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DC's Next Animated Movie.

Ok so DC just released Superman VS. The Elite. I know that they are doing The Dark Knight Returns as the next feature, which is being released as two parts. But my question is what do you guys think they should do after that? What other DC stories do we want animated?

Here is a list of the DC stories that I want to see

1. Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

2. The Sinestro Corps War

3. A Flash Origin story

4. Superman Birthright

5. Emperor Joker

6. Kingdom Come

What do you guys think?


Can Freakazoid be serious?


I was watching some old 90's cartoons my friend had given me this week and one of those shows was Freakazoid. Since he gave it to me I have been watching it a LOT and I was inspired me to watch the special features. I found out that Freakazoid was originally intended to be a straight forward Superhero show with comic overtones sort of like Darkwing Duck, but it was changed to be a comedy. So my question is this, do you guys think that Freakazoid can work as a serious superhero show and if so how would you do it?