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Venom (Eddie Brock) Respect

I'm just making this because I need to put Venom feats somewhere xP

These scans belong to:  venomoushatred1001


Spider-Mans hits doesn't really hurt him alot.


Observe his strenth below:


Taking shots from hulk







Laughing off Spidey's hardest punches


Immunity to electricity


Shakes off grenade




Lifting bulldozer with ease.


Beating Carnage (who is Class 50)


   Easily destroying mini-tanks


Owning ghost rider





Easily ripping steel door


Effortlessy beating Kraven


Could kill Scarlet Spider with one Blow


Oneshots Spidey



Speed blitz Carnage


Venom is as fast as Scarlet Spider...

Catching a bullet after it was fired





Dodges bullets


Reflexes feat.


   Strength again

Lifts truck easily


Destroys robot that beat the Thing



Venom easily throwing a car with only one arm



Venom breaking through metal chains as they were nothing


Throwing a van like it was nothing.


Takes down Spider-man with a tendril.

Almost kills the Thing