
  2. Capable of breaking through the defenses of a Form Three master
  3. Movements cannot be predicted


  1. Counter attacks
  2. Force attacks
  3. Multiple opponents

Force Powers (Cooldown)

All powers in this list are cooldown powers. That means they cannot be used back to back; if Luke Skywalker uses telekinesis in post one then he must not use telekinesis (though he can use another power) in post two. Then telekinesis will be available again in post three.

Force Telekinesis

The Force power of applying force to objects external to the user with the mind. The maximum weight that can be moved is 12,000lbs or roughly the weight of a starfighter. Maximum rate of speed is fifty miles per hour. No object too small to be seen by the human eye can be manipulated. No object too distant to be seen with the human eye can be manipulated.

This power also covers waves of force created with the force (same maximums and minimums) as well as the use of the force to choke, lift or otherwise manipulate the human body.

However this power does not cover the use of the force inside a human body, droid or any other object. Line of sight is required for manipulation.

Force Amplification

The Force power of applying force to the users body. The body can be accelerated to roughly four times human maximum speed (run at 112 miles per hour), four times human maximum strength (bench press 4300lbs) or endure four times the damage it would require to kill a human being. This can also be applied to agility, reflex speed and stamina. In all cases the maximum is four times the real life world record.

Only one attribute can be augmented per post.

Force Lightning

The user can project lightning from their fingertips. This force power grants only the ability to project lightning from the fingertips however it has two unique features. First, it cannot be dodged or evaded in any way. No amount of speed, agility or reflexes will allow the user to evade Force Lightning. Second, no form of durability enhancement or armor protects against Force Lightning. The power of Force Lightning is such that it bypasses both cybernetic durability, force enhanced durability and exotic armor. All targets (human or alien) are treated as baseline human for the purpose of taking damage from Force Lightning. All beings, no matter how tough, can be brought down by Force Lightning.

There are three defenses. First is interposing an object between the target and the source of the lightning. A lightsaber is the traditional Jedi defense however leaping behind a heavy metal bulkhead or other barrier is also sufficient. The second is the use of Force Energy Manipulation to deflect, control or absorb the lightning. The last is to break line-of-sight; Force Lightning can only be used on targets visible to the naked eye and has a maximum range of thirty yards.

Force Perception

Force Perception is the use of the force as a sensory organ. It can detect the emotions and intentions of those in immediate proximity, roughly twenty five yards (although they can conceal their emotions and intentions with mental discipline.) The presence of life-forms within a hundred yards can also be detected. A person with Force Perception can also tell if a person they are face-to-face with is light or dark side.

Force Perception can also allow a practitioner to feel a vague sense of unease or doom when someone they have a close emotional bond with is in danger. This works even when separated by hundreds of light years. Force Perception can also detect imminent danger to the practitioner themselves, making ambushes difficult but not impossible. In some cases Force Perception can even detect large scale death of living beings, such as when a million or more sentient beings are killed at one time.

Energy Manipulation

While Telekinesis is the power to move matter Energy Manipulation is the ability to control energy. For example deflecting a blaster bolt with ones hand would be energy manipulation as would freezing a blaster bolt in the air or absorbing force lightning without harm.

In theory the potential of this power is unlimited as the entire universe runs on energy. However in reality this power is limited to energy that can be seen with the naked eye, such as a blaster or lightning bolt. It does not apply to kinetic energy such as a punch or kick.

The degree of power that can be deflected, absorbed or frozen is also limited. The energy output of any man-portable weapon can be controlled however the blasts from a vehicle or emplaced weapon cannot be manipulated. Nor can the energy beam of a lightsaber.

Force Telepathy

The ability to perceive and influence the thoughts of living beings. The so called 'Jedi mind trick' is a classic example; the minds of the weak willed can be affected, altering their perceptions, memories or beliefs about reality. Force Telepathy can also be used to induce sleep.

This ability has nearly unlimited potential to affect the mind however it requires a weak will or simple mind to perform complex alterations. For example an animals thoughts and emotions could be controlled with great precision and a weak willed humans perceptions can be altered but a strong willed individual can only be affected slightly, if at all.

However it also has other uses. Two individuals with Force Telepathy can communicate over great distances (lightyears) by both entering a meditative trance or dreamstate. This requires two posts back to back from each player without interruption from a PCs attack and is considered a charge up power when used for long distance communication.

Force Powers (Charge-up)

These powers are charge up powers, meaning the user must write an IC post that they are beginning a Sith ritual or entering a Jedi meditative stance for a minimum of one post. Then after another party posts they can post again, maintaining their Sith ritual or Jedi meditation. It is with this second post that the power begins to take effect.

Battle Meditation: Strengthen Ally (2)

Using the force ones allies can be strengthened. Courage is enhanced and fatigue is reduced. Those affected by this find themselves tapping into inner strength and resolve and their performance in battle is improved. Fears and doubts fade into the background and the cowardly become brave while the brave become heroes.

This power has a prep of two (2) posts.

It can effect up to one million soldiers after it is successfully prepped and an additional million per post of successful usage after that. There is no upper limit to the number of soldiers who can be affected however no one outside of the Jedi or Sith's star system can be reached.

Battle Meditation: Weaken Enemy (2)

More commonly used by the Sith this power brings doubts and fears to the forefront of the enemies mind. Fatigue sets in. Weakness nags the muscles and reflexes become sluggish. Great fighters become ordinary men and ordinary soldiers fight poorly.

This power has a prep of two (2) posts.

It can effect up to one million soldiers after it is successfully prepped and an additional million per post of successful usage after that. There is no upper limit to the number of soldiers who can be affected however no one outside of the Jedi or Sith's star system can be reached.

Force Healing (1)

The power to heal a living being of sickness, injury or disease. This power can be applied to ones self. It cannot be used in combat.

It can cleanse fatigue or minor injuries with little effort. Wounds and sickness can be cured with moderate effort and concentration. Diseases and life-threatening injuries can only be stopped with great effort and a intense concentration but they can be stopped.

Missing limbs, organs or other body parts cannot be healed via this power.

Empire and Political Mechanics and Rules

Empire Claims

In Prime, the CVnU and the CVU empire claims caused problems by destroying, or threatening to destroy, vast portions of the canon earth. Because most RPs were limited to earth, and earth's territory was limited, each instance of large scale destruction shrunk the playground. It also damaged the canon of earth by portraying earth as in a constant state of crisis.

The Star Wars: Galactic Dark Age universe addresses this in three ways.

1) First by choosing a setting in which large scale destruction and crisis fit the universe. Because the galaxy has been at war for over six hundred years violent conflicts to establish, destroy or expand empires are the norm. As is large scale destruction. Each empire claim enhances the setting by creating a backdrop of warfare, chaos and destruction that can give the universe the appropriate feeling of crisis.

2) Secondly by limited the scale of empire claims. Empire claims are restricted to one hundred star systems. An empire claim can never be made for more than one hundred star systems. (With one exception, discussed later.)

3) Third by limiting the rate of claims. No player may make more than one empire claim per month. As a result the maximum number of star systems a player can claim in one year is 1,200. (100 per month x 12 months.)

There is one exception to these rules and that is empire claims for control of the Sith Empire. A member of the Dark Council can make a special type of empire claim to become Emperor of the Sith Empire. This claim must be resolved by invading and conquering the capitol planet of the Sith Empire (Dromand Kaas.) Only one such claim can be made per month but one claim per month is not discouraged; the Sith Empire is extremely unstable with constant internecine warfare for power.

Whosoever is Sith Emperor controls the Sith Empire; an Empire of roughly ten thousand systems with hundreds of thousands of capitol ships and millions upon millions of soldiers.

There is one final rule that applies to all empire claims. Whatever character makes an empire claim must be present upon the battlefield. If they are defeated or driven from the territory they intend to claim the empire claim fails, regardless of the number of NPCs on the field.


In the past elections for political position could become contentious. Star Wars: Galactic Dark Age seeks to harness this rather than restrict it. The Republic is filled with politicians and corruption and political play is encouraged in the Republic Senate.

The Republic has thousands of senators and anyone may create a character who is a senator. They can be of any species and represent any planet on a first-come first-serve basis. You are also free to make up your own system, however no player can represent more than one system.

Any character who is a senator may run for Supreme Chancellor. Once per month a player interested in challenging for the position of Supreme Chancellor may call for an election. All RPGers who have at least one IC post in a canon Star Wars: Galactic Dark Age thread may place one vote for any candidate they like. The candidate with the largest number of votes becomes the Supreme Chancellor.

The Supreme Chancellor controls the Republic and can appoint and fire government officials (including the commander of the clone army), declare war and accept treaties.