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Dr. Strange revamped respect thread

Classic Dr. Strange is the most powerful hero ever made. Period. He did things on par or above Dr. Fate.


1. Stranges magic

2. Stranges battles


His magic does UNLIMITED amounts of anything he wants. It's a gateway for the writer's imagination to take place.


Here, he stops time worldwide:


Here, Strange uses his magic to despel the illusion and defeats Moondragon with the Mind Gem:


Here, Strange escapes the Rings of Raggadorr from the Living Tribunal:


Breaks out of a second one:


With the aid of his Amulet, he slowly breaks down the Ancient ones mental barrier:


Easily took control of Thor's hammer (Thor has shown the ability to fly without his hammer so what he said was pis)


Calls upon Chaos and Order to defeat In-Betweener:


Astral Projection:



Here, Strange doesn't get affected by a Supernova and puts a cork in a black hole:


Strange has power over the Infinity Guantlet. He shuts down the gems: