Transformers #1-4 [AUCTION]

I am currently auctioning off five (5) Transformers comics from the first Marvel limited series.  The issues being auctioned off in a lot are numbers 1,2,3, and two number 4's.

The starting price is $4.95.

All are in great condition and will be shipped with backing boards and bags.

There is some damage to the spine of issue number 2 but the rest of the issue is fine.  There are no folds, bends or rips on any of the pages.

This mini-series introduces the origins of the Autobot and Decepticon war as it leads to Earth.  The Autobots are lead by Optimus Prime and Megatron leads the evil Decepticons.

If you've been a Transformer fan for ages or if you're just now getting on due to the recent movie releases (Transformers the Movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and Transformers: Dark of the Moon.),. this can be an excellent insert into your collection.

The auction is being held at eBay is is running through

  Jul 06, 2011 21:56:11 PDT

To view the auction, click here.


Green Lantern Toys Review and Giveaway

In celebration of the upcoming Green Lantern movie from Warner Bros, Mom Select and Mattel shipped me a box load of Green Lantern swag for review, hosting a party and to give away.

Seeing as how no one likes to come to our house (even when free stuff is involved), it ended up just being my kids at the "party" which meant more cake for us.

And since the kids already have seen my Green Lantern cosplay costume, it went unappreciated.

Probably the reason everyone stayed away from the party.

So I had to bring  the swag and give it out to yous guys.   I'm not going to just do reviews and tell you to leave a comment and you get a prize sent to you, I'm going to shake it up and make you work for it.

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Comic Geek Goodness

So I found this treasure map.

I was skeptical at first of it being a real treasure map, so I did some calling around.  Turns out there's a load of geek goodness waiting for me in Fort Worth.

Bins of old comic books.    But that's only the tip of the iceberg....

A CRAP LOAD of bins containing old comic books.

I believe there's 32.  Holding about 2200 books.

Confirmed to be in attendance are:

Amazing Spider Man #100 - $320.00

Captain America #100 - $600.00

Along with these guys' respective issues, there's Avengers, Iron Man, Journey Into Mystery (Thor), Fantastic Four, and X-Men and many many others.

The dates range from what I can tell around 1966 to the mid 80's.  

All in all there's about 10k worth of books that I'm getting for only 1/20th that amount.

Needless to say, I'm an excited little comic dork.  

Have a great weekend my friends.. I know I will.


The Beast: Limited Mini Series (1997)

This is from my blog Comics in the Crapper.  Where I review old back issues from when I used to collect.

Title: The Beast (Mini Series)

Issue: 1 - 3

Publisher: MARVEL

Year Published: 1997

Year Purchased:   1997

Reason for Purchase: I was a big X-Men fan and at this time, I was picking up anything X-Men related.  The fact that Beast had his own limited mini series was a plus.

Read when Purchased: I don't think so.

Found in Box: The Box consisting of mostly limited mini-series.

Plot: Former New Mutant, Karma, enlists Beast and Cannonball to help her rescue her twin siblings from Spiral and Viper.  It's all a plan by Viper to get revenge on Karma because of how her brother screwed over a deal that went bad years ago.  Spiral is just along to be a means to the end.

Review: I feel like the title of this series should have been named "Karma".  It was her problem that needed solving, it was her back story that was dealt with, and she's the one who dealt with the most through out the three issues.  McCoy was just along to throw punches.

In my opinion, if a character gets their own mini series, it should in some way show some character growth.  Or touch a bit in the back story somewhat to make it relevant in the current continuity.  While they touched on Hank McCoy's obsession with a cure for his mutant gene, it was only briefly on only half a page.

The cover art by Roger Cruz was great, but I didn't really care for the story.

Recommendation: If you're a Karma fan, sure look for it.  But if you're looking for Beast action?  Not so much.

Would Purchase Book Today: No.

Rating: 2/5

 Buy the Book Here:  The Beast #1-#3 set / X-Men, Marvel Comics

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Comics in the Crapper

I read most of my old comics in the Oval Office.  I've thought about reviewing them on Blogger, I don't see why I can't do that here. 
Well see.