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To Live an Die in L.A.

(the following takes place after events here. but before upcoming events)

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Continuous non-stop gunfire violently rang out as police - and a metahuman crew of 4 - exchanged rounds outside the West Beverly Hills bank.

"A-Waxx is dead! What are we gonna do BB? BB!!? We need a plan! Now!" one of the robbers shouted as their leader looked shook and unsure.

BB, aka the Beautiful Bolt, was a small-time former criminal with a bigtime metahuman ability to manipulate electricity. One foot out of the game, one foot in, the only thing she truly cared about was her older sister. A real hard case with an addiction to every known and unknown intoxicant on earth living in New York, surviving New York, only to move to Gothic and contract some sort of virus.

And while politicians verbally tap-danced and pandered, the hard truth was with the hospitals already strained, and costs purposely and grossly inflated, BB's sister had no way of affording the insurmountable bills that were already accumulated as the medical community scrambled to find a viable cure.

So BB felt her back was against the wall. She searched the proper online market and downloaded an AP. She carefully vetted a team. Utility being the focus, with each position capable of being plugged into the other should one of the members fall behind or be killed. Expendable yet functional. Interchangeable and versatile.

And yet now, as one of her team lay dead and the police fully and strategically set up outside - attending to the 8 officers whom had already succumbed to their gruesome injuries - there was nothing but a lack of versatility. Of functionality. There was nothing but chaos. Nothing but the unexpected voice of the Cybersin Superman as he now hovered in the center of the bank.

With two robbers unconscious limply hanging by their clothes from the iron grips of the Universal Patriot, and another knelt down in silent surrender, it seemed as if the time for unconditional surrender was at hand.

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However the Beautiful Bolt had no intention of giving up. Going to prison. Or worse. So she unleashed a massive electrical stream into the armored technological chest of the state's heroic governor, blasting her compatriots free as the unsuspecting hero was launched through the lobby and out the back wall of the bank.

Dancing sparks of electrical residue colorfully paraded across his unconscious body as it lay wedged between the next building and a massive pile of foundation and debris. Version 2.0 was dark. Completely offline leaving Samson Starr in a blackout of his own making. The state of the art chip in the back of his neck was fried. He was once again physically immobilized from the waist down.

The Beautiful Bolt dove into his body with a flight based shoulder spear, followed by yet another downpour of electrical death, reactionary self-preservation governed Samson's right hand as he ripped the biopharmaceutical tech from his hand and proceeded to face-palm the murderous thief, unleashing the most violating ability in his extensive catalog of celebrated supremacy.

"I'm sorry. You left me no choice." he regrettably proclaimed. Seated at the apex of photographic reflexes, Samson's exclusive variation allowed him to take, rather than duplicate, the superhuman abilities of an enemy he touched. Or so it had been packaged by the marketing department at Selebrity. Truth was nobody knew whether or not it was perfect or unchallenged. All they knew were the numbers, and the numbers were 12-0. 12 times Samson had successfully taken the ability of another. Seven volunteers who formed the well known Silver Age superhuman group known as Thee Seven. The original founders of Samsom's powerset. And five adversaries.

This time, this time was different. The Beautiful Bolt's electrical dominance ran so deep that in order to take her power, Samson would have to take her life. Even as he drew the ability out of her she definitely sought to end not only the hero's life, but everyone within the area as well. Initiating a back and forth as Samson pulled the power towards himself as BB insanely tried to build it up around herself and unleash it in a horrific holocaust of elemental disaster.

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The force began to create an electrical hurricane before an expanding maelstrom birthed a nightmarish storm over the city.With seconds to waste Samson quickly let go of her face before slashing the lethal leviathan of lightning's throat with the destroyed remains of his Aethrium vambrace letting a crimson river of blood loose to splash across his armor and face. It detoured him not. In a superhuman split second he recaptured the power stealing facepalm. Ending the unbelievable conflict as the electrical maniac's lifeless body limply slumped against Samson's chest.

It was over. But the controversy had just begun.

The following footage was made available via Trill Tech and Trill Tech tSpheres