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The S'elebrity Communications Satellite™

But first a Paid Advertisement

Selebrity Prime - streaming service

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The Sc3 - Selebrity Satellite

Basic Overview -

The S'elebrity Communication satellite, on the surface, is as ordinary as any other artificial satellite with the obvious visual exceptions. Capable of transmitting radio telecommunication signals via a transponder in order to deliver exclusive streaming content with a paid subscription to Selebrity Prime™.
۞Satellite specs
  • Memory Metal
  • Aerthrium
  • Masking
  • Electrode nets
  • Cellular network
  • Cyber-Security network

The Eye beyond the Sky

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Conspiracy theorists have begun to whisper about a growing global cover-up concerning the full extent of the rebranded Satellites true purpose and surveillance capabilities. Posting radical claims in various sub-reddits hurling wild accusations about wide spread data-mining and digital information gathering, on a global scale.

Pushing a narrative that the Selebrity Satellite has a hidden network using a covert Ultraviolet (UV) system. An extremely rare system reputed to have such immense processing power that it can create a virtual space that borders on reality with holographic tech & 3 dimensional network-platforming.

Referred to as the 'Eye' in most counter-cultural corners of social media and conspiracy chat-rooms, some of the wildest claims center around a theory that the Satellite serves as a superhero surveillance satellite constantly patrolling the solar-system for impending alien threats. Controlled and operated by a small but will placed confederacy of cape worshiping civilians in valuable areas of everyday life. A police chief here, a judge there, maybe even an attorney general. The claims are as fantastical as they are unproven.